Whitbourne to St John's, via Newfoundland Route #1 along the Trans-Canada Highway

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Why Travel between Whitbourne and St John's?

From Whitbourne you cross some rocky highlands and interesting terrain before dropping into St John's. To the west is Conception Bay (the town and the bay), and to the east is Mount Pearl and Cape Spear. As the highway winds its way to the northwest of the city center, you pass beautiful Pippy Park, and end up not far from St John's waterfront and Signal Hill.

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Here is the itinerary for the 100 km along the #1 between Whitbourne and St John's, Newfoundland: St John's Fort Amherst

The peninsula between Trinity Bay and Conception Bay has two main roads, 80 up the west side linking fishing villages along Trinity Bay, and 70 along the east.

Highway 61, linking communities along the east shore of Conception Bay was the original Trans-Canada route, until Highway 1 as built along a straighter and less inhabited route.

St John's (not to be confused with Saint John, spelled out and singular, in New Brunswick) is the oldest city in North America, and the continent's most easterly point (just south of town, at Cape Spear), and is home to Signal Hill, which received Marconi's first trans-Atlantic radio transmission in 1900. Skipping all the touristy stuff, photographers will be charmed by the colourfully painted buildings in the city's hilly downtown, and younger travellers with energy will particularly enjoy the nightlife along George Street.

St. John's Harbour View Those travelers trying to mark an appropriate "Mile Zero" are not as well served in St John's as they are at the other end of the journey, in Victoria, British Columbia. There, at the foot of Douglas Street and Dallas Road at Beacon Hill Park, and is marked by a "Mile Zero" monument. In St John's there is a "Mile One" Center (an arena & convention centre), right beside the city hall. Some might argue the mathematical improbability that only in Canada is the distance between Mile Zero and Mile One is about 7,800 kilometres.

Mile One Stadium Officially the end of the Highway 1 terminates at Logy Bay Road, which is still a distance from the ocean. This itinerary, follows the road from their, past Quidi Vidi Lake and up Signal Hill. The alternative route, starts at Harbourview Park, a small waterfront park beside the war memorial, where you can actually dip your feet into the water, From there, to Duckworth, south on to New Gower St, and to Highway 2, which connects to the 1 a few kilometres to the SW.

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History: Whitbourne to St John's

