Winnipeg, Manitoba to Kenora, Ontario along Manitoba #1, Ontario #17

View of Red River (to left) and the Floodway (the the right)

Why Travel between Winnipeg and Kenora?

This stretch of the highway crosses the eastern extent of the Prairies, crossing over the massive Winnipeg Floodway east of the city, and passing the German community of Steinbach. When the highway enters Whiteshell Provincial Park it crosses into the Canadian Shield at the Ontario-Manitoba Border. This transition is the midpoint with prairies west to the Rockies, and Canadian Shield east to the Ottawa River. The highway continues east, snaking around the northern shore of Lake of the Woods, into Kenora.

Here is the itinerary for the 207 km along the Manitoba #1 and the Ontario #17 between Winnipeg, Manitoba and Kenora, Ontario:

Grand Beach, on Lake Winnipeg, northeast of Winnipeg North of the Trans-Canada are Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg, remnants of ancient Lake Agassiz, which at the time of the last Ice Age covered an area twice that of today's Great Lakes. The glacial sand along the shoreline of Lake Winnipeg makes for the amazing beach that is Winnipeg Beach.

Downtown Winnipeg, Riverside by The Forks Winnipeg began as the key to western fur trading, first as Fort Rouge built by La Verendrye in 1738, then as Fort Gibraltar built by the North West Company in 1805, and finally as Fort Garry built by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1822. Lord Selkirk established his colony for Scottish settlement west of here in 1812, and by 1870, Winnipeg had 11,000 residents.

Once the Trans-continental railway was built in the 1880s, Winnipeg became the hub for western distribution and trade in western wheat. Winnipeg was western Canada's largest city until overtaken by Vancouver after World War II, and by Calgary & Edmonton in the 1980s. Because of the significant early 20th century architecture, it is a popular location for Hollywood movies set in the 20s and 1930s (like the recent Academy Award-winning movie musical "Chicago").

Kildonan Park along Selkirk Creek, west of downtown Following the disastrous Winnipeg Flood of 1950, which damaged 10 thousand buildings and left 100,000 people homeless, a 48 kilometre channel around the city was completed in 1958. When Red River levels rise to a certain level, overflow is automatically diverted around the city, to flow downstream into Lake Winnipeg. This is shown in the image at the top of this page, and you can see the Floodway is the dominant feature just to the east of Winnipeg.

Much of the area in the southeast quadrant of Winnipeg was settled by the French, as evidenced by French town names like St Boniface, St Anne, Dufresne, St Peirre. The land along the Seine River is also laid out in narrow strips rising up from the river, just like the early settlements along the St Lawrence River in Quebec. As Winnipeg expanded, those towns became neighbourhoods in teh growing city.

Steinbach is the Longitudinal Centre of Canada About 70km east of Winnipeg is the exit for Steinbach, which was a settlement of Mennonites who were escaping religious persecution first in their native Holland, and later Russia. The land east of Richer is relatively infertile, and suitable only for cattle and raising forage crops (like hay).

As we move away from Winnipeg, drivers will notice a gentle rise in elevation towards the Ontario border. Waters in Manitoba flow quickly northward (for about 1000 km) to sea level at Hudson's Bay, whereas Ontario rivers are part of the Great Lakes-St Lawrence basin, and must flow 2680 km into the Atlantic Ocean, at Quebec City. Shoal Lake, abut 10 km south of Falcon Lake (by air), is the starting point for the Shoal Lake aqueduct, built about a century ago to supply the city of Winnipeg with 200 million litres a day of fresh drinking water.

At Falcon Lake, the landscape transitions from gentle prairie landscape to the west into rugged Precambrain Canadian Shield. West Hawk Lake, just to the north, is believed to be caused by a meteor strike a few million years ago and is 120 metres deep, Manitoba's deepest lake. Other lakes in the area were created by Ice Age glaciers and are much shallower.

History of Trans-Canada Highway from Winnipeg to Kenora

Winnipeg to Kenora, ON

Kenora-Rat Portage Mural Lake of the Woods, which was known as Lake of the Islands by the area's First Nations, has over 100,000 miles of shoreline and 14,000 islands. The lake is popular for sports-fishing for walleye, pike smallmouth bass and lake trout, though the sturgeon and whitefish the lake had in numbers years ago are pretty depleted from commercial overfishing.

