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Travel Information Service provides travel and tourism information for recreational and business travellers in all provinces and major cities. Site provides Information about each province includes an overview, description of highway passing through it (including a detailed highway itinerary), major cities, maps, links to cities’ & towns’ web sites. Visitors can even download free printable route itineraries from the site! also provides travel-related links, including weatherroad conditionsgas prices, speed trapstravel info, highway history, etc. Most importantly, it provides detailed itineraries of all segments of the national highway, as well as background on the rich history of each section of the highway. We even have an  “Ultimate Canadian Bucket List” with over 250 must see attractions and activities.

We have evolved and grown with changes in Canadian’s travel and travel-information needs. See what changes we have made over the years.

Web Marketing & SEO services

We can help you devise a strategy and implement it as part of your entire online presence, and help you achieve gains against your competition in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

As a co-founder (in 1998) of what is now Digital Alberta (and a 10 year Board member), and a judge in the prestigious international Internet Advertising Competition since 2007, company founder Mark Ruthenberg provides plenty of insights.

Over our 20 YEARS in business, we’ve provided this full range of expertise and advice.

Business Directories & Marketing

We offer a full-service Web Marketing solution, ranging from free (our popular self-service business directory) to inexpensive (website audit, online advertising), to our professional services.

OVER 20,000 local travel/hospitality businesses are on Are You?


The right approach to your web marketing: website, e-commerce, social media, online ads, email marketing


We have designed websites from a single page to 100,000 pages (and often written the content)


Major search engines (Google, Bing, Alexa, Siri) base search results on content and META tags in your pages. Optimization is EVERYTHING!


Reach out to extend your online audience and customer base, using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or other

If you are looking for experience, depth of experience, good advice, a creative solution, and on-time on-budget implementation, TransCanada FoundLocally Inc is your answer.

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