Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation

the Vuntut Gwitchin of the North Yukon, take pride in ancient cultural heritage and ancestral homelands.

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Old Crow to be the only community located in the northern Yukon Territory. Situated on the banks of the Porcupine River, Old Crow is isolated from other surrounding

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communities, and is accessible only by aircraft; or if you like an adventure, Old Crow is also accessible by canoe down the Porcupine River from the Eagle River which is located off the North’s Dempster Highway. It’s said to be a breath-taking adventure.
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As with many other places in Canada, Old Crow derives its’ name from an Indian Chief, “Deetru` K`avihdik”, which means “Crow May I Walk”. Following his death in the 1870’s, his people named the river, mountain and area in his honor, thus being the community of Old Crow.

We are called the “Vuntut Gwitchin” meaning “People of the Lakes”. We are only one group of the Gwich’in Nation, that expands across the north in Alaska, U.S.A. and the Northwest Territories in Canada. The name “Vuntut Gwitchin” derives from our annual muskrat trapping season, where we move approximate 27 miles north from Old Crow, for the months of April to June. The whole area of Crow Flats is covered by small and large lakes, thus giving our name. Each family group in Old Crow has their own trapping area, referred by each family as “their” or “my country”. This is an area that has been passed down from generation to generation.

First language of the Vuntut Gwitchin is “Gwich’in”,