Xaxli’p First Nation

Xaxli'p, also known as the Fountain or the Fountain Indian Band, is located near Lillooet in the Fraser Canyon of British Columbia

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Xaxli’p Formerly known as Fountain Band, is an Indigenous government located about 10 miles (15km) from the Village of Lillooet, BC on Highway 99 North, in the Central Interior-Fraser Canyon region of British Columbia. Consisting of 1 out of 11 communities that make up the St’at’imc Nation/Territory, Xaxli’pmec have lived within Xaxli’p traditional territory since time immemorial. To Xaxli’p, the Fountain Valley and adjacent lands are the basis for our survival.

Xaxli’p ancestors learned the rules of proper land use and of environmental, spiritual, and social behaviour from this place, its waters, wildlife and plants. For Xaxli’p, the land is part of who we are; the people and the land cannot be separated. The land, animals, fish, trees, water, air and people are all Xaxli’p.

Xaxli’p means ‘the brow of the hill’. Our main village is at the brow of the hill. We call our government Xaxli’p. Xaxli’pmec means the people from Xaxli’p