This town was founded in 1879 by Thomas Carney and W.H. Fairbanks, who named it after the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, lies on the Canada-US border. The town has the first customs house in Manitoba, opened in 1870. The Northwest Mounted Police (now the RCMP) began their law enforcement traditions here (after catching a train from Toronto through the USA) to Fort Dufferin. There is a 3 km Boundary Commission hiking trail along the Red River to the Historic Fort Dufferin site, which has remains of old buildings, gravesites, and a NWMP memorial. The town has a number of heritage buildings, including the 1882 Fairbanks house (still a residence), the 1876 Anglican church.

The town’s travel centre is at the junction of highway 75 and I-29 and has a large statue of a Mountie. 204-373-2002.

Emerson Attractions

Emerson Court House and Town Hall

This structure was built in 1917-1918, in the neo-classical style, and is a designated provincial heritage site. Several of the rooms are furnished with period furniture. Open weekdays

Aunt Maud’s Tea Room

57 4th Street
This establishment is in an 1880 historic home and one of the earliest residences in Emerson. The Team Room serves Victoria high tea, light lunches, scones and imported Devonshire Cream. Open year-round Wed – Sun noon to 9 pm, with dinner served every evening (dinner reservations recommended).

Emerson Duty Free Shop

On Canada-US border
This is Manitoba’s busiest duty-free shop, and offers instant GST rebates and PST refunds on accommodation. Open 24 hours from May 1 to labour Day; 6 am to 11 pm remainder of year.

Emerson Manitoba Area Map