Union Bar First Nation

The Union Bar First Nation is a band government of the Sto:lo people, located near Hope, British Columbia.

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The Chilliwack Area Indian Council (CAIC) was formed in 1970 when the local DIA office was closed. Initially representing 21 bands, by 1975 there were 14 member bands and Chief Richard Malloway (Yakweakwioose), Chief Sam Douglas (Cheam) and Chief Andrew Alex (Union Bar) formed the executive. CAIC was solely concerned with the provision of services and was the first Stó:lō authority delegated to administer benefits under the DIA’s health, social assistance and education programs.

Between the early 1970s and 1994, a number of Stó:lō political and service delivery organizations grew out of the EFDC and the CAIC. These included the Stó:lō Forum, Stó:lō Nation Canada, Stó:lō Political Branch, and Stó:lō Tribal Council. As early as 1980, Chief Steven Point proposed the amalgamation of all Stó:lō service agencies.

By 1994, Stó:lō Nation Canada (SNC) and the Stó:lō Tribal Council (STC) agreed to form a single organization under the leadership of Chief Steven Point. In 1995 the Stó:lō Nation submitted a Statement of Intent to the British Columbia Treaty Commission identifying our collective aboriginal rights