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Here are a number of popular trails around Jasper:

Many wild creatures can be seen in and around Jasper

Pyramid Lake
This 13 km hike starts from the town up to Pyramid Lake, and back.
Patricia Lake
This 5 km hike starts at the town, and goes up to Patricia Lake, and back.
The Whistlers
For those who don’t wish to pay for the Tram this 7 km (each way) hike climbs 1,200 m (4,000 ft) for some spectacular views
Lake Annette
This 2.5 km (and very flat) loop, begins over the Maligne Road bridge from the town, toward the Jasper Park Lodge.
Maligne Canyon
Drive to Maligne Canyon on Maligne Lake Road (8 km from Jasper). This 3.7 km hike (each way) provides spectacular views… you can turn back anytime you’re tired.
Valley of Five Lakes
There are two hikes: one from the town, starting at Old Fort Point, the other further down highway 93A. The shorter hike, around the lakes is about 5 km. From the town, add 10 km each way

Mountais shielded by cloud, near JasperSome popular hikes around Maligne Lake:

Moose Lake
On the west side of the lake, this 2.6 km loop from the parking lot to the lake
Lake Trail
This 3.2 km looped trail on the east side of the lake, takes you to Shaeffer Viewpoint, and past glacial “kettles”
Mona & Loraine Lakes
This 4 km (return) hike northwest from the warden station, takes you to two lakes.
Bald Hills Lookout
This 5.2 km hike (each way) east from the warden station climbs 480 m (1540 ft) for a panoramic view of the Maligne Valley.
Opal Hills
Hike east from the parking lot on this 8.2 km loop to climb 460 m over a 3 km stretch, for a stunning view of Maligne Lake.

Other trails in the Rockies area

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