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What to See & Do between Lethbridge and Medicine Hat?

This 167 kilometre (2 hour) segment travels across flat Alberta prairie, but has some notable attractions just off the route, to the north and south.

Alberta Itinerary-Crowsnest Route - Lethbridge to Medicine Hat

You pass by Coaldale, once a thriving coal mining community, and the town of Taber, best know for its sweet mid-summer corn. From Taber is a nice 2-1/2 hour detour south to Milk River (the one waterway in Canada that flows to the Gulf of Mexico via the Missouri and Mississippi rivers), and Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, named for the ancient petroglyphs found on the cliffs.

As you hit Bow Island you arrive in eastern Alberta’s natural gas producing area, which continues to Medicine Hat. At Junction with 887, you can drive south to Red Rock Coulee (about 15 minutes drive) where you can see human-sized red rock boulders in an arid near-desert micro-climate.

Prairie Highway-sliver

Lethbridge to Medicine Hat (Crowsnest Highway) Route Map


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