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There are a number of great areas for hiking in the Fraser Valley. In the summertime, these are popular with hikers, mountain bikers (and horseback riders as noted), and in the winter, they are popular with cross-country skiers.

Chilliwack Trails

Here are a number of the more popular trails around Chilliwack.

Heritage Wagon Trail, ChilliwackThe 1 kmHeritage Wagon Trail begins on Wilson Road and ends on Yarrow Central and runs parallel to the Southern Railway tracks.
Hope River Trail, ChilliwackThe longer and very scenic Hope River Trail starts at Townsend Park on Ashwell and ends at the Chilliwack Lions Club Hall (formerly Kinsmen Community Hall) on Fairfield Island. This trail will extend to loop around Fairfield Island.
Luckakuck Trail, ChilliwackThe 1 km Luckakuck Trail runs from Luckakuck Way to Sapphire Drive along the Luckakuck Creek and is a popular shortcut to the area’s malls and shops.
Mount Thom, ChilliwackThis pedestrian and equestrian trail starts on Forrester Road on Promontory, and heads up to the Mount Thom Summit (480 m). With well over 60 hectares to hike, and a net 100 metre change in elevation, this hike can take most of an afternoon
Rotary Vedder River Trail, ChilliwackThis beautiful 7 km trail runs along the Vedder River and is well suited for running, biking, walking, horseback riding, plus great accessibility to fishing along the Vedder River (particularly Sockeye and Coho). There are even some nice beach areas for hot summer days.
Teskey Trail, ChilliwackThe new Teskey Trail is still being developed, beginning in Promontory Park West, and will eventually loop through the Promontory community.



Here are a number of the more popular trails around Hope.

Lone Duck Trail (Manning Park)a 3 km round trip suitable for beginners, between the Lightning Lake Campground and 20 Minute Lake.
Little Muddy and North South Gibson Trails (Manning Park)Intermediate or advanced riders will enjoy the 3-4 km trails which join up with the Poland Lake Trail at Strawberry Flats for an additional 8 km trip to the lake.
Windy Joe Trail (Manning Park)7.5 km from Beaver Pond to the top of Windy Joe Mountain.
Monument 83 (Manning Park)a challenging 176 km ride to the Canada-US border, and into the Pasayten Wilderness on the US side (note: mountain bikes are not permitted in the Pasayten Wilderness.)
Kawkawa Lake Road/Kettle ValleyFrom Hope, riders can head out on over the Coquihalla river to the start of the Kettle Valley Road, and up along the roadbed of the Kettle Valley Railway bed to the spectacular Coquihalla Canyon gorge and historic Othello-Quintette Tunnels. NOTE: Riders should dismount while going through the tunnels to avoid accidents with walkers.
Hope-HarrisonA 35 km (one way) day trip from Hope to Harrison Hot springs via Hwy # 7 and # 9 is a scenic ride for relatively fit riders. Head west early in the morning, and return in the afternoon to take advantage of strong prevailing winds.
Chittenden Meadow Self-Guiding Interpretive Traila one hour leisurely walk in Skagit Valley Provincial Park (southwest of Hope via the Silver Skaget road from Silver Creek). Also four other lengthy hikes nearby
Landstrom Ridge TrailStart from the weigh scales on Hwy #7, this 3 km trail gives views of Hope and the Fraser River from four lookouts at the summit.
Mount Hope Lookout TrailStart from the junction of the TransCanada Hwy #1 and Old Hope-Princeton Way A, 2 km hike climbs to the top will afford the hiker with fabulous views overlooking Hope.
Hope-Nicola valley Trail8 km in the Coquihalla Canyon leads off from the old Kettle Valley Railway grade., west of the Othello Tunnels. The trail climbs up and over the canyon gorge providing great views of the river and canyon below.

Manning Park

Here are a number of the more popular trails around Manning Park.

Lightning Lake loopis a 9 km round trip. Lightning Lake is also the area to access trail heads to Mt. Frosty, the highest peak in the park, or to the breathtaking and challenging Skyline Trails.
Chain Trail11 km hike
Paintbrush Nature Trail1 km stroll in the sub-alpine meadows where wildflowers bloom in spectacular colour from mid-July to mid-August
Heather Trail42 km multi-day adventure through sub-alpine meadows where wildflowers bloom in spectacular colour
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