Ontario Trans-Canada Highway #17 from Sudbury to Mattawa, Ontario

Scarborough is best known for its lakeside bluffs

Why travel between Sudbury and Mattawa,?

This route has four segments. From Sudbury to Lake Nipissing the highway is overland. Then, suddenly, for 20 kilometers, you have sweeping vistas of Lake Nipissing. At North Bay, you cross Highway 11, which goes south to Toronto, or north and west to connect many mining towns that were critical to the war effort in World War II. East of North Bay, you pass by two provincial parks that preserve the Mattawa River wilderness the early French fur-traders experienced. As you approach Mattawa, you enter the Ottawa Valley, a wide and lush lowland valley great for farming. What a change from the 1600 kilometers of non-stop Canasian Shield to the west.

Here is the itinerary for the 190 km along Highway #17 between Sudbury and Mattawa:

Wanapatei Lake's West Bay, just north of the TCH, east of Sudbury Sudbury is the location of a major meteor strike, which has embedded a rich concentration of metals in the ground. This area (very visible on satellite and aerial photos) is now known as the Sudbury Basin. Copper was first discovered by a CPR blacksmith in 1883, and the region was first deforested for its lumber and then plucked bare by prospectors. Nickel is key for manufacturing stainless steel, and copper is essential for conducting electricity. Once nickel was discovered and extracted, the fumes from the refining process caused heavy "acid rain" in the region, killing off many of the remaining vegetation, making the region so barren that I the 1960's NASA used it as a stand-in for the moon in their astronaut training.

Superstack Behind Air Duct The "Superstack" at Copper Cliff to the west of Sudbury, is 381 metres (1250 feet) high, was completed in 1972 to disperse the pollutants into the upper atmosphere. It is Canada's second tallest structure, behind only the CN Tower. Since then, the Sudbury Region has begun a program of land reclamation & reforestation, and remediation and de-acidification of nearby lakes. Since the 1990s, the waste gases going into the Superstack were processed to remove 90 % of the sulphur dioxide, with further improvements in emissions reduction planned.

Lake Nippissing view The region between Warren and Sturgeon Falls is heavily dependent on the forest industry, with softwood white spruce and blue spruce, and hardwood species like ash, aspen, birch, basswood, elm and maple. These are processed at the mill a Sturgeon Falls.

North Bay's Jet Park, at Highway 11 The north shore of Lake Nippissing is mainly steep bluffs, with the flat terraces remaining from the ancient shoreline of the Nippissing Great Lake of the last Ice Age, used today for the rail and highway corridor along the lake's edge. Much of the north shore is ceded as a Nippissing (Ojibewa) Indian Reservation. In 1605 Samuel de Champlain came this way, on his path to Lake Huron via the French River, before heading south to Lake Simcoe on his way back to Lake Ontario.

Mattawa  area Pond With Lilies North Bay is the Gateway to Ontario's North. It is connected to Toronto via Highway 11 (paving completed in 1939), an extension of that city's Yonge Street, which continues to Nipigon on the north shore of Lake Superior (construction completed in 1943). North Bay was the 1934 birthplace of the Dionne Quintuplets. North Bay was also the last Canadian base with nuclear (defensive) missiles, before their removal in 1968 by then-prime minister Trudeau.

Mattawa-OttawaRiver4 The Trans-Canada between North Bay and Mattawa follows the path of the early voyageurs along the Mattawa River. In the 1600s, fur traders and Jesuit missionaries followed this route to the Great Lakes and to get to the mouth of the Mississippi (via Lake Michigan to a short portage at today's Chicago). Recent settlement and encroachment has forced big game to seek protection n Algonquin Park to the south.

