BC's Highway #1 between Hope and Kamloops

Hells Gate is a fascinating stop along the way (parking on both sides of the Trans-Canada)

Why Travel between Hope and Kamloops

This stretch of the Trans-Canada squeezes against the walls of the Fraser River canyon between Hope and Cache Creek, passing through several towns, a few tunnels, and several great views, along the route developed in the1860s to get miners to the Cariboo gold fields. Between Cache Creek and Kamloops, the highway follows the Thompson River which flows through a high desert plateau, where farms exist only where they are irrigated, and you can see the irrigation circles along both sides of the highway.

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Here is the itinerary for the 291 km along the #1 between Hope and Kamloops via the #1:

Wide bend in Fraser River, at Hope

Hope to Lytton via #1 along the Fraser River Canyon

The town of Hope grew quickly in 1858 when gold was discovered in several areas further up the Fraser River. The town is surrounded by stunning scenery, where mountains tower a kilometer or more over the river valley, and was showcased in Silvester Stallone's "First Blood" action movie, filmed nearby.

Tunnels along the Fraser Valley Visitors need to remember that BC was explored, exploited and settled so quickly in the late 1800s that the Crown (representing first England, and then the Dominion of Canada) could not settle land claims with the First Nations fast enough. Along the Fraser and Thomson River valleys, this segment of the Trans-Canada Highway passes through numerous Indian Reservations, and there are still many unsettled land claims.

The original residents settled in numbers along the Fraser River because the salmon provided a reliable source of food, and were easy to harvest from the many shallow sandbanks along the river's length.

Railways do not function well when slopes exceed 4%. Two national railways (the CPR in the 1870s and the CNR in the 1900s) had built their routes along the easy grades on both banks. The highway, completed in 1962 had to be built along whatever land is left over and therefore winds, changes levels, even changes sides of the river (compare your route with the railway on the opposite bank!)

There are eight tunnels along this stretch of the highway. The steel arched Alexandra Bridge replaced a suspension bridge dating to 1926, which in turn replaced an 1863 wooden bridge flooded out in 1892 (which left the road impassible for the years in between).

History of the Trans-Canada Highway

Trans-Canada Highway 1: Hope to Kamloops

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Highway Notes

Lytton-ViewWestFromTCHToTHompsonRiver3 This highway is very scenic, though viewpoints and rest stops are either infrequent or poorly marked, and typically only on the lane alongside the river (that is, when the highway is to the right of your direction of travel). Because of the level of traffic in summer (and the very tight roadway), crossing traffic to catch views of the river is difficult, if not dangerous.

The highway travels about half the length of the Fraser and half the length of the Thompson on one bank and then swtches to the other, so travellers will have an even opportunity to get views of these two spectacular rivers. Because of protective concrete barriers, often passengers in cars will get views of the river in the chasm below, though the driver will get much less frequent glimpses. Those driving vans, pickup trucks, or RVs will get much better views of the river below.

One popular attraction, Hell's Gate (where the wide Fraser basically turns on its side to squeeze through a 35 metre wide gap in the rocks) has convenient parking on both sides of hte highway, with a pedestrian overpass for eastbound/northbound travellers.

The high desert plains of the Upper Fraser and the Thomspon Rivers

Lytton to Kamloops via #1 along Thompson River Plateau

High Plateau along the Thompson River Lytton lies on a high desert plateau at the junction of the Thompson and Fraser rivers. It has recorded the highest summer temperature in Canada (44C /111F). Simon Fraser passed this point in 1808 on his way to the Pacific. During the Cariboo Gold Rush in the 1850s & 60s, Lytton was a boom town. It boomed again during the era of railway construction, but today, the Trans-Canada passes close by the town.

The Thompson River has gravel hundreds of metres deep left behind by the last Ice Age's glaciers. You will notice layered gravel cliffs alongside the river along this stretch of the Trans-Canada.

Luxury Golf Course on the highway, just west of Kamloops, overlooking the Thompson River The towns of Ashcroft & Cache Creek became home to large horse ranches and cattle ranches to supply transportation and food to early gold prospectors, and this ranching tradition makes the Ashcroft Stampede a top festival in BC's interior.

