BC's Highway #1 between Kamloops and Revelstoke

Kamloosp Revier Valley

Why Travel between Kamloops and Revelstoke

This stretch follows the dry valley of the Thompson River, the Little Shuswap River and then the sun-swept and cottage-cluttered south shore of Shuswap Lake. You pass through several lakeside resort towns including Sorrento, Blind Bay, and Sicamous, and the area's major market town of Salmon Arm. East of Sicamous is the narrow and steep-walled valley of the Eagle River, and the highway clings to the southern shoreline of Three Valley Lake. You also pass several family-oriented attractions on each end of the lake.

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Here is the itinerary for the 219 km along the #1 between Kamloops and Revelstoke:

Just east of Kamloops is Rosehill Rd, with a view to Valleyview Homes And Secwepemc Museum on the north shore Kamloops and the Shuswap Lake region lie in the South Thompson Plateau, between the Coast Mountains and the Columbia Mountains. This means the area gets low amounts of rain, under 40 cm (1/3 as snow). The geology of the region is a combination of ancient volcanic and sedimentary rocks, some Jurassic (150 million year old) rocks, all of which were significantly effected by the Ice Age glaciers that retreated about 10,000 years ago. The climate is good for ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, lodgepole pine, grases, sagebrush, and prickly pear cactus.

Kamloops, with 70,000 residents, is a major forestry and food processing hub in the Interior of BC as the largest area city on the Trans-Canada and at the junction of area roads, rail lines and waterways.

Little River runs beside the Trans-Canada, near Chase, BC Chase lies at the western edge of Little Shuswap Lake and the head of the South Thompson River. From here eastward to Sorrento, Salmon Arm and Sicamous is the famous Shuswap Lake vacation country, best know for its thousands of houseboats rented to vacationers from Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton (and even further afar).

The Trans-Canada winds along Shuswap Lake, which has over 1000 km of shoreline, and occasionally climbs up the forested hills that surround the lake (watch out for the area's bears and deer!). You may see signs of a massive 2005 forest fire along the NW shore of the lake.

Many farms along the lake date back to the pre-highway days a century ago, when the only way to ship farm produce was using the Shuswap Lake's paddle-wheeled steamers.

Detour South: The Okanagan

Just south of Shuswap Lake is the Okanagan Lake fruit-growing region with farmers markets and fruit stands around every bend and over 75 wineries, with the towns of Enderby and Armstrong (famous for its cheese factory) leading to the larger centres of Vernon and Kelowna. You cannect back to the TransCanada Highway at Hope

Salmon Arm is the major city on Shuswap lake, housboating capital of Canada East of Sicamous, the Trans-Canada climbs over the Monashee mountain range, famous for its deep powder helicopter skiing on over 10 metres a year of annual snowfall. The mountains here climb to 2700 metres above sea level, and rise over a kilometer above the valley floors. The forests grow tall here, and visitors will notice the branches slope steeply, to help the snow slide off the branches. Lower elevations have lots of western hemlock and western red cedar, while higher elevations have lots of Douglas fir, aspen and western white pine, providing lots of resources for the area's logging and wood processing industries.

Midway between Sicamous and Revelstoke is Craigellachie, where the "last spike" on the Canadian Pacific Railroad was laid, connecting eastern Canada with British Columbia's Pacific Coast.

Bridge over the Columbia River at Revelstoke Eagle Pass divides the Thompson River system to the west from the Columbia River system which flows into the Pacific 1500 kilometers downstream at Portland, Oregon which started out as a Hudson's Bay trading post, Fort Vancouver.

The Columbia is heavily dammed for power generation, with the earthen Revelstoke Dam just north of town, the massive Mica dam upstream (140 km north of Revelstoke, and the world's second largest earthen dam), and the Keenleyside Dam downstream (270km south, near Castlegar).