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Highway Point & Features


Park St (Mattawa )  170.4 
Pine Street, Mattawa Train Station, Tourist Information Centre (Mattawa )  162.5 
Junction Valois Drive (17S), Main St (Highway 533 N), and McConnal St (Hwy 17 W) (Mattawa )  159.7 
Chenier Rd (S) 169.2 
Louis St (N) services (Mattawa )  166.4 
Champlain Lake Rd, accommodation 175.3 
Old Highway 17 (N) & Nealt Rd (N) 177.1 
Taggatt Lake Rd (S) 191.4 
Old Highway 17 (N) 221.9 
11  Boundary Rd (S) 200.9 
18  Highway Junction #630 185.3 
18  Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park 183.2 
27  Talon Lake Rd, Rutherglen 240.5 
32  Trout Pond Rd (S), Pine Lake Rd (N) to Mattawa River PP (4 km) 255.1 
36  Highway Junction #531 S to Bonfield, accommodation 220.1 
48  Highway 94, gas 223.7 
55  Trout Lake, view to N 199.9 
56  Truck stop on N side of hwy 207.6 
56  Bayview Rd, Race track and Go-cart track on N side of hwy 206.3 
58  Acme Rd (S), Twin Lake N, services 207.3 
58  Lake to N of hwy 207.6 
59  Exit to #11 South to Barrie, Toronto (North Bay)  203.9 
60  Major intersection #17B Fisher St (W) (North Bay)  204.2 
60  Railway level crossing (North Bay)  208.8 
60  Seymour St intersection (North Bay)  209.4 
61  Major intersection #63 Cassells St (W) and Trout Lake Rd (E) (North Bay)  202.1 
62  Obrien St (North Bay)  218.8 
62  Frost St N (WB only) (North Bay)  216.4 
63  Major intersection Highway 11B (N) shopping, all services, Algonquin Ave (S) all services (North Bay)  235 
65  Cormanville Rd intersection (North Bay)  216.4 
66  east boundary of Nipissing Indian Reserve 10 south of highway (North Bay)  211.2 
67  Highway Junction #17B North Bay city centre west access (North Bay)  209.7 
68  RV dealer S side of hwy 220.1 
83  Beacage Park Rd (S) 200.6 
86  Crossing Little Sturgeon River 202.1 
87  Riding Stable Rd (N) 200.3 
96  Golf Course Rd (N) west boundary of Nipissing Indian Reserve 10 south of highway 210 
99  Coursol Rd, all services to W (Sturgeon Falls )  208.8 
100  Ottawa St, OPP, Highway 64 N, to Marten River Provincial Park, Cobalt, Kirkland Lake, Cochrane (Sturgeon Falls )  209.7 
100  Sturgeon River crossing, Historical Plaque, S side (Sturgeon Falls )  197.2 
100  King Street, all services to E (Sturgeon Falls )  207.6 
104  Levac Rd (W), services and accommodation, Drive-In Rd (E) (Cache Bay)  202.4 
114  Avenue Gingras (S) access to Verner (Verner)  202.1 
116  Highway 64 S (Verner)  205.7 
117  Hwy 575 (N) and Cartier St (S) to Old Highway 17 to west (Verner)  208.8 
123  Deer Lake Rd (N) (Verner)  202.4 
128  Old Highway 17 (S) heading east, Picnic grounds on north side of highway 203.3 
131  Highway 539 N to Warren, Nipissing Rd (S) (Warren)  203 
136  River Crossing 202.4 
138  Labine Rd, W to Hagar (Hagar)  217.9 
139  Highway 535, S to Hagar (Hagar)  222.8 
146  Picnic grounds on north side of highway 206 
150  Main St (N) to Markstay, (Markstay)  235.6 
152  Pioneer St W, west access to Markstay, services (Markstay)  212.8 
155  Chain Lake Rd (S). MacLean Rd (NO 224.3 
159  Kukagami Rd (N) 259.4 
162  Sunset Rd 261.8 
167  Mill Rd (N) (Wahnapitae)  254.2 
167  Norvic Motel, S side of hwy 254.8 
170  Colonization Rd (N) to Lake Wanapitae, Hwy 537 (Hill St) S to town of Wanup (14 km)and Hwy 69 (Wahnapitae)  260.3 
171  Mountain View ST (N) Glenbower Cr (S) 237.1 
171  Wanapitae River Crossing 239.9 
173  CPR Railway underpass (Coniston)  258.2 
175  Highway 90 (N) N to Garson (8 km), Falconbridge, Sudbury Airport (17 km) and Wanapitei Lake (22 km) (Coniston)  247.8 
175  Birch St access to Hwy 67 W to Coniston (Coniston)  248.4 
176  Highway Junction #74, S to Coniston, smelter, services, accommodation, small airfield, Nickel Centre Information Centre 246.9 
179  Highway 55 Intersection W to Sudbury, via Kingsway (9 km) all services (Sudbury)  255.4 
180  CP Rail overpass & intersection Highway 67 W to Sudbury via Bancroft Dr, Allan St E to Coniston (2 km) (Sudbury)  278 
185  Lake Laurentian Conservation Area, eastern boundary (Sudbury)  271.6 
187  Lake Laurentian Conservation Area, western boundary (Sudbury)  270.1 
190  Major Interchange Highway 46 (Regent St) N into Sudbury, all services & hospital, and Highway 69 S to OPP, Parry Sound, Barrie, Toronto (Sudbury)  266.1 


Highway Point & Features


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