PEI: Charlottetown to Woods Island, via the Ferry to New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Wood Island Ferry to New Glasgow on Mainland on PEI

Why Travel between Charlottetown and New Glasgow?

After crossing the tidal Hillsborough River to Stratford, you meander on a two-lane country road past farmlands and through several small towns to get to the ferry dock at Wood Islands, where you take a short ferry ride to the mainland in Nova Scotia. From there it’s a short drive to connect to the Nova Scotia section of the Trans-Canada Highway.

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Fundy National Park showcases the world's highest tides

Here is the itinerary for the 84 kilometres (driving) along Route 1 from Charlottetown to Woods Island, via the Ferry to Pictou, Nova Scotia and via Route 108 to nearby New Glasgow:

Hillsborough River causeway, built in 1961, has affected the tidal flow of the river and the area's flora and fauna. The dykes along the shore have constricted tidal flows, forcing them to flow much faster though the open middle portion. Terns seen flying around the causeway are nesting around the old bridge piers.

Only a few kilometres east of Charlottetown's Stratford suburb, you are returned to idyllic PEI farm country. The valleys here are filled with fine rich sediment from this are being underwater for a time in the post-glacial era. This is especially noticeable around Orwell. Also at Orwell is a historic village which recreates Island life just after Confederation, with a number of historical structures and staffed by costumed re-enactors. Fundy National Park showcases the world's highest tides

Pinette Provincial Park, not far from the Pinette causeway, has an interesting sandy beach, with a variety of seashells including the razor clam, which resembles an old straight-razor, and extensive mussel beds with their rockweed algae (which have air sacs to keep them floating upright),

Woods Islands is the location site of the island's remaining ferry terminal, which has started as mail service to the Island in 1775. These islands were once completely out of the water, and divers can see remains of a drowned forest about 8 feet below the current sea level. This ferry charges vehicles traveling in either direction, while the Confederation Bridge only charges those leaving, so traveler can save money visiting PEI on their eastbound trip.

