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Trans-Canada Highway History

Trans-Canada Highway History Overview

Watch for the grey buttons around the site, which denote TCH History details, compared to the usual blue buttons which provide community information around the site. Pale blue buttons denote links that go outside our website

Banff National Park-Animal Bridges Under Construction, near Lake Louise

Highway History also by Highway Itinerary Segment

The Trans-Canada Highway history chapters are organized (roughly) in chapters that match the itineraries, and specific communities. You can access the History Chapters from other content (and go back and forth), or you can navigate sequentially through the all of the Itinerary Segments, or through all of the History Chapters.

When on the Itinerary pages, just look for the GRAY BUTTONS!

Trans-Canada Highway Website Features

Provinces with the Trans-Canada Highway Provincial TCH History

Transcanada Highway HistoryItinerary Segment History

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