The community of South Brook is located near the most northerly point of the #1 Trans Canada Highway in Newfoundland, and is the gateway to the Dorset Trail, which is highway 410 heading north to Fleur de Lys via Baie Verte (French for Green Bay). The town is named for the salmon-rich South Brook that passes through town and flows into Hall’s Bay at the town’s west end.

Long before Europeans came to the island, Paleo-Eskimos were fishing and carving soapstone along the province’s northern coast.
The area as supported by fishing (the French fished in the area until the mid 1800s), forestry made possible by the towns waterway, and area mines that produced a range of ores including gold, asbestos and copper.

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Town of South Brook (no web link provided)


Springdale Day

P.O. Box 57
Springdale, Newfoundland, A0J 1T0
(709) 673-3439 fax: (709) 673-4969

Food booths, adult dance, street parade, kids’ games, games of chance, casino night.
From Aug 04 – Aug 04

Dorset Festival

General Delivery
Fleur-de-Lys, Newfoundland, A0K 2M0
(709) 253-2126 fax: (709) 253-3121

Celebrate the Dorset Festival in historical Fleur-de-Lys. Two exciting days with fun filled events for all ages, refreshments, games of chance, music. Enjoy Newfoundland culture at its finest.
From Aug 03 – Aug 04

Triton Caplin Cod Festival

P.O. Box 10
Triton, Newfoundland, A0J 1V0
(709) 263-2475 fax: (709) 263-2381

Bingo, gospel concert with all local talent, fireworks, opening ceremonies following the ceremonies, food booths & games, dance, parade.
From Aug 02 – Aug 04


Baie Verte Peninsula Miner’s Museum/info Centre

P.O. Box 122
Baie Verte, Newfoundland, AOK 1BO
(709) 532-8090 fax: (709) 532-4166

Illustrating the life of a miner from the late 1800s to present day. A “tunnel” leads to displays on mining and home life of miners. Also a tourist information centre.
From Jun 01 – Aug 31

Dolphin Skeleton Reconstruction

P.O. Box 36
Kings Point, Newfoundland, A0J 1H0
(709) 268-2216 fax: (709) 268-2216

You can view how this “Squid Hound” was found washed ashore on our local beach in 1998. The Dolphin Skeleton was carefully reconstructed and is now on display @ King’s Point Pottery. Open year-round.

Greenspond Courthouse

P.O. Box 119
Newtown, Newfoundland, A0G 3L0
(709) 536-3220 fax: (709) 536-3150

The Greenspond Courthouse (winner of the 1998 Southcott Award) has been restored to its 1899 state. Friendly tour guides await you to show you around the main floor, courtroom, jails and upstairs quarters.
From Jun 01 – Sep 30

H.c. Grant Heritage Museum

P.O. Box 57
Springdale, Newfoundland, A0J 1T0
(709) 673-3439 fax: (709) 673-4969

A collection of artifacts found in the Springdale area which are displayed in one of the oldest houses in Springdale owned by Mr. Harvey Grant, the first Mayor of Springdale.
From Jun 26 – Aug 25


(709) 729-2830, tollfree: 1-800-563-6353 fax: 729-0057

The Baie Verte Peninsula, Twillingate, Route 330 between Musgrave Harbour and Newtown, Salvage on Route 310, and Terra Nova National Park are all good places to see icebergs, especially from tour boats.
From Feb 01 – Aug 31

Little Bay Islands Day

P.O. Box 730
Springdale, Newfoundland, A0J 1T0
(709) 673-3608 fax: (709) 673-3959
Traditional music and lots of Newfoundland food. Come celebrate Green Bays rich heritage right here in scenic Little Bay Islands. Date is tentative.
From Aug 12 – Aug 12

Mainmast Museum

c/o Peter Parsons
Springdale, Newfoundland, A0J 1T0
(709) 673-4279

Located on the waterfront, this museum’s collection includes pieces related to marine history, antique furniture and antique woodworking tools, etc. Plus art gallery, craft shop and kayak routes.
From May 01 – Sep 30

Tamarack Village Park

P.O. Box 243
La Scie, Newfoundland, A0K 3M0
(709) 675-2356 fax: (709) 675-2356

Located 1 km from historic mining Town of Tilt Cove. We offer swimming, canoe/pedal boats, hiking, kids playground, canteen services, catering for weddings, family reunions and social picnicking.
From May 24 – Oct 31

Tours & Adventures

Iceberg Alley Ocean Adventures

P.O. Box 152
Baie Verte, Newfoundland, A0K 1B0
(709) 532-4502 fax: (709) 532-4088

Scenic tours of the famous French Shore on the 38-foot “Bay Boy.” See icebergs, whales, seals, bald eagles and many more sea birds. We also provide fly fishing excursions (Atlantic Salmon, sea trout, brook trout).
From Jun 01 – Sep 30

White Star Oceanside Adventures

P.O. Box 61
Triton, Newfoundland, A0J 1V0
(709) 263-2486

Sea kayaking and boat tours. Meander the many coves, inlets and bays to discover icebergs, whales, eagles, osprey and breathtaking scenery. Enjoy lobster cooked in North Atlantic waters. Come share the adventure.
From Jun 01 – Sep 30

Southbrook & Springdale Newfoundland Area Map