Kamloops started as a Hudson's Bay trading post at the strategic junction of the North Thompson and South Thompson rivers. Today, BC's 4th largest city is an important ranching community.

Trans-Canada Highway Itinerary Map

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Trans-Canada Highway Itinerary

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BC Highways road condition s report for this segment.

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Highway Point & Features


Exit #374 Junction Yellowhead Highway (5) (Kamloops)  402 
Shuswap Nation Tribal Council

Tkemlups of the Secwepemc band of the Shuwap First Nation

Access to downtown Kamloops, on exit further, Valleyview Rd (east) and Battle St/Columbia St (west into downtown)
Peterson Creek, Glenfair Peterson Creek Park (Kamloops)  448.1 
Exit #370 Summit Dr underpass, Exit WB only (Kamloops)  549.2 
Exit #369 Columbia Way (N) Exit EB only (Kamloops)  590.4 
multiple gas stations north of highway, on Columbia St

Access to dowtnown, via Columbia Street, about 3 km from highway

Kamloops photos

south access to Royal Inland Hospital (Interior Health District) about 2.7 km NE of highway
Exit #368 Junction Princeton-Kamloops Hwy 5A (S), Hillside Way (N) (Kamloops)  630.9 
Aberdeen Mall, north side of highway

Maverick Motor Inn, just north of highway

Esso, Petro-Canada gas stations, south of highway

Travelodge Mountainview, just south of highway

Aberdeen Inn, just south of highway

Best Western Kamloops, just south of highway

Comfort Inn & Suites, just south of highway

Four Points Sheraton Hotel, just south of highway

Dream Lodge, just south of highway

Aberdeen Mall, Kamloops 8 screen multiplex cinemas
10  Exit #367 Pacific Way, exit to Kenna Cartwright Park (N) (Kamloops)  669.3 
Access to Kenna Cartwright Park, natural area in the City of Kamloops

pantry & Shell gas stations to south of highway

Alpine Motor Inn, south of highway

Argus Motor Inn, 1.2 km north of highway

Grandview Motel, 1.3 km north of highway

Greyhound-Kamloops Terminal, just north of highway
12  Exit #366 Copperhead Dr (S) Hillside Rd (N) (Kamloops)  699.8 
Access to Kenna Cartwright Park, natural area in the City of Kamloops

Petro-Canada Station, south side (EB) of highway
15  Exit #362 Sugarloaf Rd Exit, to Ironmask Lake (S) 715.4 
16  Junction Highway 5 (to east, highway is 1/5/97), to south Coquihalla Highway #5) 717.5 
19  View west to Highland Valley Copper Pit Mine (south side) pit drops to 1770ft 656.8 
23  View east to Highland Valley Copper Pit Mine (south side) 694 
Highland Valley Copper mine, operated by Teck Resources
25  Green Stone Rd (S) 610.8 
26  Beeton Rd (S) 556.6 
29  Deer Dr (N) 495.6 
34  Gardi Rd (S) 434 
48  Savona Access Rd (N), to Savona PP 386.8 
48  Tunmkwa Lake Rd (S) 365.8 
Mount Savona Provincial Park, camping, hiking, south of highway
52  Savona Access Rd (N) (Savona)  363.3 
Lakeside Country Inn, lakeside bed & breakfast
53  Skeetchestn Indian Reserve, east boundary 378.6 
Skeetchestn Indian Reserve, member of the Shuswap First Nation
53  Savana Station Rd 381.9 
Steelhead Provincial Park, day use, camping, water sports (240 metre beach)
53  Thompson River Bridge, view east to Kamloops Lake 351.1 
Thompson River photographs
54  Sebastian Creek Rd (N) 438.9 
58  Deadman Vidette Rd 471.5 
60  Skeetchestn Indian Reserve, west boundary 488.9 
Skeetchestn Indian Reserve, member of the Schuswap First Nation
61  Roadside turnout (S/E) (Wallachin)  454.2 
67  Artificial Irrigation to south 492.9 
80  Juniper Beach Provincial Park 491 
Juniper Beach Provincial Park, day use and campring, watersports
87  Brookside Campground (Cache Creek)  520 
89  Junction Highway 97 (to east, highway is 1/97) (Ashcroft)  460.2 
89  Cache Creek bridge 455.4 
Pavilion Indian Band - Tskweylecw
91  Campbell Hill Dr, to Cache Creek (Ashcroft)  519.4 
93  Junction Highway 97C (Highland Valley Rd) (Ashcroft)  488.3 
Highway 97C continues south-east to Logan Lake and Merritt (on the Coquihalla) about 100 km
99  Cornwall Rd Highway 97C to Ashcroft (Ashcroft)  489.5 
108  Hat Creek Rd 464.5 
112  Basque Rd, access to Oregon Jack and Basque Indian Reserves 440.4 
Oregon Jack Creek Reserve

