Brandon and Winnipeg, Manitoba along Manitoba #1 Trans-Canada

Lush famlands along the Assiniboine, west of Winnipeg

Why Travel between Brandon and Winnipeg?

Brandon This portion of the Trans-Canada largely follows the Assiniboine River and passes through lucsh farmland. In the springtime it can flood, but the rest of the year, its lush farmland. About halfway to Winnipeg is Portage La Prairie, where the main #1 Trans-Canada connectis with Highway 16, the Yellowhead Highway, which continues to the Pacific ocean at Prince Rupert (750 km NW of Vancouver, as the crow flies).

Here is the itinerary for the 219 km along Highway #1 between Brandon and Winnipeg, Manitoba:

North of the Trans-Canada are Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg, remnants of ancient Lake Agassiz, which at the time of the last Ice Age covered an area twice that of today's Great Lakes.

Western Manitoba Wind Turbines

Brandon is a major wheat shipment point, and has been so since 1883. The Brandon experimental farm has been a leader in developing a dozen new and ever-hardier strains of wheat (and corn) for growing on the Canadian prairies.

Wheatfields west of Brandon East of Brandon are the Carberry Sand Hills, south of the highway, resulting from sands deposited on the bottom of Lake Agassiz. This area has natural sand hills covered with white spruce, tamarack and black spruce. The hills are home to diverse animal species including the northern prairie skink (Manitoba's only lizard), hognosed snake, plains spadefoot toad, woodchuck, eastern chipmunk along with birds ruffed grouse, pileated woodpecker, gray jay,and like bluebirds (in bird houses found around the area).

The sandy soils (on non-protected lands) are ideal for cultivating potatoes, which are processed by a plant near Carberry. Another popular crop are sunflowers. Early settlers also stabilized the dunes with various grasses, which has since made the ground stable enough for shrubs and even some trees.

Between MacGregor and Portage La Prairie, you will notice rail lines on both sides of the highway. The tracks to the south are Canadian Pacific (CPR) heading to Vancouver via Regna and Calgary, and the tracks to the north are Canadian National (CNR) heading to Vancouver via Saskatoon and Edmonton. What is notable is that from Portage La Prairie the CNR (built at tascpayer expense to provide competition to the CPR, and help settle more northerly regions of Canada) started labeling station & town names in alphabetical order, beginning here with Arona, Bloom, and Caye and continuing for several alphabet cycles into western Saskatchewan.

Winnipeg has a number of historical sites and stutues for Louis Riel The first European settlers in this part of Manitoba were Scottish & Irish who settled the land west of Fort Garry (now Winnipeg) after 1817 following Lord Selkirk's treaty with the Indians for land along the riverbanks. To provide settlers equal access to water, the lots here are very narrow strips from the river, typically 3200 metres long and 240 metres wide. French fur traders also settled here, and married and bred with the local Saulteaux and Cree Indians. Their mixed-race offspring were called Metis.

Manitoba's pre-Confederation population was largely French-speaking, including a significant portion of Metis. When Manitoba first became a province in 1870, these early settlers rebelled against government surveyors started creating townships with land laid out 1 mile square sections, regardless of geography and pre-existing land allocations. This was became the First Northwest Rebellion of 1869. A later resurgence in 1885, was led by Louis Riel who was eventually arrested by the North West Mounted Police and hanged.

Portage La Prairie began as Fort La Reine, a fur trading post at a shallow spot on the Assiniboine River that flows east to what is now Winnipeg. A replica of that first fort exists today. The rich black loam soils from this point east are ideal for growing a range of crops including cabbage, carrots, corn, onions, potatoes, sugar beets, and tomatoes.

Downtown Winnipeg is used for 1930s movies sets, including the National Bank building The area between Portage La Prairie and Winnipeg was the northern limit of the original tall grass Prairie that covered the North American Plains, and was home to vast herds of bison that once roamed free. Over the past century or so of settlement and agriculture, much of these have been destroyed but a small patch remains, and is protected at Winnipeg's Living Prairie Museum. About 10 km west of Winnipeg is the Principal Meridian, used as the reference point for the surveying of the prairies west to the Rocky Mountains (the Fifth Meridian passes through Calgary).

History of the Trans-Canada Highawy from Brandon to Winnipeg

Brandon to Winnipeg

Highway Notes

This stretch of the Trans-Canada s fully "twinned", and has good shoulders for cyclists. in Ontraio, the Trans-Canada becomes Highway #17, which in this part of the province is also called the "Great River Road". While the "official" #1 route passes through downtown Winnipeg, there is an excellent bypass on Route 101, to the south of the city, with services easily accessible at a key points.

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Manitoba Government road condition reports for this segment.

