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Trans-Canada Highway Road Info & Speed Traps posts weather updates and changes in road conditions to the news feed on our home page (as well as to our Social Media sites, to be more accessible when you are travelling)

This page has links to additional detail about provincial Road Conditions and highway closures (due to construction or weather), common Speed Trap locations (not that you should be speeding!) and recent crowd-sourced Gasoline Prices along the way (to help with budgeting).

We also have more detailed information about the weather conditions and weather forecasts.

We now have itineraries for most stretches of the Trans-Canada on our web site.

Current Weather Alerts

Here is everything else at a glance you need for planning a drive across the country:

Yukon Territory

Yukon Gas Prices

Northwest Territories & Nunavut

Northwest Territories Gas Prices

Please let us know if you are aware of any other web sites we should include here.

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