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The overall status of the highways in BC is good, with significant portions of the route of the #1 Trans-Canada between Victoria and Alberta border twinned. The Vancouver Island sections outside of Victoria’s Inner Harbour are twinned. The Fraser Valley portion of the #1 has long had the Coquihalla #5 as a high-speed option.

Importantly, the section between Kamloops and the Alberta border a long-term priority for the BC Government. They have been improving the level sections of highway with passing lanes (where space-constrained by nature) or full-out twinning, and replacing two-lane bridges with 4 lane ones in anticipation of roadway upgrades.

The 4 km section east of Golden (so curvy and steep it has a 40 km/h speed limit) is set for an upgrade in 2017-2019 at a cost of $450 million.

View of the Rogers Pass

While the Mountain Parks are a federal responsibility, and preliminary work underway in Yoho, Glacier, and Revelstoke National Parks, taking advantage of lessons learned in Banff National Park, in terms of route selection, as well as nature and wildlife mitigation.

Here are some history notes, organized by Itinerary Segment (from west to east):



Trans-Canada Highway Website Features in British Columbia:

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