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Highway Point & Features


Lord Selkirk Hwy (Hwy 75) interchange (Winnipeg)  232 
St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park, 3 km S of highway, a celebration of Metis life in the late 1800s...

St Norbert neighbourhood, to S of highway..

Fort Richmond neighbourhood, to N of highway..

Grandmont Plaza, to SW of highway junction..

Fort Richmond Plaza, small retail, 0.5 km N of highway...

Downtown Winnipeg, 13 km N of highway, all services...

Comfort Inn South by Journey's End, 0.3 km N of highway..

Astoria motel, 0.5 km N of highway..

Palomino Plains Motel, 2.5 km N of highway..

St Norbert Motor Hotel, 1 km S of highway..

Montcalm Gordon Hotels & Motor Inn, 3.5 km N of highway..

University of Manitoba campus, 2.5 km N of highway..

Victoria General Hospital, about 2 km N of highway..

Pembina Village Shopping Centre, 2.5 km N of highway..

Southwood Golf & Country Club, 2.3 km N of highway..

Fort Garry Industrial Park, 5 km S of highway..

Pembina Crossing mall, 5 km N of highway..

Cinema City McGillivray, 8 screen movie theatre, 6 km N of highway..

Capri Motel, 6 km N of highway..

Norlander motel, 6 km N of highway..

Canad Inn Fort Garry, 6 km S of highway..

Holiday Inn Winnipeg South, about 9 km N of highway..

Holiday Inn Fort Richmond, 0.6 km N of highway..

Downtown Winnipeg, over 20 hotels, 13 km N of highway..

The Forks National Historic Site, downtown..
0.2  Pembina Highway underpass (no access) (Winnipeg)  232.3 
Waverly WB exit (Winnipeg)  230.4 
Hwy 330 S intersection, S to LaSalle (Winnipeg)  231 
village of Lasalle, 8.5 km SW of highway, soe services..
Railway underpass (Winnipeg)  232 
11  Hwy 2 West interchange to OakBluff and Starbuck (Winnipeg)  232.3 
village of Oak Bluff to SW of highway, no services..

Stabuck, 22 km W of highway, some services..
12  McGillivray Blvd intersection, Hwy 3 W to OakBluff and Sanford (Winnipeg)  235 
Village of Oak Bluff, to SW of highway. No services...

Village of Sanford, 13 km SW of highway, no services..

Fort Whyte Centre for Environmental Education, 7 km NE of highway..

Tuxedo Industrial Area, 8 km NE of highway..
13  Oakland Rd crossing (Winnipeg)  235.9 
14  Level railway crossing (Winnipeg)  231.6 
14.4  Truckstop to South (Winnipeg)  231 
Flying J Truck Stop, to south of highway..
19  Wilkes Ave (E) and Hwy 427 W interchange (Winnipeg)  239.9 
Passing West End Sewage Treatment pons to SE of intersection..
21  Roblin Blvd half-cloverleaf interchange (Winnipeg)  235.6 
Parkwest Motor Hotel, 0.8 km E of highway..

Beaudry Provincial Park, 13 km W o highway, via #241..

Parkwest Shopping Centre, small plaza, 0.8 km E of highway..

Assiniboine Park, 7.7 km East..

Assiniboine Park Zoo, open year-round, 7.7 km E of highway..

Assiniboine Park photos..

Pembina Highway photos..

Downtown Winnipeg photos..
23  Hwy 100,101 cloverleaf interchange, access to Caron Rd and Roblin Blvd. EB traffic, bypassing WPG head south. Downtown WPG E on Portage Avenue. (Winnipeg)  239.6 
Downtown Winnipeg, 14 km to E..

Winnipeg International Airport (YWG), 12.6 k E of highway..

Stony Mountain ski & cross country resort, 29 km to NE of highway via 101 and #7...

Rural Municipality of Rosser, pop. 1370, about 13.5 km NW of highway via 101 and #9..

Downs Village Trailer Court to SE of highway junction..

UniCity Mall, 1 km to NE of junction..

Glendale Shopping Centre, 1 km SE of junction..

Downs Motor Inn, 0.6 km E of junction..

Glendale Golf & Country ClLub, 0.5 km SE of highway junction..
23  Cross Assiniboine River (Winnipeg)  233.2 
24  Race Track to S 237.7 
Assiniboia Downs horse race track..

Red River Exhibition Park, The EX is held in the middle of June each year..
26  Access to ball diamonds to S 235 
26  Drive-In theatre to N 235.9 
Winnipeg's last drive-in theatre, the Odeon, closed in 2007..
29  Taylor Bridge S to Roblin Blvd 238 
37  Crossing Assiniboine River 235.6 
Assiniboine River..
37  Junction Hwy 26 N, to St Francis Xavier 240.8 
Welcomestop Campground & RV Park, just south of highway junction..

