Corner Brook to Grand Falls- Windsor via Newfoundland Route #1 along the Trans-Canada Highway

Gros Morne National Park

Why Travel between Corner Brook and Grand Falls-Windsor?

This portion of the highway nudges up the northwest spine of the Island through a rugged area sprinkled with magnificent lakes, forests, and rivers.

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Corner Brook

Here is the itinerary for the 270 km along the #1 between Corner Brook and Grand Falls - Windsor, Newfoundland:

Just up the Humber River from Corner Brook is Deer Lake, which lies only 2-1/2 metres (8 feet) above sea level. This lake has a large log boom to collect logs forested further inland, which are processed at Corner Brook. As aresult of its use in transporting logs, the bottom of Deer Lake is covered by "pug", what locals call tree bark that fell off in transit, which decomposes in the lake, reducing oxygen levels. At the north end of the lake is the town of Deer Lake, which has another log chute, as well as a hydro-electric power plant, which supplies all of Western Newfoundland.

Gros Morne Lighthouse The town of Deer Lake marks the junction of Highway 430 up the rugged west coast of the Island, which provides access to Gros Morne National Park, which has high mountains resulting from a 300 million year ago collision of tectonic plates, with deep fjords eroded by glaciers. At the very northern end of the Island, and about an 11 hour drive (each way) is L'Anse aux Meadows, the first Viking settlement in North America.

L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site-Viking Sod Huts The Sandy Lake eco-zone is nestled between the western coastal Long Range mountains and the interior mountains. The gentle terrain, and combination of dry sandy soils and bogs, with lots of sheep laurel and caribou moss used to support herds of ten thousand caribou. Sandy Lake was the release point for the first 4 moose introduced to the province back in 1904. Today there are over 125,000 across the province (1999 stats). The forests west of her tend to be balsam fir, and the forests east of Sandy Lake tend to be black spruce.

Between Springdale and South Brook, you pass Halls Bay, a 40 kilometre long fjord that flows north into Notre Dame Bay. This area is one of the top sealing areas in the world. Seal pups are born on the springtime ice sheets on the Bay, and in summertime, ice floes drift into the fjord. Just a little further east, past South Pond, the Trans-Canada takes a sharp southward bend toward Badger in the Exploits River basin.