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Highway Point & Features


Signal Hill National Historic Site (St John's)  89.6 
1.9  Duckworth Rd, SW to downtown, SE to Signal Hill Rd, access to Signal Hill (St John's)  19.2 
2.8  Kenna's Hill Rd, NE to Logy Bay Rd and SW to Cavendish King's Bridge Rd, access to downtown and waterfront (St John's)  16.5 
4.8  The Boulevard, road around Quidi Vidi Lake (St John's)  12.8 
5.5  Churchill Ave, to W, access RCMP detachment (St John's)  17.7 
6.2  Newfoundland Dr to NW, RCMP headquarters on E side, Janeway Child Health Centre hospital to W side (St John's)  51.8 
8.2  Harding Rd, to NW, access to industrial park (St John's)  93 
8.3  Rd to SE is East White Hills Rd, Rd to NW is Highway #1 (St John's)  86.9 
9.6  Exit 50, Highway 30 (Logy Bay Road), NE to Middle Cove, Logy Bay, and Outer Cove (4 km) (St John's)  76.8 
10.6  Carrick Dr, connector overpass (no access) (St John's)  96 
11.4  Exit 49, Aberdeen Ave, N to gas, services an shopping (St John's)  108.5 
12.2  Exit #48 half cloverleaf to Highway #20 Torbay Road. Official eastern terminus of Trans-Canada Highway. S to downtown St. John's, Signal Hill National Historic site, E to Torbay (5 km). (St John's)  116.1 
13.5  Exit #47, Highway #40 (Portugal Cove Rd) N to St. John's Airport, accommodations, community of Portugal Cove(10 km). S access to Pippy Park, all services, downtown St. John's (St John's)  137.5 
14  Passing Pippy Park Golf Course to NW of hwy (St John's)  134.1 
16.1  Exit #46, Allandale Road, access to CA Pippy Park, recreation, Memorial University, downtown St John's (St John's)  135.9 
17.3  Groves Rd underpass (no access), CA Pippy Park on both sides of hwy, to E (St John's)  150.3 
18  Future Exit #45, junction Bifurcation Rd, expressway to Highway #2 (St John's)  141.7 
20.7  Exit #44, Hwy #50 Thorburn Rd, NW to community of St Phillips (7 km), access to Bell Island (Paradise)  186.2 
26.4  Exit #43, Highway #60 (Topsail Rd) SE to St. John's, NW to Paradise (4 km), all services & accommodation, Topsail (8 km), Topsail Beach Park (Paradise)  144.8 
27.4  Exit#42 Kenmount Road, S via Bruce St to Mount Pearl shopping, movie theatre & recreation, SE downtown St. John's, NW to Neville Hill (Paradise)  152.4 
29.3  Exit #41 Highway #2, Pitts Memorial Dr, E to Mount Pearl (7 km) and downtown St. John's (15 km), and waterfront (Paradise)  189 
31.6  Rd to SE, access to light tower on hill (Paradise)  180.4 
33  Exit #40, access to Paddys Pond (to W of hwy), Cochrane Pond (to E of hwy) (Paradise)  146 
34.2  Rd to SE to Northern Pond (3 km) 158.2 
35.5  Road bends around Thomas Pond to the SE of hwy 139.3 
36  Exit #39, Highway # 61 Foxtrap Access, NW to Conception Bay South (6 km), also roads heading E & SE (Conception Bay South)  180.1 
40.2  Road to NW 166.7 
46  Highway twinned a "S" curve 155.4 
50.1  Exit # 38, N to Butter Pot Provincial Park (1 km), campground, Conception Bay South (9 km) 204.8 
55.2  Exit #37, Highway #13 E to Witless Bay, Bay Bulls 217 
58.2  Exit #36, Highway #62 (Witless Bay Line), N to Holyrood (6 km), services & gas, Conception Bay South (17 km), Paradise (30 km). 172.5 
59.7  road to S of hwy, to communications antenna 228.6 
63  road to N of hwy 117.7 
65.8  Crossing Big Triangle Pond, railway bridge to S of hwy 92.7 
66.1  Exit #35, Highway #90, S to SW Pond PP, Father Duffy's Well PP, Salmonier Nature Park, community of St. Catherine's 110 
70.5  Exit #34, N to Newtown (2 km), Highway #60, Harbour Main (10 km), Conception Harbour (11 km) 94.8 
72.6  Exit #33, access to Middle Gull Pond, Brien's Pond 137.2 
76.5  Exit # 32, S to community of Brigus Junction (4 km), Gushue's Pond PP, camping (2 km), N to community of Conception Harbour (8 km) 114.3 
78.5  Bridge over Collier's Big Pond 122.8 
79  Exit #31 to Highways #75 & #70, N to Clark's Beach (14 km) 128 
84.7  Exit #30 to Highway #71, along E shore of Grand Pond, N to South River, Bay Roberts (20 km), SE to Gusue's Pond PP (2 km), camping 102.1 
86.4  Leahy's Rd to N 96.3 
87.3  Crossing Hodgewater Pond, houses on S side of hwy accessed Exit 29 78.9 
89  Exit #29, access rd S to community of Ocean Pond (3.6 km, not on ocean) 96.3 
96  Goose Pond to S of hwy 70.4 
97.4  Highway #81, S to community of Whitbourne (3 km) (Whitbourne)  67.4 
98.2  Exit #28 to Highway #80 (The Baccalieu Trail Loop) N to Green's Harbour (22 km) and Grates Cove national historical site (111 km) , S to Whitbourne (4 km) and Highway 81 to Colinet (27 km) (Whitbourne)  54.3 
100  Highway #100 - W to community of Placentia (44 km), Argentia Ferry to North Sydney, ND (44 km), access to Provincial Visitor Information Centre, W to Castle Hill National historic site (49 km) vi 57.3 


Highway Point & Features


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