Follow Route 10 about 70km south of St John’s to Ferryland. Here, an archaeological dig explores the first settlement of Sir George Calvert, who later became Lord Baltimore, and established a colony in Ferryland in the early 1600s. After a couple of cold winters and other hardship, he decided to seek a warmer climate in Maryland. Sir David Kirke took over the colony later in that century, who fortified Ferryland’s high rocky cliffs with cannons to protect the settlement from attack. Later, the town was stripped of its guns and fortifications and in 1673 the Dutch landed and destroyed the town.

Today, archaeologists have uncovered a large number of artifacts, and visitors may get as close as 10 feet from the dig and watch. The most impressive finds are on display in a nearby visitor centre, including rare Beothuk artifacts.

The town also has an old lighthouse, accessed over a rough road to it across the Downs, best walked or by four-wheel drive. Newfoundland painter Gerry Squires created many works in this area. The Southern Shore Folk Festival is celebrated here on the fourth Sunday in July each year.

Ferryland Attractions

Colony Of Avalon

P.O. Box 119
Ferryland, Newfoundland, A0A 2H0
709-432-3200, tollfree: 1-877-326-5669, fax: 709-432-2842

Located one hour from St. John’s on Rte. 10 south for 80 km, this is one of the most important archaeology sites where the remains of an early 17th-century settlement is so well preserved. The site offers visitors the chance to discover Newfoundland’s history first-hand. Learn about the famous Lord Baltimore and Lady Sara Kirke, the first Canadian woman entrepreneur.

Visitors can actually view archaeologists as they discover legacies of the past, and receive interpretation of the structures thus far uncovered and a visit to the on-site archaeology laboratory. Open mid-June to mid-October.

Groups of 10 or more should call in advance.

Avalon Wilderness Preserve

100 km (62 mi) off Hwy 10, on Horse Chops Rd
709 729-2421

This 1,070 sq km (413 sq mi) preserve is home to 5500 Avalon caribou, the southernmost woodland caribou herd in the world, plus lots of moose and smaller mammals. Fishing, canoeing and hiking are popular activities, but you must get park permits before arriving (you can visit La Manche or Butter Pot parks or the St John’s tourism office for this).

Holy Trinity Church

Ferryland, Route 10
P.O. Box 195
Ferryland, NL, A0A 2H0

709-432-2886 Fax 1-709-432-2209

Built in 1865 in the Gothic Revival style, Holy Trinity is the last remaining of five stone churches built during this period in Newfoundland.

Historic Ferryland Museum

Ferryland, Route 10
Jun 15 – Sep 02
P.O. Box 3
Ferryland, NL, A0A 2H0


Located in the old courthouse overlooking Ferryland Downs and Isle aux Bois, the museum tells of Ferryland’s endurance and of its role in the early colonization of North America.

Feryland Lighthouse

1 Lighthouse Road, Ferryland
(709) 363 7456
Built in 1870, Ferryland Lighthouse is a 25-minute hike along a walking trail from the Colony of Avalon. It’s the location for Lighthouse Picnics, a unique venture offering exquisite food to enjoy while overlooking the ocean. Lighthouse Picnics is recognized as one of Destination Canada’s Canadian Signature Experiences.

Ferryland, Newfoundland Area Map