Saint John is the largest city in New Brunswick, with a population of 125,000, where the St. John River meets the Bay of Fundy. The city is a 90-minute drive from the US border at Calais, Maine, a two hour flight from Toronto, and 75 minutes from Montreal. It the largest commercial port on the Bay of Fundy and home to the world s highest tides (8.6 meters or 28 feet at this point) and the world-famous Reversing Falls. The city has a temperate climate because of the cool waters, though they never freeze.

The city’s downtown is linked by an indoor climate-controlled pedway system lining downtown buildings, stores and attractions. The city is home to Moosehead Breweries,a s well as head office for the industrial empire of the late KC Irving, who was one of the world’s richest men He started with a single gas station and grew it into Irving oil, with Canada’s largest oil refinery, the province’s largest timber holdings and a chain of grocery stores.

Saint John, New Brunswick Area Map