Basque Indian Reserve, member of Cooks Ferry First Nation
114  Venabies Valley Rd (W) 503.8 
117  Venabies Valley Rd (W) 463 
132  Rannie Pit Rd 250.9 
139  town of Spences Bridge, bridge (Spences Bridge)  231.6 
140  Junction Highway 8 & Highway 1, Spences Bridge Indian Reserve 4 (Spences Bridge)  247.8 
Spences Bridge Indian Reserve, member of Cooks Ferry First Nation

Highway 8 southeast to Merritt, on the Coquihalla Highway
140  Bridge across Thomson River (Spences Bridge)  218.2 
Spences Bridge photos

Thompson River photos
149  Gold Pan Provincial Park 224.6 
Goldpan Provincial Park, day use, camping, watersports, scenic viewpoints

Goldpan Provincial Park with 14 campsitds
151  Thompson River RV Park 204.2 
159  Nicomen Indian Reserve 1, access road to SE 207 
Nicomen First Nations Reserve
175  Skihist Provincial Park 289 
Skihist Provinical Park, day use, camping, hiking, watersports, viewpoint
180  Main St to Lytton, north entrance (Lytton)  249.9 
182.5  Passing through Klickkumcheen Indian Reserve 18 (Lytton)  238 
Klickkumcheen Indian Reserve 18, member of Lytton First Nation
183.5  Passing through Klakamich Indian Reserve 17 (Lytton)  248.1 
184  Highway 12, & Lytton Main St, hospital, police, bridge to north bank of Thompson River (Lytton)  257.3 
Thompson River photos

Village of Lytton

Lytton & District Chamber of Commerce, 4 motels in town

Lytton Museum & Archives Commission
184.2  passing through Kitzowit Indian Reserve 20 256 
Kitzowit Indian Reserve 20, member of Lytton First Nation
185  Road turnoffs to W, access to Inklyuhkinatko Indian Reserve 2 291.1 
Inklyuhkinatko Indian Reserve, member Skuppah First Nation
189  Scuppa Rest Area, Skuppah Indian Reserve 4 to west 312.7 
Skuppah Indian Reserve 4, member of Skuppah First Nation
190  Passing through Siska Flat Indian Reserve 5B 208.5 
191  Passing through Zacht Indian Reserve 5 205.4 
Zacht Indian Reserve 5, member Siska Fist Nation
191.5  Passing through Siska Flat Indian Reserve 5A 186.2 
192  Passing though Siska Flat Indian Reserves 3,8 188.1 
Siska Flat Indian Reserves 3,8 Member of the Siska First Nation
193  Kanaka, passing through Kanaka Bar Indian Reserve 2 (Kanaka)  254.5 
Kanaka Bar Indian Reserve 2, member Kanaka Bar First Nation
194  Kanaka Bar, passing through Kanaka Bar Indian Reserve 1A (Kanaka)  280.4 
Kanaka Bar Indian Reserve 1A, member Kanaka Bar First Nation
200  Passing through Staiyahanny Indian Reserve 8 254.5 
Staiyahanny Indian Reserve 8, member of the Boothroyd First Nation
203  Passing through Boothroyd Indian Reserve 8A 185.9 
Boothroyd Indian Reserve 8A, member of Boothroyd First Nation
209  Passing through Inkahtsaph Indian Reserve 6 254.5 
Inkahtsaph Indian Reserve 6, member of Boothroyd First Nation
211  Passing though Sho-Ook Indian Reserve 5 313 
213  Blue Lake Resort, Charles Hotel 306 
Blue Lake Resort

