West of Clarenville is the White Hills Ski Resort, which has a drop of 227 metres.

The Bonavista Peninsula and Burin Peninsula can be accessed via interchanges near Clarenville and Goobies, respectively.

The Isthmus

White Hills Ski Resort near Clarenville

South of Clarenville is The Isthmus, a narrow strip of land that connects the Avalon Peninsula to the rest of Newfoundland. This area is a harsh climate, beset by fog. In July it can be foggy 40% of the time. The soils are acidic and boggy, and sometimes only lichens cover the rocks.

Visit the lookout near Sunnyside on the neck of the Isthmus. If fog co-operates, you can view Trinity Bay to the east and Placentia Bay to the west – two of Newfoundland ‘s most productive inshore fishing grounds. Intruding over the blankets of deer grass bog and dwarf-shrub heaths are the transmission lines carrying energy from Bay d’Espoir to feed new heavy industry such as the oil refinery at Come-by-Chance .

Costal Views on the Burin Peninsula

Sunnyside & Come-by-Chance

At Sunnyside, on the east side of the highway, take the Centre Hill Wilderness Trail. This moderate to strenuous, half-day, 5-km hike (each way) takes you to the top of the highest peak in eastern Newfoundland (384 metres), where you can enjoy a spectacular, panoramic view of Bay to the east and Placentia Bay to the west.

On Placentia Bay is the oil refinery at Come-by-Chance. It as built in 1966 and produces about 115,000 barrels per day (18,300 m3/d) and has been through several owners over the years.