History of the Trans-Canada Highway

Through the Shuswap from Kamloops to Sicamous From Sicamous to Revelstoke

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Highway Point & Features


Victoria Rd W (S), Laforme Blvd (N) access to downtown (Revelstoke)  447.4 
webcam looking east

Revelstoke - Columbia River View, South Of Town (wide angle panorama)

Best Western Wayside Inn, on north side of highway

Sandman Inn Revelstoke, on N side of highway

Mount Revelstoke Ski area, 8.4 km S of highway

Macdonalds on south (Eastbound) side of highway
Bridge over Columbia River (Revelstoke)  438.9 
Bridge of Columbia River (compare with bridge at Donald)
Highway Frontage (Revelstoke)  442 
1.3  Junction Hwy 23 (S), Westside Rd (N) (Revelstoke)  443.5 
Time Zone Change: westbound entering Pacific Time (-1 hour), eastbound entering Mountain Time (+1 hour)
2.5  Railway bridge overpass 1566.7 
Big Eddy Rd (S), Canada West RV Park (Revelstoke)  505.1 
Canada West RV Park, 4 km W of Revestoke, S side of highway
6.5  Rd to N (Revelstoke)  514.2 
7.5  Back Rd (Revelstoke)  520.3 
13  Eagle Pass 553.5 
14  Victor Lake, S of Hwy 574.9 
18  Rd to S, Access to Victor Lake PP 556 
Victor Lake Provincial Park
19  Enchanted Forest (S) 577.3 
The Enchanted Forest, on south side of highway
21  Three Valley Gap Hotel (Three Valley Gap)  524.6 
Three Valley Gap hotel & lake photos

3 Valley Gap Heritage Ghost Town, Antique Auto Museum, and Railway Roundhouse, on north side of highway
22  Three Valley Gap Rd (W) (Three Valley Gap)  546.5 
24  Three Valley Gap Lake to East of Hwy (Three Valley Gap)  504.4 
webcam looking west
28  Crazy Creek Resort (N) 465.1 
Crazy Creek Resort, with parking on both sides of the highway
28  Griffin Lake Rest Area 475.5 
viewpoint overlooking Griffin Lake, at west end of lake, on south side of highway

Griffin Lake Mountain Lodge B&B
29  Camp Creek Rd (N) 505.7 
Noahs Ark Resort, just north of highway
30  19 Mile Rd (N) 447.8 
Crazy Creek Resort, about 1/10 km W of road (parking on both sides of highway)
37  Taft Side Rd (W) 392.6 
38.5  Taft Side Rd (W) 393.5 
41.5  Falkland Store, farmers stand 391.7 
43  Crossing Perry River 383.1 
43.4  Frontage Rd (N) east entrance, The Trickle Inn 381.9 
Living Forest Oceanside Campground
44  Frontage Rd (N) west entrance 380.4 
46.3  Lybarger Rd (N), Farmers Coop stand 381.3 
47  Ward Rd Pullout, S Side, historical monument (Craigellachie)  384.4 
Last Spike in Trans-Continental Railroad, historical monument on S side of highway

rest stop with bathrooms S of highway
49  Hickson Rd (N) Ackerman Rd (S) 381.6 
50  Bridge over Eagle River 370.3 
50.6  Rd to S 391.4 
51  Malakwa Rd (N) (Malakwa)  383.4 
52  Lotus Rd (N) (Malakwa)  375.2 
52.6  Malakwa Rd (N) (Malakwa)  365.8 
53  Malakwa Loop Rd (east exit) (Malakwa)  362.1 
53.8  Malakwa Loop Rd (west exit) (Malakwa)  364.5 
53.9  East Turnoff to Yard Creek PP 363.3 
Yard Creek Provincial Park, on south side of highway. Access to Eagle River nature trail network

Yard Creek Provincial Park, day use with access to Eagle River nature trail network
56  West Turnoff to Yard Creek PP 371.9 
56.4  Cedars Campground & RV Park (N) 367.3 
Cedars Campground & RV Park, on N side of highway
56.5  Highway underpass 369.1 
59  Oxbow Frontage Rd (S) west exit 370.3 
61  Cambie-Susqua Rd (N) 405.4 
62.5  Rd t N 403.6 
63.8  Enquist Frontage Rd 391.4 
65  Rd to N 355.4 
65.5  Homestead Campground & RV Park 354.5 
Homestead Campground & RV Park, N side of highway (250-836-2583)
67  Karr Rd (Sicamous)  368.2 
68  Karr Rd (Sicamous)  352.3 
68.3  Husky Frontage Rd (east entrance) (Sicamous)  353.3 
Husky Station on N side of highway
68.5  Maier Rd (N) Stadnicki Rd (S) (Sicamous)  354.5 
69  Maier Rd (S), Husky Frontage Rd west entrance (Sicamous)  353 
69.2  Green Rd (N) (Sicamous)  353.6 
69.4  McPherson Rd, access to MacLean-McPherson Rd (Sicamous)  352.7 
69.4  Ramma Cr (N) (Sicamous)  354.2 
Sundog Bed and Breakfast, 1 block N of highway
69.5  Ramma Dr (N, WB only) (Sicamous)  353.3 
69.8  Sasqua Sicamous Rd (N), crossing Sicamous River (Sicamous)  353.9 
webcam looking west

