The popular hiking trails around Lake Louise are:

View overlooking Lake Louise, from Mount Fairview

Agnes Lake Tea House
From the Chateau, around the north side of the Lake and UP the hill (1/2 day)
Plain of Six Glaciers
From the Chateau, around the north side of the Lake and keep walking to the base of the Victoria Glacier (1/2 day)
Skoki Valley
From Skiing Louise to Temple Lodge over Boulder Pass to a valley with several lakes nestled between a couple of glacier-encrusted peaks (long)
Paradise Valley
From the Chateau, head southeast past Saddle Mountain, and then west up Paradise Creek to Sentinel Pass, off Pinnacle Mountain (long)
Larch Valley Trail
(shown) From the Morraine Lake parking lot, to the west and up to Larch Valley, you to finish, you can climb above the valley to Sentinel Pass for stunning vistas (1 day)
Valley of Ten Peaks
From the Chateau, head southeast past Paradise Creek, and then south up Moraine Creek to Moraine Lake (quite long)
Consolation Lakes
From the Moraine Lake parking lot, head east up Babel Creek to Consolation Lakes (1/2 day)
Wapta Lake
From the Chateau, head northwest over Kicking Horse Pass, pass Ross Lake to Wapta Lake (long)
Baker Creek Loop
Head up Baker Creek for a view of Moraine Lake on the other side of the Bow River valley (long)
Pipestone Pass
From the townsite north up the Pipestone Creek to Pipestone Pass with a view of the Hector Glacier(long)
Johnson Canyon
A few miles south of town, on Highway 1A, is the Johnson Canyon. A short hike through a beautiful forest provides views of a narrow limestone canyon.

Other trails in the Rockies area