History of the Trans-Canada in PEI

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Exit #22: Junction Trans-Canada Highway #104 East to Port Hastings & North Sydney with ferries to Newfoundland, West to Truro (connect to 102 south to Halifax), and Amherst… (New Glasgow)  53.3 
Exit #1: Mount William Road North access to towns of Westville (5 km), Stellarton (5 km), and New Glasgow (7 km) (New Glasgow)  84.1 
Exit #2, Abercrombie Rd North access to town of New Glasgow (10 km) (New Glasgow)  11.9 
S end of bridge Crossing Pictou Harbour (Pictou)  7.3 
9.4  N end of bridge Browe's Point to west of bridge. Crossing Pictou Harbour (Pictou)  6.7 
10  Cross-street: Haliburton Rd, South access to town of Pictou (Pictou)  20.4 
11  Traffic circle junction with Route #6, Route 256 west and #256 (West River Rd) SE to town ot Pictou. Route 6 heads northwest along Nova Scotia's Northumberland Strait Coast, including Waterside Beach… (Pictou)  18.6 
14  Intersection Central Caribou Rd ,Access to town of Central Caribou (1 km to east) (Pictou)  22.6 
18  Hwy 256, W to Waterside Beach PP (8 km), E to Caribou Provincial Park (4 km) 19.8 
19  Wood Islands Ferry, S to Caribou (Wood Islands)  0.6 
19  Caribou Ferry, N to Wood Islands, PE
19.5  Exit to Wood Islands PP 0.6 
20.2  Junction of Hwy4 (E) to Northumberland PP (2 km), community of White Sands (16 km), town of Murray River (18 km) (Wood Islands)  10.4 
20.5  Junction route 315 / Highwy 24/Wood Islands Rd, N to Orwell (22 km) (Wood Islands)  14.6 
22  Macleod Rd (S) to Wood Islands breakwater 10.4 
22.7  junction: route 315 / Crawfords Rd (NE) to community of Mount Vernon (7 km) 15.8 
23.1  Junction: route 207 / Garfield Rd (NW) to Melville (7 km), Garfield (13 km), Pioneer Cemetery Rd (SE) 15.2 
27.1  Junction: Factory Rd (W) and route 201 Greys Rd (E) to town of Murray River (18 km) 2.7 
27.3  Crossing Belle River (Belle River)  1.5 
27.7  Junction route 202 / Douses Rd (NE) and Stewart Point Rd (W) (Belle River)  14.9 
30.7  Big Point Rd (SW) 7.9 
30.8  Intersection Route 203 / Culloden Rd (NW) 3.4 
31.2  Crossing Belle River 2.7 
31.4  Intersection Highway 261 / Camp Rd (NW)to Melville (Flat River)  6.4 
33.8  Crossing Flat River, view S to Gascoinge Cove, tidal estuary (Flat River)  4.9 
34.2  High Rd, N to Roseberry (2 km) 4.3 
35.6  Intersection Highway 208 / Roseberry Rd (NE) to Roseberry (2 km), North Pinette 11.3 
37.4  Ponds Rd (W) 18.3 
38.6  Crossing South Branch Pintte River, tidal estuary (Pinette)  7.9 
38.8  Pinette Rd (W), town of Pinette, E to Pinette Provincial Park (Pinette)  15.5 
41.1  Crossing Pinette River, tidal estuary (Pinette)  6.7 
42.8  Glashvin Rd (SW) (Pinette)  25 
43  James Rd (NW) to Lord Selkirk Provincial Park (1 km) 18.9 
43.4  Intersection Highway 209 / Point Prim Rd (W) to Mount Buchanan (2 km), Point Prim (7 km), Point Prim Lighthouse (11 km) 10.7 
45.6  Junction of Route 207/ Garfield Rd (SE) to Belfast (2 km), and Halliday Rd (NW) (Eldon)  32.6 
47.7  Junction Hwy 211 / Newtown Rd (NE) 10.7 
47.8  crossing Newtown River, tidal estuary 13.7 
50.8  Kinlock Rd (SE), Wharf Rd (NW), Greenwich Gate Lodge 902-961-3496 accommodation 40.5 
52.1  Orwell Cove Rd (SW) 46.9 
53.1  Intersection route 210 / Kinross Rd (NE) to Kinross (2 km) & route 23 / Selkirk Rd (S) shortcut to Wood Islands Ferry (22 km) 13.1 
53.2  Town of Orwell, Crossing Orwell river (Orwell)  13.7 
53.3  intersection: Old Uigg Rd (NE), access to Orwell Provincial Historic Park, Sir Andrew McPhail Homestead (Orwell)  10.1 
56.4  McKenna Dr (SW) 12.2 
57.3  Junction of Hwy 212 Vernon River Rd (N) to community of Vernon River (5 km), and Scentia Rd (S) 11.6 
59.1  Point of Interest crossing Vernon River, tidal estuary 4.3 
59.3  community of Vernon Bridge 4.3 
61  Crossing Seal River, tidal estuary 4.9 
62.7  Intersection Highway 270 (McInnis Point Rd, SE to Cherry Valley South (Cherry Valley)  8.5 
65.4  Intersection Highway 3 E to Vernon River (8 km), Brudenell (25 km), Georgetown (33 km) 14.9 
68.3  junction: 1A west to Pownall Bay, Hwy 272 (Village Ocean Green Rd) (Mount Mellick)  21.9 
68.5  Intersection: Waterside Rd S to community of Waterside, Pownal Rd W to Tea Hill Provincial park, community of Alexandria 17.4 
69.6  wetlands to NE of hwy 25.9 
70.5  Intersection Highway 5 (48th Rd) E to town of Cardigan (28 km) 25.9 
72.2  Intersection: Gay Rd (S) (Hazelbrook)  45.1 
73  Intersection: Jones Rd (N) (Hazelbrook)  47.2 
76  Intersection Highway 215 to Mount Herbert and Bethel, services 46.9 
77.5  Reeves Blvd: access to Princess Pat Drive-In 27.4 
78.5  Intersection Highway 1A to Tea Hill, Alexandria (Stratford)  37.5 
78.6  Junction: Hwy 1 & 1A. West along Stratford Rd, SE to Georgetown Rd to Tea Hill PP (3 km) (Stratford)  43.6 
78.7  Intersection: Mason Rd (NW) (Stratford)  30.8 
79.5  Intersection: Jubilee Rd (N), Kinlock Rd (S) to Fox Meadows golf course (Stratford)  21.3 
80.8  Intersection Stratford Rd (SW), Hopeton Rd (NE) to Bunbury Rd. Cross Hillsbrough Bridge from Stratford (Stratford)  9.1 
81  Intersection: Highway 21 / Bunbury Rd (SE) 5.8 
81.1  S side of 1.4 km Hillsborough Bridge crossing Hillsborough River 1.5 
82.5  N side of 1.4 km Hillsborough Bridge crossing Hillsborough River (Charlottetown) 
82.6  Intersection: Water St Parkway (SE), Riverside Dr (NE) access to Charlottetown Exhibition Grounds & racetrack (1 km) (Charlottetown) 
83  Intersection: Edward St (N) gas & services (Charlottetown)  1.8 
83.2  Intersection: Cumberland St (Charlottetown)  7.6 
83.3  Intersection: Weymouth St (Charlottetown) 
83.5  Intersection: Hillsborough St (Charlottetown)  7.6 
83.6  Intersection: Prince St (Charlottetown)  8.8 
83.8  Intersection University Ave & Grafton Ave, S to Province House, Confederation Centre for Arts, accommodation (Charlottetown)  7.6 


Highway Point & Features


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