Ontario (Toronto bypass): Parry Sound to Sudbury, via Route 69/400

Lighthouse on Lake Huron, near Parry Sound

Why travel between Parry Sound and Sudbury?

This segment is the start of the Canadian North, and includes not only great views of Georgian Bay and the thousands of islands, but also crosses the French River which is the great canoe route taken by French fur traders (the "courier du bois") 400 years ago, from Montreal into the continent's vast interior.

Here is the itinerary for the 153 km route along Route 69 from Parry Sound to Sudbury (a continuation of the route from Toronto to Parry Sound):

Sudbury's Superstack at Inco/Vale's nickel mine The "400" section is the Ontario Highways designation for the portion of Highway 69 already "twinned". Originally (back in the late 1960s) Highway 400 only connected Toronto to Barrie, and has since been extended northwards to roughly Parry Sound.

There is significant work undeway on this stretch of the highway, with construction underway the 25 km from Sudbury to Estaire, and the 11 km from Nobel south to Parry Sound. A short stretch south of Parry Sound, through the Wahta Mohawk First Nation is also in progress. Watch for construction crews during summer travel season in these areas.

Wanapatei Lake's West Bay is just north of the Trans-Canada, east of Sudbury The 110 km corridor of the French River drains the rugged Canadian Shield region between Lake Nipissing and Georgian Bay. The river's landscape is largely unchanged since the first Europeans explored it over three hundred years ago to make it a vital link in the fur trade route from Lachine (Montreal) to Lake Superior and the Northwest. The waters vary from narrow, enclosed steep-walled gorges, falls and rapids, to broad expanses of open water.

This river systems has two parks protecting key areas: French River Provincial Park along the 69/400 highway, and Killarney Provincial Park at the French River's Mouth. The river's valley is the habitat for several rare plants (like the Virginia Chain Fern), as well as the Mississauga Rattlesnake. The French River is home to over 40 species of fish, from tiny smelt to popular pickerel/walleye, speckled, brook and rainbow trou all the way to the mighty muskellunge.

Science North in Sudbury is northern Ontario's most popular tourist attraction North of the French River, you are officially in "Northern Ontario". Before long the highway gets you to Sudbury, where (south of the actual "city") is the Trans-Canada Highway. Head left to go west, or right to go east, or north to head into Sudbury and its shoppign, accommodation and services. Sudbury is a resource town, primarily cickel, but is also the jumping off sport for many industries, lakes and destinations in the area.

