Alberta: Highway #1 between Lake Louise and Calgary

wildlife at Tunnel Mountain in Banff

Why Travel between Lake Louise and Calgary?

This segment connects Alberta's prairies and rolling foothills with the Rocky Mountains. The tourist towns of Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise are jumping off points for the many recreations and attractions offered in the mountains.
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Here is the itinerary for the 180 km along Highway #1 between Lake Louise and Calgary:

Castle Mountain, with cloud. just east of Lake Louise Moving east from Lake Louise (and more dramatically, when driving west from Banff), the most stunning feature is Castle Mountain, which rises on the east side of the valley like a tall reddish layer cake. Those wishing to get a real sense of the splendour of the Rockies, without pricing at faster highway speeds, should drive the Bow Valley Parkway (Highway 1A) from Banff to Lake Louise.

Castle Mountain, with cloud. just east of Lake Louise Banff is Canada's first national park, it has expanded from 10 square miles around the hot springs to now cover 6640 square kilomtres (2564 sq miles). Between Banff and Lake Louise, travellers will see several overhead Animal Bridges (shown) as well as several under-the-highway ones. These, along with the fences, keep animals safe in the National Park. The town of Banff is "action central" of the mountain parks. While other communities are quite leisurely and relaxed, Banff has lots of restaurants, nightlife and world-class shopping. For a scenic overview of the area, take a ride up the Sulfur Mountain Gondola, or for free you can drive up the Mountain Norquay Rd across the TCH from Banff, or hike up Tunnel Mountain. At several locations around the park, visitors will notice sandstone "hoodoos", tall conical towers left behind by erosion.

Canmore Coal Cars at railway corssing, reflecting the town's mining heritage East of Banff is Canmore, lying just east of the park gates. Canmore began as a coal mine for the railroad in the 1800s, but the last mine was shut down in 1980. Long the cheapest gas for highway travellers, Canmore also has more hotels and condos than Banff, and tons of recreational opportunities. Canmore was home to the cross-country and biathlon events during the 1988 Winter Olympics, and is the backdoor gateway to the rugged Kananaskis Provincial Park.

Lac Des Arc: LafFrge cement factory East of Canmore, you pass Lac Des Arc where the highway bends around the lake which has a large cement factory on the northern shore. Along the eastern edge of the Rockies you can observe the height of glacial scour from the last Ice Age. The highway passes through a flat area (a Stoney Indian Reserve) where you can see tear-drop shaped drumlins on both sides of the highway, which are gravel deposits left behind by receding glaciers. East of the Rockies are the foothills, with high rolling hills, typically covered with white spruce and trembling aspen.

Westbound view Descending Scott Lake Hill with view to Foothills & Rockies After a steep climb up and down Scott Lake Hill, the highway enters the grasslands of the side open prairie. This area lies 1000 metres (3400ft) above sea level, and is characterized by high winds and low rainfall. This area is characterized today by the raising of cattle and growing of cereal crops. While the bison that dominated the grasslands are gone (they are now protected in Wood Buffalo National Park in northern Alberta), many indigenous species can still be seen: Richardson's ground squirrel (gopher), and magpies.

Rolled Haybales, near Jumping Pound Crfeek, West Of Calgary

This area is best known for Alberta's Chinook wind, a warm and dry wind from the west which can raise winter temperatures by 30 degrees C (60 degrees F) is a few hours. It is evidenced by a "Chinook arch" as the clouds are lifted in the west and the arch follows the earth's curvature. The Chinook winds quickly clear winter snows enabling year-round grazing for game and livestock. The town of Cochrane, about 30km northwest of Calgary started as a ranching community, and has since the 1980s become a bedroom community and almost a suburb of Calgary, comlete with all stores and services.

Peace Bridge across Bow River and Downtown Skyscrapers Calgary is now a city of over 1.2 million people, and has tripled in size since the 1970s. Visitors will see vast recently-built suburbs on the western and eastern approaches, and lots of home construction continuing in all directions. Very quickly you become aware of the office towers that comprise the city's downtown core. The buildings are tightly clustered between the Bow River and the railway tracks, and house the headquarters of most of Canada's oil & gas companies. The city has Canada's largest network of recreational trails, with great (and relatively level) running/ biking/blading trails running for miles alongside the Bow River.