Kenora downtown From Lake Of The Woods Kenora is a name agreed to by plebescite to be the new name of the municipal amalgamation of Keewatin (indan of "north) and Rat Portage, as in Ke-No-Ra. The community was a key fur-trading portage from Lake of the Woods to the Winnipeg River system.

Highway Notes

The Manitoba portion of the Trans-Canada west of Falcon Lake is fully "twinned", and has good shoulders for cyclists. The Northern Ontario portion of the highway is 2 lanes, though over the summer of 2010 the western-most 30 km will be twinned, to Clearwater Bay which will both speed traffic and make it safer for the 7,000 vehicles a day passing through here in the summer. There is also a bypass around Kenora, to the north of the community, used by truckers and anyone not planning to stop or gas up in the community.

Trans-Canada Highway Itinerary Map

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Highway Point & Features


0.4  Ocean Ave (S) (Kenora)  336.8 
Lake Of The Woods District Hospital, to the SW of the bridge..

Anchor Inn Resort & Marina..

Tower Motor Inn, to west of intersection..
0.8  Bridge crossing, railway tracks to N, Generating Station (Kenora)  327.1 
Winnipeg River, drining Lake of the Woods. Kenora Powerhouse to NW of highway...

Husky station & restaurant to NW of bridge..

Husky the Muskie statue in McLeod Park, to E of bridge..

Kenora Photos..
1.2  Sylvan St, shopping to S (Kenora)  329.8 
1.4  Colonization Rd (Keeewatin)  342.9 
Longbow Lake Camp & Trailer Park, to E of intersection..

Lake Vu Motel & Restaurant, to East of intersection..

Truckstop on N (westbound) side of highway..
2.4  Bridge over Winnipeg River/Lake of The Woods 326.1 
Winnipeg River, draining Lake of the Woods. Norman Powerhouse just out of sight around a bend in the river to the NW of highway..

Truck Stop to West of bridge, on N (westbound) side of highway..
2.6  Anchor Inn Resort & Marina (Keewatin)  325.8 
View to offshore islands, Scott Island to SW, and Treasure Island to SE...
3.6  Ontario St, access to Highway 596 N to Minaki, services to east (Keewatin)  335.9 
Minaki, between Gun Lake and Little Sand Lake, on the Winnipeg River, 49 km via Highway 596..

Super 8 Kenora..

Norman Beach Park, to S of highway..
4.6  Bridge over Keewatin Channel/Lake of The Woods (Keewatin)  321.6 
Kenora Forest Products stud lumber mill to NE of bridge...

Government of Ontario Toruist Information Centre on S side of highway..
5.1  Keewatin Beach Rd, east exit (Keewatin)  334.4 
5.8  town of Keewatin business district, all services (Keewatin)  320 
Keewatin Business district of Kenora, all services...
6.6  Keewatin Beach Rd, west exit 351.4 
Rat Portage Indian Reserve Rd (Keewatin)  349.9 
Rat Portage Indian Reserve, of Obashkaandagaang First Nation, member of the Bimose Tribal Council...

Bimose Tribal Council..
11.6  Highway 641 junction 318.5 
13.6  Junction Highway 17A & !7 (see note below) 349.6 
Highway 17 A is the 34 km bypass road around Kenora...
16.6  Services, food & fuel 351.7 
20.6  Ash Rapids Lodge 331.6 
Ash Rapids Lodge and Fishing Resort, on Lake of the Woods. Fishing, hunting...
22.6  McCallum Point Rd (S) 352.3 
25  Pye's Rd (Clearwater Bay)  335.6 
Clearwater Bay, on Deception Bay on Lake of the Woods. Marinas, services...
26.6  Rice Lake Rd N 333.5 
crossing Deception Creek, connecting Rice Lake to Deception Bay on Lake of the Woods..

Rice Lake, 1. 6 km to N of highway..
28.4  Granite Lake, to S 351.4 
33.5  Sherwood Rd (N) 393.2 
36.6  Rush Bay Rd S 372.2 
Lake of the Woods, 6 km S of highway..
44.6  Highway 673 S to Shoal Lake Indian Reservation (Shoal Lake)  361.2 
Shoal Lake Indian Reserve, member of Shoal Lake Cree Nation, 10 km S of highway..
47.6  Granite Lake 358.1 
Granite Lake to S of highway..
50.6  Ontario-Manitoba Border, information kiosks 369.1 
Manitoba Information Station, open May-Sept..
52.1  Ontario Information Station, & Rest Stop 370.9 
Ontario Travel Kiosk, south side of highway, washrooms..
55.6  Junction #44 N, West Hawk Lake, services (Falcon Lake)  359.4 
Whiteshell Provincial Park, Caddy Lake Campground, 7 km N of highway...

Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park, about 100 km NW of higwhay..

West Hawk Lake, deepest lake in Manitoba (111 metres), just N of highway..

West Hawk Lake Resort, open year round, cabins, all facilities...
57.6  Junction Hwy 301 (Falcon Lake)  350.2 
65.6  Whiteshell Provincial Park offices, Camping (Falcon Lake)  334.4 
Whiteshell Provincial Park, West Hawk Lake Campground, just S of highway..

Whiteshell Provincial Park, Falcon Lake Beach campground, 1 km S of highway,..

Falcon Lake Golf Course to the SW of the intersection. 9 holes with tennis courts...

Falcon Lake golf course with 18 hole mini-golf as well as horse shoes. to SW of intersection...
67.6  Entering Whiteshell PP, Pipeline Rd U-Turn (Falcon Lake)  333.1 
Whiteshell Provincial Park, camping, watersports, hiking. golf, winter sports. On both sides of highway...

Whiteshell Provincial Park, with Goose sanctuary, Fish hatchery, and natural history museum..
84.6  Wye Rd crossing 317.9 
85.6  Winnipeg Aqueduct, just south of EB highway (road access fro WB TCH) 318.8 
88.6  Junction Hwy 308, S to East Braintree. Access to Hwy 503 (8 km) (East Braintree)  321.6 
95.6  Highway splits up EB/WB, east of this point (McMunn)  310 
96.6  Service, N side of Hwy 308.8 
97.6  Crossing the Birch River 307.8 
100.6  Campground 305.7 
Pine Tree Campground & Trailer Park (N) of Highway. Camping, mini-golf. Open year-round...
102.6  Hwy 506 (N) access to town of Prawda (Prawda)  303 
105.6  Bridge over Winnipeg Aqueduct from Shoal Lake 292.3 
Winnipeg Aqueduct..

Pine Tree Campground, between Hadashville and Falcon Lake..
108.6  Hwy 503 (S) Old Dawson Trail 301.8 
110.6  Junction Hwy 11 N to Hadashville, S to Whitemouth River RV Park 303 
Hadashville, 3 km N of highway..

Whitemouth River Park & Campground, 2 km SW of hihgway, open year-round..
121.6  Rest area, between EB and WB lanes 313 
Rest Area, between two directions of traffic..
134.6  Trail 19, access to Reynolds (Reynolds)  315.8 
Reynolds, pop. 1400, part of Regional Municipality of Reynolds. 3 km Se of highway..
142.6  Access to Restaurant Truck Stop and services 294.4 
Richer, just south of highway...
150.6  Highway 302, Richer (S) (Richer)  285.9 
Wild Oaks Campground, to N of highway..

Rock Garden Campground & Trailer Park, to N of highway..
155.6  Municipal Rd 41A, golf course to N & S 276.8 
159.6  Municipal Rd 39E, access to Paradise Village (S) 269.7 
Paradise Village,mobile home & RV community, to S of highway..
161.6  Municipal Rd 38E, Lilac Resort & RV Park 262.7 
Lilac Resort & RV Park with Waterslide Park, camping. Just to S of highway..
165.6  Junction Hwy #12, S to Ste Anne (3 km) and Steinbach (20 km), N to Anola (20km) (Ste Anne)  251.8 
Ste. Anne Hospital, 4 km S of highway via St. Gerard Street..

Town of Ste Anne, pop. 1500, 3 km S of highway. All services...

Town of Steinbach, pop. 13000, 20km S of highway. Center of Mennonite settlement in Manitoba..

Mennonite Heritage Village museum,..
172.6  Highway 207 crossing 242.9 
Town of Lorette, pop 2000, 10 km W of highway..
176.6  Highway 501 crossing east to Dufresne (3 km), St Genevieve 240.2 
Village of Dufresne, 3.7 km E of highway..

village of St Genevieve, in Regional Municipality of Tache, 25 km E of highway..
180.6  Highway 206 (S) 240.5 
182.6  Highway 206N, Municipal Rd 27E 239.9 
184.6  Chem Station Rd 240.2 
Lorette, pop. 2000, 6 km S of highway..
186.6  Heatherdale Rd crossing 236.8 
188.6  Fantasy Lake Golf Course to N 235.3 
Fantasy Lake Golf Course, 18 holes, north side of highway..
190.6  Hwy 207 crossing, truck stop to N (Winnipeg)  233.8 
Petro-Canada Truck Stop, to NE of intersection..

