Annapolis Valley First Nation

Annapolis Valley First Nation is a Canadian Mi'kmaq aboriginal community located in both Kings County and Hants County, Nova Scotia.

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Annapolis Valley First Nation is composed of two Mi’kmaq First Nation reserves located in southwestern Nova Scotia. (Rhe 59 hectare (150 acre) reserve 88 km. northwest of Halifax and the 126 acre (311 acre) St Croix 34 reserve, 46 km NW of Halifax). As of 2017, 119 Mi’kmaq lived on-Reserve, and 173 off-reserve. The community has a gas bar, tobacco shop, gaming centre, health centre, and a chapel. It is the second smallest First Nation community in Nova Scotia in terms of population.

In 1984 Glooscap First Nation separated from Annapolis Valley First Nation and became its own community.