Fredericton to Moncton, via Highway #2 in New Brunswick

Kayaking amongst Hopewell Rocks in Fundy National Park

Why Travel between Fredericton and Moncton?

East of the Saint John river, you pass by Grand Lake, well-known for a water sports playground, and then cross overland to Moncton. Depending on schedule, you can pass into Fundy National Park and if you time it for the low tide, you can see the rocky cliffs, mudflats, and fishing docks left bare by the 50 feet (16 meters) of receded tide.

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Here is the itinerary for the 187 km along Highway #2 from Fredericton to Moncton:

The Trans-Canada Highway in this section has been recently re-aligned (in 2003) to reduce the highway by 30 kilometres and dramatically reduce and driving time, by diverting through traffic from a two lane highway passing through a number of small communities (including Sussex) to a twinned bee-line highway from Grand Lake to Moncton highway.

Cyclists are highly recommended to take the older routes, which follow a more level route, now lightly travelled, with local traffic moving less quickly. And passing through the more historical areas and small communities.

Fredericton is the provincial capital of New Brunswick, and has a number of historical sites in the downtown core. For those passing by, a quickie stop at Regent Street will give access to a selection of shopping and all services (take Exit 280 eastbound and Exit 294 westbound).

St John River, at Fredericton Just east of Fredericton's airport is CFB Gagetown at Oromocto. Built in 1952, this 1100 square kilometer base is the largest in the British Commonwealth, and was built on land that used to be farms and forest.

Grand Lake, just to the north of the highway, drains over 3800 square kilometers and is a recreational playground with a largely rugged shoreline. Around the lake are sites of early European settlement and very old First Nations archeological sites. The forests east of Grand Lake grow on Pre-Cambrian and Mississippian formations, and since the spruce budworm attacks of the 19670s decimated the dominantly spruce forests, they have been replaced by maple, beech, birch, white pine, and hemlock on the hills, and with white pine and jack pine in sandier areas.

Fundy National Park showcases the world's highest tides Southeast of the highway-and definitely a detour, via Route 114--is Fundy National Park. The Bay of Fundy has the world's highest tides of over 16 metres (50 feet), which must be seen to be believed. High tide and low tide are about 6 hours apart (and tide times change daily), so with a full day side-trip and a picnic lunch, you can observe the full magnitude of the tides. You can see the Hopewell Rocks, large flowerpot formations at the mouth of the Petitcodiac River. Travellers in a hurry can catch the tidal bore, when the inbound tide is approaching with such force and speed it arrives with a leading wave, along the Petitcodiac River passing right through Moncton.

Hopewell Rocks in the Bay of Fundy Moncton is both the transportation hub of the Maritimes, being the point where roads to PEI, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia all connect. The community is also the hub of the area's French-speaking Acadian community, facilitated by the Universite de Moncton and the Acadian Folk Museum.

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Highway Point & Features


Exit #467/#19a Junction of Highways #15 & #2. West to City of Moncton 1/2 km. E to Shediac, N to Bathurst, Campbellton and Quebec's Gaspe Region, NE to Province of Prince Edward Islandů (Dieppe)  52.4 
1.5  Exit #465, Shediac Rd Southwest to Dieppe (Dieppe)  43.9 
Railway overpass (Dieppe)  45.4 
4.5  Exit #462, Harrisville Blvd South to Dieppe, New Brunswick Community College (Dieppe)  34.7 
6.9  Railway overpass (Dieppe)  31.7 
7.5  Exit #459 Highway #115 (Elmwood Dr) N to Irishtown, S to Downtown Moncton (closest highway exit) and Dieppe (Dieppe)  36.9 
8.5  Point of Interest Overpass Mclaughlin Rd (Hwy #490) north to Bass River 38.1 
9.5  Point of Interest Crossing Halls Creek, view of McLaughlin Road Reservoir to north (Moncton)  31.1 
14.5  Exit #452, Gorge Rd North to Atlantic Baptist University campus, SE to Mountain Road, access to downtown Moncton, and #15 access to Riverview (Moncton)  28.3 
16.5  Exit #450, Junction of #126, Mountain Rd (SE) is west access to downtown Moncton, NW to Magnetic Hill Park. Both directions, all services & accommodation (Moncton)  58.5 
20.5  Exit #446, Junction of #128 (Christie Rd) North to #126 and Canaan (20 km) and Miramichi (106 km) (Moncton)  64.9 
33.5  Exit #433, Junction Highway #112 NW to Canaan Forks (covered bridges), SE to town of Salisbury(3 km), and #114 along Petitcodiac River, The Rocks Provincial Park (57 km) and Fundy National Parků 65.5 
40  Homestead Rd underpass 47.9 
43.5  Exit #423, Junction of Highway #1 Southwest to Sussex, Hampton and Saint John, access to highway #114 to Fundy National Park (53-72 km) 50.9 
52.5  Exit #414, Junction of #885 north to Thavelock and New Canaan (covered bridges), south to Petitcodiac and shortcut to Route #1 and Fundy National Park 45.1 
67.5  Overpass route 880 185.6 
78.5  Canaan River crossing 4.3 
83.5  Exit #365 Junction of #10 West to Young's Cove on Grand Lake, North to Chipman, southeast to Sussex (39 km), access to #112 to covered bridges at Canaan Forks 36 
101.5  Exit #347, Junction of Scenic River Route #105 N to Lakeside PP, town of Mill Cove on Grand Lake, S to Cambridge Narrows 15.5 
127.1  Overpass Reardon Rd (no access) 39 
127.5  Exit #339 Access to Town of Jemsegg, Scenic River Route #105 to Grand Lake, and #715 along west shore of Saint John River to Cambridge Narrows 30.5 
133.5  Exit #333 Junction of Scenic River Route #105 West to west shore of Grand Lake & Fredericton, east along east shore of Grand Lake 4.3 
134.5  Crossing Saint John River, SE side 5.8 
136.5  Exit #330, Scenic River Route 102 South to Gagetown (ferry), Hampstead (ferry) and Saint John 21 
142.2  Passing Swan Creek Lake on S side of hwy 5.2 
158.5  Shirley Rd underpass (no access) (Oromocto)  59.1 
161.5  Exit #306: junction Highway #7, S to Geary (5 km), Saint John (103 km) (Oromocto)  31.4 
162.5  Route 660 underpass (no access) (Oromocto)  20.4 
164.5  Exit #303: Miramichi Rd, Oromocto and access to CFB Gagetown (Oromocto)  22.6 
166.5  Exit: #301: Waasis Rd, access to CFG Gagetown, highway 102 access to Fredericton Airport (Oromocto)  21.6 
167  Bridge over Oromocto River (Oromocto)  4.9 
167.5  Hwy 655 Wilsey Rd (no access) to Fredericton airport (Oromocto)  9.8 
170.5  Exit #297: Nevers Rd, access to Fredericton airport, all services (Fredericton)  21 
171.5  Exit #294: junction #7 Vanier Highway, WB access N into Fredericton, all services (Fredericton)  38.1 
181.5  Exit: #285: junction #101, S to New Maryland (2 km), N into Fredericton, all services (Fredericton)  105.2 
185.5  Highway 640 Hanwell Rd underpass (no access) (Fredericton)  105.8 
186.5  Exit #280: junction highway #8, N into Fredericton, all services (Fredericton)  94.2 


Highway Point & Features


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