Calgary Stoney Trail Bypass

There is now a Calgary Bypass, highway 201, called Stoney Trail which is accessed in the west of the city (shown below), just bbefore reaching Canada Olympic Park (the ski hills & ski jumps at the west end of Calgary, and ectending north and then down again to hit The Trans-Canada eastbound at roughly 84th Stret NE. During rush-hour, this bypass will save time, but during other hours is probably as fast (though its a longer distance driven) as the 16th Avenue North stretch thorough Calgary.

Elevation Chart

History of the Trans-Canada Highway: Lake Louise to Calgary

History: Lake Louise to Park Gates History:Park Gates to Calgary

Stoney Trail bypasses calgary to the north and to the east (Southwest not complete yet)

Contruction Notes:

The Trans-Canada will be undergoing construction west of Lake Louise to Golden. In Calgary the route along 16th Avenue, which has lots of stores, services and restaurants along its north/westbound side, is being widened to speed traffic, once its finished. Expect periodic construction delays in both areas. The construction of a new Southwest Bypass, connecting Highway 1 and Highway 2 going going south (to Fort MacLeod and Lethbridge) and circumventing Calgary is expected to begin in 2016 and be completed by 2022. This Southwest Bypass will complete the Ring Road around Calgary.

There is a two year construction project to build an underpass for 16th Avenue (the Trans-Canada) in the very west end of Calgary, where it passes Canada Olympic Park, as well as two housng developments, one to the north side and one to the south side.

The Stoney Trail Southwest (Calgary Bypasss) stretch between Highway 8 and Highway 22 (connecting to Highway 2 south toward Fort MacLeod and Lethbridge) is now under Construction thorugh land that was acquired from the Stoney First Nation, on Calgary's western boundary. This is expected to be compelte by 2020. Then the province will continue construction northwards from Highway 8 (Glenmore Trail) north to the Trans-Canada, just west of Canada Olympic Park, when it will connect to the existign Northwest bypass. This last section is not yet scheduled for construciton (we'll keep you posted).

Trans-Canada Itinerary Segment Map

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Alberta Motor Association road condition reports for this segment.

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Highway Point & Features


Deerfoot Trail (Hwy #2) double diamond interchange (Calgary)  1040.6 
Highway 2, The Deerfoot Trail in Calgary, goes north to Red Deer & Edmonton, south to Lethbridge and the US border..

Edmonton, 300 km to N..

Calgary International Airport, 12 km N of highway, via Airport Trail...

east access to Calgary Zoo, via Memorial Drive, 2.5 km S of highway...

Access to Calgary's downtown, via Memorial Drive, with over 20 hotels..
0.2  Railway and Nose Creek underpass (Calgary)  1046.4 
Moncton Rd NE (athletic fields, accommodation) (Calgary)  1076.6 
Edmonton Trail NE (access to downtown, and N to accommodation) (Calgary)  1079 
East access to over 20 downtown hotels..

Fort Calgary, historical site..

Calgary Zoo & Prehistoric Park, via Memorial Drive..

access to Calgary Stampede Park, via MacLeod Trail S..

Access to Bridgeland "Little Italy" shopping & restaurant district, 1 km S and down the hill..

Peter's Drive-In is an iconic Calgary diner, to the SW of this intersection. Best from the eastbound lanes of 16th Avenue...

Calgary Stampede photos (lots & lots!)..
2.4  Centre Street (access to downtown & Chinatown) (Calgary)  1077.5 
Calgary Tower Panorama during Stampede Week, 360 degree panorama image

Bow River View across from Princes Island, view of downtown in 360 degree panorama image

more downtown Calgary 360 panorama images

access to over 20 downtown hotels,..

Calgary Tower on Centre Street, 2.5 km S of highway. Great views of city, skyline, and mountains...

Calgary downtown photos..

Calgary's Chinatown, is at teh bottom of the Centre Street Bridge in downtown Calgary, 1.8 km S of highway...

Glenbow Museum, across from Calgary Tower. Exhibits of prairie life, railway history, and oil & gas industry...