Trans-Canada Highway History

History: Corner Brook to Grand Falls

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Highway Point & Features


Exit #20 Access to Grand Falls-Windsor (Grand Falls-Windsor)  66.8 
2.6  Exit #19 , Harris Ave, access to Grand Falls-Windsor (Grand Falls-Windsor)  100 
3.1  Exit #18 to Cormer Ave (N) Access to Grand Falls-Windsor. Services at highway, athletic facilities to SW (Grand Falls-Windsor)  81.1 
3.9  Intersection: WB to Station Rd (N), EB to Lincoln Rd (S) 78.9 
4.8  underpass (no access) connecting Station Rd (N) and Lincoln Rd (S) 68.9 
5.4  Exit #17 Access to city of Grand Falls-Windsor, Visitor Information, access S to Grand Falls on Exploits River (Grand Falls-Windsor)  68.3 
7.4  Beotuck PP, camping North side of highway (Grand Falls-Windsor)  79.9 
11.9  Golf course (S) 73.5 
20.3  Trans-Canada Monument (W side), access to hiking trails 100.6 
20.3  Division Rd, Subdivision C (NW) 69.5 
25.2  Crossing Aspen Brook 96 
29  Aspen Brook PP, exit 84.7 
37.6  Crossing Little Junction Brook, Road to N, Exploits River to SE of hwy 99.7 
38.8  Crossing Badger Brook (Badger)  101.8 
39.1  Highway #370, community of Badgers. W to Buchans Junction, Buchans (Badger)  99.1 
42.4  Access to gravel pit & river 111.3 
43.5  Division Rd, Subdivision C (E) 130.1 
48.7  Catamaran Park Campground NE, view of Joes Lake 126.5 
50.8  Rd E & W of hwy at Rocky Brook crossing, E road access to bridge to east bank of Joes Lake 128.6 
50.8  Road to lakeside homes on E side 132.3 
55  Road (E) to lakeshore homes, view of Joes Lake to E 129.5 
55.6  Road (E) to lakeshore homes 136.6 
55.8  Crooked Lake to NE of hwy, road NE along lakeshore 129.5 
60.2  Rd NE from hwy 196 
64.3  Rd SW from hwy 185.9 
65.1  Rd NE from Hwy 182.3 
67.1  Burnt Pond to N of Hwy 148.4 
71  Highway pullout (W side) beside Great Gull Lake to SE 143.6 
72.9  Rd SW from highway across Gull Brook, with Lower Gull Pond and Great Gull Lake to S of hwy 130.1 
80  Rd NE from hwy 52.1 
86.3  passing settlement, South Pond on W side of hwy 27.1 
92  Roadside Highway gravel turnout to view South Pond, both sides of highway 19.2 
92.2  Aspen Street (W) (South Brook)  17.7 
92.3  Kona Beach Park Campground (SW) 17.7 
93.1  Eddie's Motel and Petting Farm (S) (South Brook)  19.8 
93.2  Highway #380 junction, Beothuk Trail, N to community of South Brook (1 km), services , W to Robert's Arm, Triton, and Long Island Ferry (South Brook)  12.8 
95.7  Crossing Aspen Brook (South Brook)  12.2 
96  Goodyear Cove Campground NSEB (South Brook)  29.9 
98.6  crossing Riverhead Brook (South Brook)  9.1 
101.9  passing Burnt Berry Pond (S) 78.3 
101.9  Services at highway: fuel, diesel. Picnic table 9.4 
104.9  Road S 66.1 
105.2  Access to Springdale Air Strip (Springdale)  68.3 
105.9  Services at highway with information sign (Springdale)  57.6 
106  Highway #390 junction, picnic area, Municipal Visitor Info Centre at highway, access to RCMP, N to George Huxter Memorial Park campground (8 km), town of Springdale (10km), all services. (Springdale)  57.6 
106.2  Indian River Provincial Park , North side of highway 53.3 
121.3  Indian Pond to W side of Hwy 66.8 
121.3  Community of Sheppardville S of highway (Sheppardville)  64.9 
121.3  Community of Green Bay Access from highway 73.5 
121.3  Indian Brook, north side of highway 56.7 
122.9  Highway #410 (The Dorset Trail) junction, with services & fuel at highway. N to community of Baie Verte (12 km), museum 72.5 
134.9  Road E to top of mountain (470m) 120.1 
138.7  Division No 9, Subdivision A road to NW, access to Gillards Lake 109.4 
142.9  Division No 9, Subdivision A road to SE, passing Sheffield Lake to east 101.5 
143.1  Fort Birchy Campgrounds, restaurant, NW side of highway 108.2 
143.2  Crossing the Sheffield River 95.1 
149.6  Road (E) up to top of Mount Seemore (500 m) 93.9 
158.9  Crossing Birchy Narrows, across Birchy Lake 93 
158.9  Birchy Lake, north side of highway 102.1 
159.1  Sandy Lake Campground North side of highway 96.3 
159.1  Birchy River Campground South side of highway 91.4 
174.2  Highway #420 junction, N to Hampden, Jackson's Arm 86.9 
174.2  Campground N side of highway 97.5 
191.5  Highway #401 junction S to community of Howley 146.3 
211.4  Crossing Humber River 38.4 
213.4  Junction NW to Deer Lake Airport (Deer Lake)  53.9 
215.9  Junction N to Deer Lake Airport (Deer Lake)  27.1 
217.4  Highway #430 (The Viking Trail) half cloverleaf junction, N to Gros Morne National Park (31-110 km)., and St. Anthony (493 km) (Deer Lake)  19.8 
218.9  Humber River crossing (Deer Lake)  11 
220.1  Exit #15 exit to Lakeside Dr (W), or Commerce St (E), town of Deer Lake. (Deer Lake)  12.2 
221.7  Exit #14 (Ridgeview Road) E to town of Deer Lake 23.5 
231.7  Community of St. Judes W of highway (St. Judes)  27.4 
235.5  Access to community of Pynn's Brook 41.5 
237.4  North Atlantic Petroleum Deer Lake, gas 51.2 
240  Bill's Tourist Lodge Trailer R.V. Park East side of highway 32.6 
242  Exit #13 Main Street, north access to town of Pasadena 29 
242.7  Corner Brook Deer Lake (Pasadena)  22.3 
242.9  Pasadena Beach PP (N/W side) (Pasadena)  19.8 
243.4  Street intersection 19.5 
246  Exit #12 Main Street, south access to town of of Pasadena (Pasadena)  42.4 
246.7  Deer Pond NSEB 53.3 
252.4  Exit #11 exit to Bonnell Dr 22.9 
253.4  Exit #10 exit to Strawberry Loop & community of Little Rapids to E 19.2 
257.3  Exit #9 Junction of Marble Dr. (Underpass) (Humber Village)  53.6 
257.9  Community of Humber Village, via bridge across Humber River 34.1 
259.4  Exit #9A WB only (Harrison)  17.7 
260.4  View from highway 42.7 
262.4  Community of Steady Brook, services at highway (Steady Brook)  18.9 
262.8  Steady Brook crossing (Steady Brook)  20.1 
263.6  Marble Mountain Ski Area ,SE of Hwy (top of mountain 1600 ft) (Steady Brook)  15.8 
263.6  Exit #8 Marble Dr. (underpass). Community of Steady Brook W of highway, (Steady Brook)  14.3 
267  Exit #7 Highway #440 (Riverside Drive) W to Corner Brook, across Humber River to #440, access to Bay of Islands North Shore Hwy, W to Irishtown, Meadows, Gillams (Corner Brook)  39.6 
269.8  Underpass to gravel pit/stone quarry to E of highway (Corner Brook)  144.8 
270  Exit #6 Highway #450a (north access to Lewin Parkway), W to city of Corner Brook, all services, accommodation, and movie theatre (Corner Brook)  153.6 


Highway Point & Features


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