Newfoundland Speed Traps on the Trans-Canada Highway


Moose warning sign - in Newfoundland (David Preston)

Moose warning sign – in Newfoundland (David Preston)

Radar detectors and laser detectors are illegal to use in Newfoundland. The Mounties who enforce the highway laws here don’t wear their red serge uniforms on the road, but rather the typical blue of other police forces. They still drive the huge new looking (bubbles type) 4 door american sedans and some have the hidden lights (grille and rear window)

SPECIAL WARNING: It’s a regular occurrence for someone hit a moose on the highway. Most front seat occupants who hit a moose at highway speeds do not live to tell about it (especially if not wearing a seatbelt). Speeding (especially at night) on open highway is not advisable under any circumstances. You just need to pass one car in a ditch or a junkyard that “lost a fight with a moose,” you’ll know why.

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Trans-Canada Highway #1

Corner Brook: Riverside Drive

The local RNC have been known to cruise from Riverside Drive to Humber Road along the river. The speed limit is only 50 km/h but it is like a short Highway and is so easy to go much faster and they know this. Also watch  when you come through under the overpass by Shellbird Island, and the police are sitting on the down-ramp.

Pasadena: Eastbound TCH

There is a rest area on the hill, where the RCMP are hanging out and they pull you over going down the hill.

St. John’s: Outer Ring Road (TCH)

The RNC/RCMP in the area have speed cameras set up on this part of the highway to capture your licence plate and send you a ticket if you speed past these cameras. Evening rush hour seems to be a busy time also, when you may see a cruiser from C.B.S Access Road into Torbay Rd. Vehicles that speed more than 10 km/h above the posted 100 km/h will be targeted.

Police Flashing Lights-sliver
Police Flashing Lights-sliver