Calgary Tower photos (of tower, and from tower)..
4th Street NW intersection (secondary street) (Calgary)  1082.3 
3.9  10th St NW intersection (S) to Kensington shopping district & downtown (Calgary)  1087.8 
Starbucks & Earl's restaurants on NW corner of Intersection..

Access to Kensington shopping district, with lots of restaurants & Safeway grocery store, 1 km S of highway..

10th Street NW provides access to the west end of downtown via the Louise Bridge..

over 20 hotels in the downtown area..

access to Telus Calgary Science Centre, just west of dowtown core on S bank of Bow River..

Kensington Riverside Inn, 1.5 km S of highway, on Memorial Drive..

Kensington Shopping district photos..
4.3  12 St NW (N) and SAIT Polytechnic (S) intersection (Calgary)  1090 
SAIT Polytechnic, post-secondary trades educational institution
4.6  14th Street NW interchange and underpass (N to downtown) (Calgary)  1087.5 
Nosehill Park, large hill on north side of city, this wild prairie grassland has excellent city views. 4 km N of highway...

Access to Jubilee Auditorium Southern Alberta, just S of highway..
4.8  North Hill Mall (Sears) intersection (Calgary)  1090.6 
North Hill Centre, mid-sized mall with food court, to S of highway..
4.9  Pedestrian overpass (Calgary)  1090.6 
5.1  17th Street NW (N) North Hill Mall (S) intersection (Calgary)  1090.6 
5.4  19th Street NW intersection (shopping, restaurants), and Light Rail Transit (LRT) underpass (Calgary)  1090.3 
5.8  Banff Trail NW intersection, with pedestrian overpass (Calgary)  1096.4 
Access to Banff Trail station on the Northwest LRT line..
Motel Village (N) intersection (Calgary)  1097.3 
Many hotels & motels directly to N of highway...
6.2  Crowchild Trail NW overpass (Calgary)  1091.8 
6.4  University Drive NW interchange (Calgary)  1082.6 
Access to University of Calgary, 1 km to N of highway..

access to McMahon Stadium, home to Calgary Stampeders football club..

Access Southbound to Crowchild Trail, via University Drive...

Marda Loop Shopping District (along 33 Ave SW), across Bow River via Crowchild Trail, 5.2 km S of highway...

Glenmore Park North, alongside Glenmore Reservoir, views of mountains,downtown. 9.5 km S of highway, via Crowchild Trail...

Heritage Park Historical Village, showing Alberta prior to 1914, with a new Gasoline Alley exhibit. 12 km S of highway..

Heritage Park photos..

Glenmore Reservoir photos..
6.7  access to Calgary Children's Hospital (Calgary)  1087.8 
Alberta Children's Hospital, 1.3 km to N of highway..
6.8  Intersection 29th Street NW (S) and Uxbridge Rd NW (N) access to shopping & Foothills hospital (Calgary)  1093.3 
Foothills Hospital, to south of highway, Calgarys largest hospital
7.2  Shaganappi Trail NW intersection (WB exit) (Calgary)  1060.4 
westbound access to Market Mall in NW Calgary, up the Shaganappi Trail hill...
8.4  Bowness Rd Exit to Memorial Drive to downtown (Calgary)  1060.1 
Fastest way into downtown Calgary for eastbound traffic, along Bowness Rd & Memorial Drive NW (cross Bow River at 10th Street bridge)..

eastbound access to large Market Mall in NW Calgary, via Shaganappi Trail... left at first lights, then up the hill. About 2.6 km N of highway...
43rd Street NW intersection (Calgary)  1056.7 
Holiday Motel on N side of street..

Red Carpet Motor Hotel on S side of street..

Traveller's Inn on S side of street..

BudgetLodge Inn on N side of street..
9.9  Home Rd intersection, shopping, gas, accommodation, parks (Calgary)  1061 
Shouldice Park, outdoor sports fields, indoor swimming pool, Bow Rver recreational pathways, just to S of highway..

Olympia Motel, N side of intersection..

