Wunnumin First Nation

Wunnumin Lake First Nation is an Oji-Cree First Nation band government with two rserves on on Wunnummin Lake northeast of Sioux Lookout.

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Wunnumin Lake Reserve is situated within the Sioux Lookout district.

The vast and beautiful territory which surrounds Wunnumin Lake First Nation has always been carefully utilized and preserved by the local native people as their aboriginal homeland. Their rights to culture, fishing, gathering, hunting, language, and trapping were granted to them by the Great Creator and therefore it is not surprising that their relationship to the land is combined with respect and responsibility.

During 1929 – 1930 the leaders of Wunnumin Lake First Nation were summand to Big Trout Lake to participate in the signing of the adhesion to Treaty No. 9. It is interesting to note that Wunnumin Lake First Nation was given land allocation at this time.

In 1947 the Ontario government enacted the trapline registration and fee system which forced the Wunnumin Lake people to outline trapping areas and also begin paying for the land use. Many native people were placed under duress as the result of provincial law. These resource regulations did not provide the native any option but to adhere foreign laws.

In 1964 the Wunnumin Lake people decided to establish their own permanent community which is still located on the western part of Wunnumin Lake.