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Highway Point & Features


Junction of Highway #17 ( The Trans Canada Highway ) & Highway #69 (The Trans Canada Highway) (Sudbury)  267.3 
Pioneer Rd (N) and Brockdan Hotel, OPP (police) on S side of hwy (McFarlane Lake)  233.2 
2.2  South Lane Rd, to McFarlane Lake and Long Lake (McFarlane Lake)  229.8 
Richard Lake Rd (NE), Carol Campsite, camping (McFarlane Lake)  239.9 
6.9  Golf Course Rd (W), Pine Grove Golf Club golfing (McFarlane Lake)  243.8 
Dill Lake Rd (W) 241.7 
9.3  Old Wanup Rd (E) 248.7 
10.2  Horseshoe Lake Rd (W) 239.9 
11.5  Bruce St (E) 238.7 
12.6  Rd E to gravel pit/quarry 237.1 
14.6  Junction of Highway #537, E to communities of Wanup (5 km), Wahnipitae (19 km), Secord Rd (W) 218.8 
14.8  Wanipitei River crossing, White Pine Chutes (rapids) to NE of highway 217 
16.3  Road E, to Elbow Lake 223.1 
21.3  Nepewassi Rd (E) to Nepawassi Lake, camping, Rd W to communities of Waterfall and McVitties (Estaire)  218.8 
23.6  Trout Lake Rd (E) 232 
26.6  Rd SW to community of Burwash (4 km) 236.5 
32  Junction of Highway 637 (SW) to Killarney Provincial Park and town of Killarney (67 km) 234.7 
32.7  Passing north arm of Kakaiwaganda Lake 199.9 
34  Junction of Lovering Lake Rd and Murdock River Rd 224 
37  Point of Interest (Crossing The Murdock River) 202.7 
38.5  Crossing south arm of Kakaiwaganda Lake 200.9 
39  Ink Lake, W side of highway 203.9 
47  Doaust Lake Road (Delamere)  206.3 
49  Junction of Highway #64, E to Rutter, Alban (3 km), Noelville(22 km) and Verner(75 km) on Highway 17 to North Bay (Rutter)  202.4 
58.8  Hartley Bay Rd (W) Hwy 607 (E) access to Loon's Landing camping, marina, French River PP (Bigwood)  204.2 
61  Community of French River (1 km), marina 204.5 
61.3  Crossing French River 188.4 
62.7  Golf Course Road (E) 204.5 
64  bridge over Cross Narrows on Cantin Lake 178.9 
66.6  Road E to community of Pickerel (5 km), French River Indian Reserve 200.3 
73.6  Junction of Highway # 522, E to Grundy Lake Prov Park (2 km), Port Loring (50 km) (Cranberry)  182.6 
73.7  Services at Highway (Fuel) 180.4 
76  Henvey Inlet Indian Reserve 2 N boundary 194.2 
77  Key River bridge crossing 181.4 
80.3  Roads at hwy, south boundary of Henvey Inlet Indian Reserve 2, access to Henvey Inlet ( 4 km), 182.6 
81  road junctions (E & W), Henvey Inlet Indian Reserve 2 S boundary (Bekanon)  186.2 
86  Junction #526, access to community of Britt (3 km) (Britt)  179.2 
90.5  Magetawan River crossing 187.1 
91  Junction of Highway #529 west to hwy 649 and to community of Byng Inlet (6 km) (Byng Inlet)  190.2 
94  North boundary of Magnetawan Indian Reserve 193.5 
99  South boundary of Magnetawan Indian Reserve 196 
103.8  Harris Lake Rd, W to Naiscoutang Indian Reserve (3 km) 190.8 
104  Crossing Harris River 196.3 
109.3  Rd to SW of hwy, access to Naiscoot River Dam 202.1 
110  Bridge over Six Mile Lake 188.7 
114  Junction of Highway #529, Access to Sturgeon Bay PP (3 km), Naiscoutang Indian Reserve (13 km), Moose Lake E of hwy 196.6 
116.2  Junction of Highway # 644 Shore Rd, marina (Pointe au Paril Station)  177.4 
124  Drummont Rd (E) 207.6 
125.4  Junction of Hwy 559 Shebeshekong Rd 206 
127  passing through Shawanaga Indian Reserve 17 212.1 
134.3  Woods Rd (W) 217 
143.7  Junction of Highway #559 (Shebeshekong Rd), W access to Shawnaga Indian Reserve #17 199.6 
145  Parkway Ave (Nobel)  197.8 
146.7  Ryder Rd (W) Services at Highway (West side of highway) (Nobel)  213.1 
147.2  Gas, services, restaurant, with Portage Lake to E of hwy (Nobel)  197.5 
147.6  Parry Sound Golf and Country Club ESTM. WEST OF Hwy 199.9 
148.5  Lake Forests Rd (E) Bayside Rd (W) 209.4 
150.2  Exit #228 Highway 124 Parry Sound Dr (W) North access into Parry Sound, access to sports facilities. E to community of Badger's Corners on the Seguin River (Parry Sound)  216.7 
152  North Rd Overpass (no access) (Parry Sound)  223.7 
153  Quarry Rd (E) and Parry Sound Dr (W), SW to viewing point of Mill Lake Dam (Parry Sound)  202.7 


Highway Point & Features


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