Sicamous - Sicamous Narrows Bridge 360 degree panorama image

Iscamous - Waterfront Park overlooking Shuswap Lake, 360 degree panorama image
70  Highway 97A Intersection (Sicamous)  353.3 
Major Junction, route south to Okanagan Lake (see images)

Sicamous KOA campground, 2.3 km S of highway

Mara Provincial Park, day use and water sports, 10 km S of Sicamous

take first left(west) along Main St or Finlayson St into Sicamous (houseboat capital of Canada)

White Pine Beach, on norhth shore of Mara Lake

Beachcomber Resort, on Mara Lake, 3.5 km S of highway (no web site: 250 836-2313)

Humming Bird Resort, on Mara Lake, 10 km S of highway

Alpine Village Resort, on Mara Lake, about 10 km S of highway (no website: 250 836-2816)
70.1  Gill Ave (S) (Sicamous)  352.3 
eastbound access to Sicamous River, park at lot at foot of road, can access park via foot path under highway & rail bridges
70.6  Silver Sands Rd (NO (Sicamous)  355.1 
71.7  Bridge over south Arm & Sicmous River (Sicamous)  352 
72  Old Spallumcheen Rd (Sicamous)  356.6 
76  Viewpoint on N side 516.9 
79  0112 Rd (S) to viewpoint 1680 ft elev 451.1 
80  Road (N) 454.5 
84  Road (S) 498.7 
87  Road (S) 431.9 
91.3  Canoe Beach Rd (N), lumber mill on N side along lakefront 383.1 
92.4  50th St (N), all services 372.8 
92.7  80th Ave NE (E) (Apple Grove Motel, Cart Track) 375.8 
Apple Grove Motel, E side of highway

Salmon Arm Go-Karts & Mini-Golf, on east side of highway

Fruit stand behind go-kart track, E side of highway
93.7  Pullout (E) with farmers market? 411.2 
96.3  Interchange with Highway 97B South (Salmon Arm)  458.7 
Inn at the Ninth Hole, Bed & Breakfast, 3 km south of highway on right-hand side

Salmon Arm KOA campground, just south of highway on left/east side

R.J. Haney Heritage Village & Museum, south of highway on right/west side
96.5  10th Ave turnoff, as road bends (Salmon Arm)  459.3 
97.2  40th St NE (Green Trees Mobile Home and RV Park, N) (Salmon Arm)  467 
98  30th Street NE Intersection (Salmon Arm)  482.2 
Holiday Inn Express And Suites Salmon Arm
99.2  20th St NE (Salmon Arm)  440.4 
100  Super 8 Motel (Salmon Arm)  437.4 
Super 8 - Salmon Arm
100.3  6th Ave NE (N) (Salmon Arm)  413.6 
Sunwave Centre hockey arena, south of highway, home to Salmon Arm Silverbacks
100.6  10th St NE, Salmon River Morel & RV Park (Salmon Arm)  395 
Best Western Villager West Motor Inn

Shuswap Lake General Hospital (Interior Health District) just to north of hihgway
101.1  4th Street NE (Salmon Arm)  361.8 
Access to Town Wharf, Shuswap Lake, 7/10 km to North. 360 degree panorama image

Salmar Grand Theatre - Salmon Arm movie theatre, 2 blocks N of highway

City Hall, police, and fire to north of highway

childrens water splash park beside City Hall, 1 block S of highway

McGuire Lake Park, with pond & fountain, visible to N of highway at base of hill. Acces via 6th St NE
101.7  Shuswap Street (all services) (Salmon Arm)  359.1 
Salmar Classic Theatre, movie cinema, 1 block north of highway

White Water Slide Park, on north edge of highway. no website 250-832-8880
102  TCH at 10th St SW (Salmon Arm)  353.9 
Piccadilly Mall, just south of highway