Westbound gas stations: Esso, etro-Canada. Eastbound gas station: Shell, Husky..
10.9  Bow River bridge (Calgary)  1060.4 
Photos of Bow River..
11.2  Railway overpass (Calgary)  1069.5 
11.7  Sarcee Trail Interchange to SW Calgary and downtown (Calgary)  1078.4 
Photos along Sarcee Trail (vlimbing hill toward the south)..
13.3  Bowfort Rd (N) to accommodation, gas and Bowness, (S) to Canada Olympic Park (Calgary)  1120.1 
Canada Olympic Park - "COP" ski hill, ski jumps, bosled, luge track..

Canada Olympic Park - Olympic Hall of Fame & Museum, just to south of highway..

Four Points by Sheraton, just to N of highway..

Gas stations N of highway include Shell, Petro-Canada, Esso, SuperStop..

Restaurants to N of highway include Denny's, McDonalds, Tim Hortons..

Sandman Hotel..

Photos of Canada Olympic Park..
15  Stoney Trail Interchange(N) to airport, and Highway 2 to Edmonton (Calgary)  1122.9 
Stoney Tril, access to Calgary NW, Calgary International Airport, and to Highway 3 N to Edmonton...
17  Valley Ridge Blvd (N) West Valley Rd SW (S) (Calgary)  1147.6 
Valley Ridge Neighbourhood to N of highway..

Valley Ridge Golf Course, 1.5 km to N of highway..

Gas Store to N of highway..

small shopping plaza to N of highway..

KOA - Calgary West campground, to south of highway..
19  Range Rd 31, access to Old Banff Coach Rd(S) 1171.7 
Springbank Links Golf Course, 3 km to N of highway..

Old Banff Coach Road, S of highway, access to Calgary's western acreage suburbs...
21  Range Rd 33 (N) access to Springbank Airport to N, access to Calaway Park, RV dealerships, restaurants, and Springbank Community Centre Rd (S) 1192.7 
Springbank Airport, to north of highway (can see small planes taking off &amp; landing)

Rockyview and area photos

Calaway Park amusement park, just to south of highway..

Calaway Park RV Park, just to south of highway..

Wild Wild West Event Centre..
30  Highway 22 (also Range Rd 42) Junction, Cattle herds to east 1227.7 
web cam with 3 angles on overpass

Town of Cochrane, 13 km to N of highway..

Hamlet of Bragg Creek, 18 km to SW of highway..

Cochrane town photos..

Bragg Creek photos around town & area..
31  Gas station WB: Weigh Station EB & WB 1224.4 
Petro-Canada station on N side (westbound-only access)..

weigh scales on both sides of highway..
35  Jumping Pound Rd (gas plant visible in valley to north) 1239.9 
36  Crossing Jumping Pound Creek 1224.4 
Jumping Pound and area photos
37  Ridge Rd Access 1249.1 
42  Hermitage Rd access 1282.9 
47  Sibbald Creek exit Hwy 68 (also called Old Morley Trail) 1328.9 
50  Top of Scott Lake Hill/ East boundary of Stoney Indian Reserve 1407.9 
Stoney Indian Reserve, member of Stoney First Nation. Watch for pedestrians on highway!

stunning views at top of hill: mountains westbound, prairies eastbound (see photos)
55  Bear Hill Rd exit & underpass (stunning view of Rockies EB) 1297.2 
59  Morley Rd Exit and underpass (Morley)  1251.8 
66  Overpass & exit for Stoney Reserve access (Seebe)  1259.4 
Seebe and area photos
73  Kananaskis Trail (Hwy #40) (Seebe)  1293.6 
Canoe Meadows Group Camp

Porcupine Group Camp, 16 km S on Hwy 40

Kananaskis Country: Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Stoney Nakoda Resort, south of highway

Stoney Nakoda Casino

Stoney Nakoda Resort, just south of highway

Helicopter tours of foothills, at Stoney Nakoda Reort
74  West boundary of Stoney Indian Reserve 1286.3 
Stoney Indian Reserve, member of Stoney First Nation. Watch for pedestrians on highway!