Birds Hill Provincial Park, 27 km to N of highway..

Photos of Birds Hill Provincial Park..
191.6  Red River Floodway Crossing (Winnipeg)  225.2 
Red River Floodway, flood control built after 1953 Winnipeg Flood...
192.6  Avenue Fermor (W) interchange, with Hwy 1 TCH to east (Winnipeg)  235.6 
westbound traffic, take Perimeter Highway. Westbound can access Downtown Winnipeg via Fermor (straight ahead). Eastbound traffic head right onto #1...

St Boniface Railyards, 7 km to NW of highway...

Transona Industrial Area, and CN Transcona Rail Yards, 10 km to N, via Perimeter Highway and Dugald Rd...
194.6  Murdock Rd crossing, TV park to North (Winnipeg)  233.2 
Traveller's RV Resort, .5 km to N, beside Waterslide park..

Fun Mountain Waterslide Park, 1 km N of highway..

Tinkertown amusement Park, 1.5 km to N of highway..

Lyncrest Airfield & Springfield Flying Club, 3.5 km N of highway..
199.6  Boulevard Lagimodiere Interchange (highway 20/59), S to Ile des Chenes (12 km) (Winnipeg)  233.2 
St Boniface Railyards, 6 km to N of highway..

Royal Canadian Mint, with tours, 5 km N of highway..
200.6  Railway underpass (Winnipeg)  232 
201.6  St Anne's Rd Highway 300 interchange (Winnipeg)  230.7 
Downtown Winnipeg, 10 km..

Conestoga Campground, just to NE of intersection..

photos of St Boniface..

photos of downtown Winnipeg..
205.6  St Mary's Rd interchange (WB only SB exit, WB only NB exit) (Winnipeg)  230.4 
St. Boniface General Hospital, in downtown area, 10.8 km N of highway, via St Mary's Rd...

St Mary's Rd, North into downtown Winnipeg via St Boniface neighbourhood..

St. Aldolphe, 15 km S via #200..

Maple Grove Park, in bend i Red River, just N W of highway. Popular for dog walking, rugby, and X-C skiing..

St Vital Centre shopping mall in this corner of Winnipeg..

SilverCity St. Vital, a 10 screen multiplex theatre, in St Vital Centre, 4 km N of highway..

St Vital neighbourhood, just south of highway..

historic French-speaking St Boniface neighbourhood, 10 km N of highway, across Red River from downtown..

Dakota Village Motor Hotel, 5 km N of highway..

St Vital Hotel, 8 km N of highway..

Shell station, about 1.3 km N of highway..

passing South End Sewage Treatment facility to SE of intersection..
207.6  Red River Bridge (Winnipeg)  224 
208.6  Lord Selkirk Hwy (Hwy 75) interchange (Winnipeg)  232 
Victoria General Hospital, 3.5 km N of highway..

St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park, 3 km S of highway, a celebration of Metis life in the late 1800s...

St Norbert neighbourhood, to S of highway..

Fort Richmond neighbourhood, to N of highway..

Grandmont Plaza, to SW of highway junction ..

Fort Richmond Plaza, small retail, 0.5 km N of highway. ..

Downtown Winnipeg, 13 km N of highway, all services..

Comfort Inn South by Journey's End, 0.3 km N of highway..

Astoria motel, 0.5 km N of highway ..

Holiday Inn Fort Richmond, 0.6 km N of highway..

St Norbert Motor Hotel, 1 km S of highway..

Palomino Plains Motel, 2.5 km N of highway..

Montcalm Gordon Hotels & Motor Inn, 3.5 km N of highway..

University of Manitoba campus, 2.5 km N of highway..

Pembina Village Shopping Centre, 2.5 km N of highway..

Southwood Golf & Country Club, 2.3 km N of highway..

Fort Garry Industrial Park, 5 km S of highway..

Pembina Crossing mall, 5 km N of highway..

Cinema City McGillivray, 8 screen movie theatre, 6 km N of highway..

Capri Motel, 6 km N of highway..

Norlander motel, 6 km N of highway ..

Canad Inn Fort Garry, 6 km S of highway..

Holiday Inn Winnipeg South, about 9 km N of highway..

Downtown Winnipeg, over 20 hotels, 13 km N of highway..

The Forks National Historic Site, downtown..


Highway Point & Features


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