Centenoka Park Mall (at 4th Street)
103  10th Ave & 17th St SW (Salmon Arm)  353 
Canadian Tire store, Overwaitea Foods, among others...
104.8  10th Ave & 30th St SW (Salmon Arm)  353.3 
105  40th Street SW to 10th Ave SW, road bends east (TCH is 10th Ave SW) 352.3 
Salmon River Motel & Campground..
107  1st Ave (W), First Nations Rd (E), south border of Switsemalph Indian Reserve 355.1 
111  50th Avenue (W) Pierre's Point (E) 378 
Switsemalph Indian Reserve $#5, Adams Lake Band of the Shuswap First Nation
113  View Point Motor Inn and R.V. Park 366.4 
View Point Motor Inn and R.V. Park
113  65th Ave NW 359.4 
114  Switsemalph Indian Reserve, north boundary 372.5 
115  Highway Turn off, rest area (WB) 428.9 
115  Highway Turn off, rest area (EB), view of mountain 1602 ft 403.3 
116  Tupper Beach Rd (Tappen)  397.8 
117  Bolton Rd (W) (Tappen)  380.7 
118.2  Sunnybrae Canoe Point Rd (E) (Tappen)  382.5 
Sky Blue Waters Resort, 1.7 km E of highway

Herald Provincial Park (formerly Sunnybrae) Camping, boating, day use, watersports. 4 km E of highway
118.7  Angie Lane, to Tappem Mill Rd (E) (Tappen)  381 
119  West boundary North Bay Indian Reserve 361.5 
119.8  North boundary North Bay Indian Reserve 382.2 
120.1  Ford Rd (E) 402.6 
121.7  Ford Rd (E) 419.7 
White Post Auto Museum, north/east side of highway (no website) 250-835-2224
122  Mikelson Frontage Rd (N) 420 
123  Calhoun Rd (S), Myers Frontage Rd (N) 404.5 
123.4  White Lake Rd (N) 367.3 
125.4  White Creek Frontage (N) Rd 378.6 
125.7  Broderick Creek Frontage Rd (S) exit 428.9 
126  White Creek Frontage (N) Rd 439.5 
127.3  Complex intersection: Balmoral (N/S), Notch Hill Rd (W) White Lake Rd (E) 442.6 
east access to lakeside resort community of Blind Bay

A Rovers Rest Bed and Breakfast

White Lake Provincial Park, on White Lake, about 11 km NE of highway. Camping, watersports
128.2  TCH divides to east 446.2 
129.7  Freer Rd (S) 456.6 
130.3  Centennial Dr (Sorrento)  507.8 
Shuswap Lake Estates Golf & Country Club
132.1  Cedar Dr (N) (Sorrento)  505.7 
Shuswap Lake-Blind Bay Dockside -360degree panorama

Shuswap Lake-Copper Island near Blind Bay - 360 Panorama images
132.3  Hilltop Rd (N) (Sorrento)  510.8 
Photos of Sorrento and area

Sorrento central business district, all services, both sides of highway
136  Blind Bay Rd (N) (Sorrento)  410.6 
136  Hilltop Rd (S) (Sorrento)  500.8 
136.3  Henstride Rd (N) 408.7 
136.9  Caen Rd (N) Notch Hill Rd (S) 406.6 
137  Passchendaele Rd East entrance (N) 406.9 
Shuswap Lake Motel and Resort
137.5  Passchendaele Rd West entrance (N) 409.3 
137.8  rd (N) 393.8 
138.2  Buckley Rd (N) / Dilworth Rd (S) 394.7 
138.3  Elson Rd (S) 394.7 
139  Coubeaux Rd 390.8 
139.4  Waverly Park Frontage Rd (east entrance) (N) 385.9 
140.5  Waverly Park Frontage Rd (west entrance) (N) 375.8 
140.7  Defosses Rd (S) 379.2 
141.5  Lindberg Rd (S) 383.7 
143  Little River Rd (N), shops, View of Shuswap Lake to N (Squilax)  379.5 
145.3  East boundary of Chum Creek Indian Reserve 357.8 
146  Squilax-Anglemont Rd bridge (Squilax)  372.5 
Access to Shuswap Lake Provincial Park, 18 km NE of hihgway

gas station on north side of bridge

access to Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park, camping, watersports. 5 km N of highway on the A dams River

access to Quaaout Indian Reserve 1, member of the Little Shuswap Lake band of the Shuswap First Nation