Morely and area photos
74  bridge across Kananaskis River 1289.3 
76  Highway 1X to Bow Valley Provincial Park, South Ranch Rd to Rafter Six Ranch 1307 
Bow Valley Provincial Park

Bow Valley Park Campgrounds, to norht of highway

Rafter Six Ranch, to south of highway..
85  Lac des Arcs exit 1307 
Lac Des Arc Campground, north of highway
88  Lac des Arcs, west end, view of Lafarge cement pant on north shore 1302.1 
Lac Des Arc Morning Panorama, 360 degree panorama

Lac Des Arc photos
93  Deadman's Flats Exit/Pigeon Mountain: gas & accommodation (Deadman's Flts)  1315.8 
webcam (3 angles) on Overpass

Three Sisters Provincial Recreation Area, camping

several gas stations, including Husky on N (westbound) side of highway..

several motels at this location..

Photos of Lake Chestermere..
97  Three Sisters Village (Canmore)  1314 
Stewart Creek Golf Club, just to south of highway
101  Exit: Canmore East: Bow Valley Rd east to Exshaw, Ghost Lake, and Cochrane (Canmore)  1317 
Bow Valley Park Campground, in Bow Valley Rd, Bow Valley Provincial Park

Pine Grove Camping, 16 km S on Hwy 68

Willow Rock campsites, 1 km N of highway
102  Exit: Benchlands Trail: Canmore town center (S), SilverTip (N) (Canmore)  1314.9 
Canmore Three Sisters Mountain - from SilverTip Ridge (about 1.6 km N of highway) 360 degree panorama

Town of Canmore, to southwest of highway

Main Street of Canmore, shopping area, south of hihgway

Silvertip Golf Course, 2.5 km to northwest of highway

Canmore General Hospital, to northeast of highway

Over 50 hotels & motels along Canmore's Bow Valley Trail ("Motel Alley"), 0.3 km SW of highway..
104  Exit: Canmore West: gasoline alley (Canmore)  1315.8 
All major gasoline companies here (cheaper gas than in the national parks!)

Over 40 hotels &amp; motels along Canmores Bow Valley Trail (&quot;Motel Alley&quot;), 0.3 km SW of highway
107  Harvie Heights Rd Exits (Canmore)  1326.2 
108  Banff National Park East Gates 1329.8 
Banff National Park

about National Park Fees

about the Mountains..
115  Exit for U Turns 1349 
118  Minnewanka Electrical Generating Station (Banff)  1375.6 
118  Morant's Curve (for train photos) 1370.4 
121  Banff Ave, East town entrance & Lake Minnewanka (Banff)  1393.9 
Banff - Lake Minnewanka Panorama (about 8 km from highway) 360 degree panorama

Banff National Park - Two Jack Lake Main Campground, 7 km NE of highway

Over 60 hotels, motels, and B&amp;Bs many along Banff Avenues Hotel Strip, about 3 km SW of highway

Banff National Park - Tunnel Mountain Campground, about 4 km SW of highway via Banff Avenue &amp; Tunnel Mountain Rd

Banff National Park - Tunnel Mountain Village Campground, about 4 km SW of highway via Banff Avenue &amp; Tunnel Mountain Rd

NOTE: RVs may not park in the town centre! There is a designated parking spot on Banff Avenue, east of the hotel strip, with a shuttle bus service

NOTE: RVs may not park in the town centre! There is a designated parking spot on Banff Avenue, east of the hotel strip, with a shuttle bus service

Lkae Minewanka photos
122  Whiskey Creek crossing (Banff)  1400.6 
122  Compound Rd (for Park Maintenance) (Banff)  1402.1 
125  Banff Town off-ramp (Banff)  1382.3 
Over 60 hotels, motels, and B&amp;Bs
125  Overpass: Mount Norquay Rd (Banff)  1386.8 
Banff - Mount Norquay Lookout Panorama (about 5 N of highway)

Banff - Banff Avenue Panorama (about 1.5 km S of highway) 360 degree panorama image

Banff - Bow Falls, off Spray Avenue (about 3.5 km south of highway) 360 degree panorama image

Access to Banff Mount Norquay Ski hill

Photos of Banff and area

Banff Avenue shopping district, 1.5 km S/W of highway (turn left at Shell station)

Banff Springs Hotel, about 4.5 km S of highway, via Banff Avenue, and across Bow River Bridge

Banff Mount Norquay Ski hill, 5 km N of highway up hill (cyclists note: 1000 ft/300 m climb

Timberline Lodge, overlooking highway on N side (can ski-out from Mount Norquay resort to hotel)

