Nova Scotia Speedtraps on the Trans-Canada Highway


Radar detectors and laser detectors are ILLEGAL to use in Nova Scotia, Manitoba, New Brunswick; Newfoundland, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec.
Halifax Regional Police Service's referred vehicle is the Caprice LT1. As the fleet is rotated every two (2) years, it is mostly equipped with the Chevs, however Ford CV is theirs as well. K-9 has a 4-door Blazer, and had a 2-door Blazer until recently. Patrol fleet is 60+ units. Fleet identification is GOLD-BLUE-RED, which was derived from the three (3) Departments HRPS took over, (Dartmouth's colours were gold, Bedford was Blue, and Halifax, you guessed it, was red). There are a lot of wailing strobe bars with the fleet. Most other municipal fleets in NS utilize the Caprice LT1, however, it depends on bid results.

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Trans-Canada Highway #104/105

Highway 104, Whycocmagh Indian Reservation:
The tribal police have a blue bubble police car runs radar and does not give breaks especially to truck drivers, likes to hide at the gas station and sits before entering the reserve coming from the west, stay within 70 km does not give breaks..

Highway 4, St. Peters
Hwy 4 is the scenic route through Cape Breton compared to #105, which is great for heading to N. Sydney and the Ferries. Going east on hwy. 4, watch for THREE RCMP cars at the detachment just before the swinging bridge in St. Peters. If there is, there will be NO speed traps from there to the Braec's Brook Bridge in Big Pond. EXCEPT in Chapel Island Indian Reservation, which has their own cops, where you need to observe the 60 km/h speed limit there or they will probably catch you. There will be no warnings.

Trans Canada 104, Amherst - Oxford
The RCMP like to sit on the side of the road like they are parked, waiting for traffic to go by, or sit on an entrance ramp, waiting for people to go by. There is also one hill heading towards Oxford that is a blind crest, a RCMP will be on the blind side of the hill, radaring you as you crest, since the radar gun is pointed right at the crest, you can't avoid it unless you know it's there.

Trans Canada 104, Masstown - Truro
RCMP is on top of overpass, radars you and another car pulls you over. Saw three people stopped at one time. Also to beware on this stretch, a rusty Chevy Celebrity, dark blue with dual whip antennas with a radar gun mounted on dash. I saw him sitting on the side on the road, letting on he was going to pull out into traffic.

Halifax Area

Joseph Howe Drive
Onn Joseph Howe Drive toward the rotary (at the end of the North West Arm) go the speed limit. There is usually a cop hiding at the bottom of this hill in the lot of the church, and sometimes, in the driveway of a hidden house (lots of trees) in the middle of the hill. So once you go over the lip to go down, slow down!!
Near the Bicentennial highway overpass, by the Ashburn Golf and Country Club driveway, there is a trap hiding under the trees. They are extra strict about speeding during hours when school has just been let out!

Kearny Lake
When you are going along Kearny Lake, on Kearny Lake Road, there will be a hill at the end of the lake (heading towards Bedford from Halifax). At the bottom of the hill, there is an abandoned building to the right and a cop sits there, catching people in BOTH directions.

Other NS

Highway 102, Halifax - Truro
Heading from Halifax towards Truro, at exit 10 - Car on overpass with radar gun, another car on highway, just north of exit. Favourite times seem to be 3 pm to 5 pm or towards nightfall, but has been seen at other times also. Never seems to operate at night from this location.

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