Talking Rock at Quaaout Resort golf course, 10 minutes north of bridge

Quaaout Lodge & Conference Center, about 10 minutes north of the bridge

Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band
146.5  town of Squilax (Squilax)  355.7 
photos of Squilax and area
147.2  Francois Rd (N) 372.5 
147.6  View of Little Shuswap Lake to West 368.5 
148.5  West side, Chum Creek Indian Reserve 2 392 
Chum Creek Indian Reserve 2, member of Little Shuswap Lake band of the Shuswap First Nation
152  road (N) 469.4 
154  View of Little Shuswap Lake to North 453.8 
155  Shuswap Ave (N), East exit (Chase)  430.7 
access to Tempo gas, in town of Chase

Town of Chase

photos of Chase and area
155.3  Coburn St (N) Foothills Rd (S) (Chase)  377.6 
156.7  Shuswap Ave (N) west exit (Chase)  375.8 
157  Planter Rd (N) (Chase)  362.1 
158  Veteran Rd (N) (Chase)  363.6 
159  Kipper Lake Rd (S) (Chase)  365.8 
159  Shuswap Chase Creek Rd (S) (Chase)  365.5 
west access to Tempo gas station, in Chase
161  Chief Neskainlith Dr 358.7 
Neskonlith Inidan Reserve, member of Shuswap First Nation
165  Willow Rd 357.8 
169  Stoney Flats Rd 363 
Ponserosa Pines RV Resort. No website (250)577-3468
173  Bridge access Thompson (Pritchard)  357.8 
181  Bostok Rd intersection 366.1 
182  Highway 97 onramp WB 351.1 
Access to Vernon and the Okanagan Lake region
183  highway 97 Exit #399 EB 366.7 
Access to Vernon and the Okanagan
185  Old Ferry Rd (N), Dallas Dr (S) (Monte Creek)  353.9 
186  Hook Rd, Dallas Rd Access, Exit #396 (Monte Creek)  350.5 
187  Dallas Rd Access 380.4 
190  Whitner Rd intersection 350.8 
192  Lafarge Rd (N), bridge across Thompson, Dallas Rd (S) Exit #390 363.9 
Kamloops Wildlife Park

Kamloops RV Park, right next to BC Wildlife Park

view of LaFarge cement plant across river (PDF brochure)
192.8  BC Wildlife Park (S) no access 363 
193  Kokanee Way Exit #388 WB 349 
194  Kokanee Way overpass 348.7 
195  Kokanee Way Exit #388 EB 349.6 
196  Pat Rd intersection 367 
Pedestrian overpass, east of Pat Rd
198  Pedestrian overpass 363.3 
199  Nina Place intersection 357.8 
Petro-Canada station south of highway
201  Dallas Crescent, EB access to Pineridge Golf Course 363.9 
Pineridge Golf course, south side of highway

Petro-Canada station south of highway
202  Holman St, east exit 361.2 
204  Holman St, west exit 359.4 
205  Tanager Dr intersection (Kamloops)  353.9 
206  River Rd intersection (Kamloops)  353.9 
Ranchland Motel
206.5  Highland Rd intersection (Kamloops)  354.2 
207  Oriole Rd intersection (Kamloops)  344.7 
Harper Mountain, family skiing
208  Vicars Rd intersection, several hotels to east and west on south side, groceries to SE (Kamloops)  356 
Kings Motor Inn

Chevron gas station to south of highway

Riders Motor Inn

Lamplighter Motel, about 1.4 km east of intersection
209  Comazzetto Rd intersection, Country View Inn (Kamloops)  354.2 
Country View Motor Inn
209.5  Valleyview underpass and Exit (WB) (Kamloops)  363.6 
Access to downtown Kamloops & Central Business District

Howard Johnson Inn Kamloops -1

Executive Inn Kamloops, downtown

Sandman Inn Kamloops, downtown

Scotts Inn & Restaurant, downtown

The Plaza Hotel (second oldest elevator in BC) downtown

Thompson Hotel And Conference, downtown

Casa Marquis Motor Inn (Downtown)

Argus Motor Inn

Howard Johnson Inn & Suites

Rafter G Hotel

Paramount Theatre, Kamloops, 2 screen cinema

east access to Royal Inland Hospital (Interior Health Authority), 3 km W of highway
210  Junction with Yellowhead Highway (#5) (Kamloops)  395.3 


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