Hiking Trails (Summer)

Manitoba offers diverse hiking trails, including rolling prairie in the west, Canadian Shield forests and lake country in the north and east.

Hiking can be done almost anywhere, but the best scenery and terrain is in the provincial and national parks. These parks provide marked and mapped trails to avoid getting lost.
Here are some of Manitoba’s best hiking trails:

East Whiteshell Provincial
Park, Falcon Lake
Nopiming Provincial
Park, Lac du Bonnet
West Riding Mountain National
Park, Brandon
Turtle Mountain Provincial
Park, Boisssevain
North Grand Beach Provincial
Park, Grand Beach
Hecla Provincial Park ,

Cross-Country Ski Trails (Winter)

There are several places in and around
Winnipeg with beautiful scenery and track-set skiing:

In the City

  • Assiniboine Park (Corydon Ave & Park Blvd) 5.2 km
  • Crescent Drive Golf Course(Crescent Drive) 1.4 km
  • Crescent Drive Park(Crescent Drive) 2.8 km
  • Harbour View Rec Complex (1867 Springfield Road) 2.2 km
  • Kildonan Park (2021 Main Street) 3.2 km
  • Kildonan Park Golf Course (access througyh Park) 4.2 km
  • King’s Park (King’s Drive & Kilkenny Drive)6.5 km
  • La Barriere Park (5.5 km north of Perimeter Hwy on Waverly) 10 km
  • Little Mountain Park (Inkster Blvd NW of Route 90) 10 km
  • Sturgeon Creek (Portage & Booth, by Grants Old Mill)
  • St. Vital Park (River Road north of Bishop Grandin Blvd)5.8 km
  • Windsor Park Nordic Centre (10 Rue des Meurons) 7.5 km


Outside the City
Manitoba is blessed with good snow, great scenery and a number of excellent cross-country skiing facilities:

  • Asessippi Provincial Park
  • Beaudry Provincial Heritage Park
  • Birds Hill
  • Camp Morton
  • Clearwater Lake Provincial Park
  • Duck Mountain (Wellman Lake)
  • Falcon Lake
  • Flin Flon & Bakers Narrows
  • Grand Beach
  • Hecla Provincial Park & Gull Harbour Area
  • Minaki
  • Riding Mountain National Park
  • Paint Lake
  • Pinawa Trails
  • Spruce Woods
  • St. Jean Baptiste Trail
  • St. Malo Provincial Recreation Park
  • Turtle Mountain Provincial Park
  • Whitemouth River
  • Whiteshell Provincial Park