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Here is the route of the Trans-Canada Highway from east to west:

Steinbach is the Longitudinal Centre of Canada You enter the province from the Ontario border and pass through Whiteshell Provincial Park. This huge park offers wonderful recreation, including camping, hiking, and swimming, and is the last remnant of the Canadian Shield this far south.

Further west the prairies appear, the route leads into Sandlands Provincial Park. Just east of Winnipeg, don't miss Steinbach with its museum of German Mennonite settlement history & culture.

The Red River passes through Winnipeg Winnipeg is a multicultural city on the banks of the Red River, with a thriving cultural scene, and lots of fine restaurants. It is a major manufacturing hub for both trucking & farm machinery, as well as for the fashion industry, and is a major regional ground and air transportation hub.

For a diversion, take highway 59 leads north to the southern edge of Lake Winnipeg, with several resort areas.

Map of Manitoba's stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway

Manitoba Road Map Itineraries along the Trans-Canada:

Wheatfields, west of Brandon West of Winnipeg, just past Portage la Prairie, the Trans-Canada splits, with the main southern route heading west along #1 through Regina, Calgary and Vancouver. If you're taking the main / southern route, take route 10 south and visit Turtle Mountain Provincial Park and the International Peace Garden.

The northern route, along #16 is called the Yellowhead Highway, and takes you through Neepawa, Minnedosa, Shoal Lake, and Russell in Manitoba, and on to Yorkton, Saskatoon, Edmonton and Prince Rupert. If you travel the Yellowhead route, check out Riding Mountain National Park in the western part of the province, just 22 miles north of the highway, via scenic route 10.

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Manitoba Provincial Map