Sulphur Mountain Gondola, to top of Sulphur Mountain, via Banff Ave and Mountain Ave, about 7 km from highway

Upper Hot Springs, via Banff Ave and Mountain Ave, about 7 km from highway

Cave &amp; Basin (Lower) Hot Springs, via Banff Ave and Cave Ave, about 3.5 km from highway

NOTE: RVs may not park in the town centre! There is a designated parking spot on Banff Avenue, east of the hotel strip, with a shuttle bus service

Banff - Mineral Springs Hospital
125  Banff town off-ramp WB (Banff)  1389.6 
128  Bow Valley Parkway (1A) Exit WB 1399.3 
128  Creek Crossing 1402.1 
128  Car Pull-out, WB only 1407.9 
128  Vermillion Lake view to West 1388.4 
128  Vermillion Lakes Viewpoint EB 1385.3 
Banff - Vermillion Lakes Springtime Panorama, 360 degree panorama

Photos of &amp; from Vermillion Lakes
129  bridge across Bow River 1381.7 
129  Cross CPR (underpass 1382.9 
129  Viewpoint overlooking Bow River WB only 1385.9 
130  Sunshine Village turnoff, overhead bridge 1408.2 
Banff - Sunshine Village Ski Resort Panorama, wintertime 360 panorama on skihill

Banff - Sunshine Village - Great Divide Panorama, wintertime 360 panorama on ski hill

Banff - Sunshine Village - Wawa Panorama , wintertime 360 panorama on ski hill

Sunshine Village ski resort, with summer hiking

Sunshine Village photos

Banff &amp; Area photos
130  Sunshine Village WB off-ramp 1401.2 
135  Overhead Animal Bridge 1727.9 
137  Exit to Bourgeau Lake, Hiking Trails 1414.9 
144  Overhead Animal Bridge 1428 
Animal Bridge (see photos, including one under construction)
154  View north to Castle Mountain 1432.9 
155  Highway 93 Castle Junction (W) to Radium Hot Springs, Exit E to Bow Valley Parkway (#1A) (Castle Junction)  1441.1 
Radium Hot Springs, about 100 km to SW of highway

Access to Kootenay National Park (in BC), about 10 km

Access to Banff National Park - Johnston Canyon Campground, about 9 km east via 1A

Banff National Park - Castle Mountain Campground, about 5 km east of highway via 1A

Johnston Canyon Resort, 1 km E of highway on 1A

"Castle Junction," used to be called "Eisenhower Junction", for the the former US president and commanding general of D-Day...
174  Turnout on WB side 1515.2 
174  Turnout on WB side 1464.9 
176  Scenic Viewpoint (WB only) overlooking Bow River 1512.4 
Scenic Viewpoint along Bow River (Bow River Photos)
177  Bridge across Bow River (Lake Louise)  1524.6 
177  Cross CPR Railway tracks (Lake Louise)  1524.6 
178  Louise Overflow Campground (Lake Louise)  1534.1 
Banff National Park - Lake Louise Campground &amp; Trailer Park, 1 km S of town
179.9  WB Exit ramp for Lake Louise (Lake Louise)  1536.8 
180  Bow Valley pkwy (E) to Skiing Louise and 1A Bow Valley Pkwy, and Lake Louise Rd (W) to the town and lake (Lake Louise)  1546.9 
Access to Village of Lake Louise, about 0.3 km to W of highway

Lake Louise, the lake, with hiking trail, canoeing, and tea house. About 4 km W of highway (for cyclists, a climb of 660 ft)

Lake Louise Ski Resort

Lake Louise Gondola (in summertime)

Chateau Lake Louise, 4 km from highway

Deer Lodge, 4 km from highway

Lake Louise Inn, 0.3 km from highway

Moraine Lake Lodge, 15 km SE of highway

Post Hotel, .3 km from highway

Baker Creek Chalets, .5 km from highway

Icefields Parkway Visitors Centre, 0.3 km W of highway, in town. Serving Jasper National Park, Banff National Park and Yoho National Park vistors

Rockies Ski Reports (weekly in winter, from November to May)

Banff National Park - Lake Louise Campground &amp; Trailer Park, 1 km S of town


Highway Point & Features


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