Canadian News Links

Google and Facebook are no longer sharing Canadian News stories in their feeds (for now). They have been required to pay for thier use of news stories, as compensation for ad revenues those providers are earning from that content (which until July 2023 they wer using for FREE)..

Those planlning a visit to or around Canada, who are looking for local news links, we have a number of key links HERE:

Television Networks

For each of these teelvision networks you can see the national news, or click the LOCAL option to choose a community you are seeking updates on:


Some of these are local, some are national, and in the case of PostMedia, use the menu to select the communit of interest:

Weather Links

See our Weather page for local links to weather forecasts!

Road Condtions

Road Conditions links

Our weather, construction and roadclosures (on our Facebook page)

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