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What to See & Do in Canada?

The World’s second biggest country is home to amazing scenery in several regions, combining stunning natural beauty, with cities full of very friendly people and great shopping. Driving the Trans-Canada Highway is 3% urban and 97% nature and rural! Try and see all of it from end to end (sea to sea), or focus on just one region or province or fly in and take a Tour of one area of this great country! Or check off items on our Ultimate Bucket List!

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Travel Planning Tips

Travel & tourism information for travellers across all provinces and all cities. also has descriptions, info and maps of towns and cities, lists of attractions, festivals, and other travel-related links, including weatherroad conditionsgas pricesspeed traps,  travel info, highway history, etc. And since most of the route travels through our beautiful countryside, we have backgrounders on  the geology, wildlife, flowers and trees, and agriculture you will observe on your road trip.

Most importantly, we have detailed itineraries of all segments of the Trans-Canada Highway, as well as background on the rich history of each section of the national highway. We even have an  “Ultimate Canadian Bucket List” with over 250 must see attractions and activities.

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COVID-19 Travellers’ Update

We have posted information on travel: COVID-19 Travel Into and around Canada

MARCH 31, 2022 COVID TRAVEL UPDATE: The latest news on COVID Travel into and across Canada. Most travel restrictions have been removed.

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Animal Bridges along the Trans-Canad Highway in Banff National Park

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