Oromocto First Nation

Kiwhosuwi-skicinuwok (“People of the Beautiful and Bountiful River”) are located along the Saint John River in New Brunswick

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It is said, we were once known as Kiwhosuwi-skicinuwok although through time we transformed our name to Wolastoqewiyik, “People of the Beautiful and Bountiful River”.

Not long ago Wolastoq Grand Council reintroduced this image onto a flag to represent all Wolastoqewiyik. Kiwhos (muskrat) is a significant part of our creation story as well a provider of food, tools and fur. Also, Kiwhos (muskrat) guides us to our most significant medicine Kiwhosuwasq (muskrat root). Our Medicine People made and wore Muskrat Medicine Pouches for great healing powers.