St Francis Xavier, community, 4 km NW of highway...

Poplar Point, 41 km to NW of highway, with a Hutterite Colony nearby..
39  Hwy 241, west bank of LaSalle River, S to Beaudry PP 237.7 
Beaudry Provincial Park, 5 km SE of highway, picnic, water sports, wildlife..
55  Hwy 248 S to town of Elie (Elie)  241.7 
62  Bernard Rd, S to Bernard (Bernard)  240.2 
65  Hwy 331 S & W to town of Fortier 244.1 
74  Junction Hwy 13 S, Highway #430 N, crossing the La Salle River 249 
La Salle River..

Town of Carman, all services, 50 km S of highway..
80  Crossing the Assiniboine River 252.4 
80  RV Park and Campground, S of highway 255.1 
Creekside Camping & RV Park, just SE of Assiniboine River crossing..
83  Millers Campground R.V. Park, north side 252.7 
Millers Campground R.V. Park..
89  Junction hwy 26 N to Poplar Point, truckstop to south (Portage L Prairie)  255.1 
Fort la Reine Museum and Pioneer Village, just NW of highway..
90  Junction Hwy 1A west to downtown Portage La Prairie (TCH bends south around PLP) (Portage L Prairie)  256.9 
downtown Portage La Prairie, 6 km to E of highway, all services, via highway 1A / Saskatchewan Ave..

Westgate Inn, 4 km from highway..

Midtown Motor Inn, downtown Portage, 6 km from highway ..

Portage Hotel, downtown Portage, 5 km from highway ..

Cinema Centre, movie theatres, downtown Portage...
91  Access to service roads (Portage L Prairie)  256 
93  Angle Rd crossing (Portage L Prairie)  259.7 
94  Crescent Rd E (N) to downtown PLP, and River Rd (S), provincial Rd 240, Filtration plant to SE of intersection (Portage L Prairie)  261.5 
Portage District General Hospital, 1.6 km N of highway, via River Rd & 5th St...

Splash Island, waterslide park, 2.5 km NW of hihgway..

Island Park, 2.5 km NW of highway, with year-round recreation, golf club, exhibition grounds, waterslide park, toboggan hill...

Portage Golf Club, 2.5 km NW of highway, in Island Park..

Southport Golf Club, 7 km S of highway, SE of airport lands..

Portage La Prairie/Southport Airport (YPG), 5 km S of airport...

Stephenfield Provincial Park, 60 km S of highway, via #240, Camping, canoeing, watersports, golf...
98  Crescent Rd W, access to reservioir, S of Hwy (Portage L Prairie)  264.3 
Portage Diversion (also known as the Assiniboine River Floodway) 1 km S of highway..

Dakota Tipi Indian Reserve 1, 1 km SW of highway..

Days Inn Portage La Prairie, to NW of intersection, via Yellowquill Trail..
101  Junction Hwy 1A, Saskatchewan Ave W to downtown Portage La Prairie (TCH bends south around PLP) (Portage La Prairie)  258.2 
downtown Portage La Prairie, 6 km to E of highway, all services, via highway 1A / Saskatchewan Ave..

Hi-Way Motel, 4.5 km E of highway..

Yellow Quill Motel, 4.5 km E of highway..

Midtown Motor Inn, downtown Portage, 6 km from highway..

Portage Hotel, downtown Portage, 6 km from highway..

Cinema Centre, movie theatres, downtown Portage...
103  Cross Irrigation Channel 257.6 
Irrigation water from the Portage Diversion on the Assiniboine River Floodway. This diversion ends up in Lake Manitoba to the N..
109  Junction 305 S, start of Yellowhead Highway W to Prince Rupert BC (Hwy 16) 264 
Yellowhead Highway, west to Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Prince Rupert...

Saskatoon, 700 km NW..

Edmonton, Alberta..

Prince Rupert, British Columbia, 2671 km to W..

Village of Macdonald, 9 km N of highway. Home to RCAF Station Macdonald (abandoned), N of village,..

Manitoba Grain Elevator Bloom, 1 km W of highway junction..

Manitoba Grain Elevator - Burnside, 1 km SE of highway junction..

Long Plain, member of Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council, 13 km SE of highway..