Charles Hotel - no website 604-867-9221
224  Canyon RV Park, passing though Bucktum Indian Reserve to N 195.7 
webcam at Kahmoose Rd facing north

Bucktum Indian Reserve #4, member of Boston Bar First Nation

Canyon RV Park
225.2  View of bridge to W bank of Fraser River 198.1 
226  Chamaux Rd (W) to North Bend, and Kopchitchin Indian Reserve 2, on west side of Fraser River (Boston Bar)  152.7 
Kopchitchin Indian Reserve 2, member of Boston Bar First Nation

Boston Bar
226.5  Fairley Rd (E) (Boston Bar)  154.2 
227  Aspen Rd (W), large lumber yard to SW (Boston Bar)  149 
229  Tuckkwiowhum Indian Reserve, cross Anderson River (Boston Bar)  198.1 
Tuckkwiowhum Indian Reserve, member of Boston Bar First Nation
231  Boston Bar Indian Reserve, services (Boston Bar)  169.2 
Nahatlach Provincial Park, camping, boating, swimming, hiking (25 km northwest of highway)
239  China Bar Tunnel-north 330.7 
240.4  China Bar Tunnel-south 307.5 
241  Hells Gate attraction & tram (HellsGate)  138.4 
Hells Gate attraction, parking on both sides of highway, with Pedestrian overpass

Hells Gate photos
246.4  Ferrabee Tunnel 228.6 
246.5  Alexandra Tunnel 183.2 
247  Alexandra Bridge PP 114.9 
Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park, day use with picnic area, hiking, fishing. Historical bridge across Fraser River
250  Fraser River bridge-east side 91.1 
251  Fraser River bridge-west side 117 
253  Spuzzum, passing through Spuzzum Indian Reserve 1 (Spuzzum)  131.1 
Spuzzum Indian Reserve 1, part of Spuzzum Firt Nation
255.5  Sailor Bar Tunnel 141.7 
255.7  Spuzzum Creek crossing, passing through Saddle Rock Indian Reserve 9 127.4 
Saddlerock Indian Reserve #9, part of Spuzzum First Nation
256  Johnson Rd (W) 125.3 
256.2  Colonial Inn 102.1 
258  Saddle Rock Indian Reserve-north border 145.1 
259  Saddle Rock Indian Reserve-south border 79.2 
Saddle Rock Indian Reserve, member of Spuzzum First Nation
262  Saddle Rock Tunnel 143 
265  Pull Out Area 75.9 
265.7  Yale Tunnel-east, passing through Kutlalth Indian Reserve 3 (Yale)  78 
Kutlalth Indian Reserve 3, part of owhamel First Nation
266  Yale Tunnel -west (Yale)  92 
268.4  Crossing Yale Creek 190.2 
269  Town of Yale, motels, services (Yale)  78.3 
Town of Yale, all services
275  Emory Creek Provincial park, Passing through Albert Flat Indian Reserve (Yale)  80.5 
Emory Creek Provincial Park, camping, hiking, fishing
275  crossing Gordon Creek (Yale)  92.4 
282  Klahaten Lake, East side 69.2 
283  Lake of Woods Resort, W side 118.6 
Lake of the Woods Resort motel
284  North end Puckatholetchin Indian Reserve 11 72.2 
Puckatholetchin Indian Reserve 11, member of Union Bar First Nation
286  South end Puckatholetchin Indian Reserve 11 170.4 
287  Ross Rd exit 204.2 
288  Ross Rd north access to Schkam Indian Reserve 2, Schkam Lake west of hwy 152.4 
289.4  Station Rd, Ross Rd south end of Schkam Indian Reserve 2 94.8 
Schkam First Nations Reserve #2
289.7  Junction Lougheed Highway #7 an Trans-Canada Highway #1 79.6 
Cyclists exit here for safe route west along #7 to Vancouver, along North Bank of Fraser River
290.5  Landstrom Rd (S) and Haig Station Rd (N) 71.9 
290.6  North (west) end of Fraser River bridge (Hope)  51.2 
291  South (east) end of Fraser River Bridge (Hope)  40.8 
Town of Hope

Hope BC photographs


Highway Point & Features


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