Castle Hill Historic Site, at Argentia

From Placentia, it is a short trip by paved highway to Argentia, the terminus for the Nova Scotia ferry which operates between Argentia and North Sydney, Nova Scotia, during the summer. Argentia’s importance lay in its strategic position and ice free harbour. In 1940, the United States Military began construction of a Naval Operating Base and Air Station which served the American and other Allied Forces during the war years. The base closed only a few years ago.

A conference between President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill, held at sea off Ship Harbour in 1941, resulted in the Atlantic Charter, which laid out a vision for the post-war world during a very dark period. A monument marking this meeting, which is sometimes referred to as the ‘First Summit’, has been erected at the end of an unpaved road off Route 102 amid the splendid scenery of Placentia Bay.

Argentia Attractions

The Argentia Backland Trails

Argentia, Route 100 Se
P.O. Box 95
Argentia, NL, A0B 1W0
709-227-5502 Fax 1-709-227-5592

The Backland Trail includes 10 kms of prepared walking trails that provide breathtaking views of Placentia Bay, the woodland, wildlife and plants. Our trails are rated easy to moderate throughout the trail system. Parking is available at each of the lookout sites

Museum of the Atlantic Allies

Argentia, Route 100
Jun 15 – Sep 15
P.O. Box 121
Placentia, NL, A0B 2Y0
709-227-5272 Fax 1-709-227-3399

A visual art exhibit on the history of the former community of Argentia, and the U.S. Naval Base that replaced it. In Visitor Information Centre.

Argentia Newfoundland Area Map