Yellow Quill First Nation

Yellow Quill First Nation (formerly Nut Lake Band of Saulteaux) is a First Nation band government with a reserve twelve miles northwest of Kelvington, near Saaskatoon.

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Yellow Quill is a Saulteaux First Nation located approximately 300kms east of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and 12kms east of Rose Valley, Saskatchewan. Yellow Quill First Nation is a signatory of Treaty No. 4, which was signed by Chief Yellow-quill on August 24, 1876.

Yellow Quill is home to 2,800 registered band members of whom roughly 800 reside on-reserve with remaining membership dispersed mostly in the urban cities of Regina and Saskatoon and urban centres outside Saskatchewan.

The land base of Yellow Quill is composed primarily of four Reserves, with over 16,000 acres of Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) lands converted to reserve status by Canada. The Yellow Quill First Nation to purchase and convert to reserve status are an additional 100,000 acres as per the TLE Framework Agreement.