Dakota Plains Indian Reserve, member of Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council, 22 km S of highway...
121  Junction Hwy 242, N to Westbourne 280.4 
Regional Municipality of Westbourne..
130  Hwy 350 junction, access to Macgregor, S to Woodside (Macgregor)  289 
132  MacaIvey Rd, access to MaCGregor, S of TCH (Macgregor)  290.2 
Village of MacGregor, 1 km S of highway..
134  Rosehill Rd, west access to Macgregor (Macgregor)  292.6 
142  Springbook Rd, S to Austin (Austin)  305.7 
Manitoba Agricultural Museum, with over 500 implements and 20 buildings, 3 km S of highway..
144  Junction Hwy 34, S to Austin (Austin)  308.8 
Whitemud Watershed Wildlife Management Area, 11 km NW of highway..
154  Shady Oaks Resort R V Park (Sidney)  373.7 
Shady Oaks Resort R V Park, camping..
156  Hwy 352 N, S to village of Sidney (1 km), N to Firdale (Sidney)  375.2 
158  Hwy 351 junction, W to Carberry (17 km), access to Sprucewoods Provincial Park (Carberry)  379.2 
Sprucewoods Provincial Park, camping, watersports, hiking, winter sport, 40 km SW of highway..
176  Hwy 5, S to Carberry (3 km), Sprucewoods Provincial Park (25 km), N to Wellwood (Carberry)  384.4 
Sprucewoods Provincial Park, camping, watersports, hiking, winter sport, 25 km S of highway..

Carberry, pop. 4000, 16 km SE of highway. All services..

Carberry Plains Museum ..

Ernest Thompson Seton, commemorating Ernest Thompson Seton..

Sandhills Golf and Country Club...

Town of Neepawa, 41 km N of highway. All services ..
191  Hwy 351 junction, E to Carberry (16 km), access to Sprucewoods Provincial Park (Carberry)  382.8 
Sprucewoods Provincial Park, camping, watersports, hiking, winter sport, 25 km S of highway..

Carberry, pop. 4000, 16 km SE of highway. All services..
192  Hwy 464, north to Brookdale 380.4 
201  Hwy 340 S junction, S to Wawanesa 371.6 
Village of Wawanesa, 45 km Se of highway, all services. Once home to famous Canadian suffragette Nellie McClung...

Canadian Forces Base / Area Support Unit Shilo, pop 1200,12 km SE of highway. Military training facilities...

Criddle / Vane Homestead Provincial Heritage Park, 22 km S of highway..
209  Hwy 468 junction 379.8 
RCAF Station Chater, now #12 Service Flight Training School - Brandon, originally used for training in World War II, 2 km NE of intersection...
217  Junction Hwy 10 N, 1st St (and Hwy 1A S) to downtown City of Brandon, N to Brandon airport (3 km) (Brandon)  399 
Brandon Regional Health Centre (Hospital), 4 km S of highway..

Brandon Municipal Airport (YBR), 2 km NW of highway..

Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum (National Historic Site), at Brandon Airport, 2 km NW of highway...

North Hill Inn, about 2 km SW of highway, via Braecrest Dr, ..

Petro-Canada station to S of highway...

Barney's Motel, just to N of highway...

Comfort Inn - Brandon, about 0.5 klm to NW of highway..

Canadian Inn, downtown Brandon, 4.6 km SW of highway, via Rosser Ave..

Crystal Hotel, 4.7 km SW of highway, via Pacific Ave..

City Center Hotel, 4.8 km SW of highway, via Pacific Ave..

Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, downtown Brandon, 4.6 km SW of highway, via Rosser Ave..

Beaubier Hotel, downtown Brandon, about 5 km SW of highway, via Princess Ave..

Minnedosa, 44 km to N of highway, all services..

Riding Mountain National Park..

CT-133 Silver Star plane on pedestal at airport entrance, 2 km N of highway..

Petro-Canada Truck Stop (petro-pass) to SW of highway junction..

Minnedosa Ski Valley ski resort, 55 km N of highway..
218  Access via Black St to Highland Ave (S Service Rd) (Brandon)  401.4 
White House B&B to N of highway...

Little Chalet motel, to N of highway..
219  Junction Hwy 10 S, 18th St N, access to Highland Ave service roads to N & S, Brandon, Boissevain (Brandon)  402.9 
Super 8 Motel, Brandon, to E of intersection..

Redwood Inn, 3.5 km S of highway ..

Trails West Motor Inn, 3.5 km S of highway..

Daly House Museum 4.1 km S of highway..

Casa Maley Bed and Breakfast, 5 km SE of highway, via Victoria Ave..

Brandon Tourism, 3 km SE of highway, via Kirkcaldy Dr..

Town of Boissevain, 77 k m to S of highway..

Keystone Centre sportsplex, 6 km S of highway..

Corral Centre, major shopping centre 7 km S of highway..
219  Access to N Service Rd (Brandon)  402.3 


Highway Point & Features


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