AB Highway History: Calgary to Medicine Hat


horses east of Medicine HatPlanning is currently underway (2017) to re-align Highway 1 around the Town of Strathmore. Strathmore is the only low-speed signalized section of the highway between Calgary and Saskatchewan without a bypass plan.

The route under consideration for the realignment begins northwest of Gleichen, continuing west to run south of Eagle Lake and then continuing northwest where it will rejoin the existing alignment near Cheadle, between Highway 24 and Strathmore. The proposed plan also contemplates a link to the Highway 22X corridor.

Medicine Hat Bypass

Within the City of Medicine Hat, Highway 1 is named Trans Canada Highway and maintained by Alberta Transportation. This stretch of the highway function as an urban freeway, while the stretch between the South Saskatchewan River and Seven Persons Creek function as an urban arterial road. One at-grade intersection exists beyond 13 Avenue SE at Dunmore Road/South Boundary Road before exiting the city.

The length of Highway 1 within Medicine Hat is 13 km (8.1 mi). East of Medicine Hat, Highway 1 continues for 48 km (30 mi) until it enters the Province of Saskatchewan, where it continues as Saskatchewan Highway 1. This segment of the highway generally travels in an east direction through Cypress County.

Trans-Canada Itinerary Segment Map

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