St. Anthony is the largest town on the Northern Peninsula, accessible from the #1 Transportation-Canada Highway exit at Deer Lake, via Highway 430. It is the home of the Grenfell Mission, founded in 1892 by Dr. Wilfred Grenfell to provide medical services to the scattered and isolated population of Northern Newfoundland and Labrador. Grenfell Handicrafts sells hand-embroidered parkas and other unique products. Another popular stop is the lighthouse at Fishing Point where there are walking trails and platforms to view whales, birds, and icebergs.

Turn off Route 430 onto Route 436 toward L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site, where the Vikings established the first European settlement in North America about 1,000 years ago. According to Norse sagas in 986 Bjarni Herjolfsson, a Viking trader, was blown off course on a voyage from Iceland to Greenland. When he finally returned to Greenland, he reported seeing three new lands, today believed to be Newfoundland, Southern Labrador and Northern Labrador, which made him and his crew the first Europeans to see North America. About 15 years later Leif Eriksson, son of Erik the Red, decided to search for these lands.

L’Anse aux Meadows was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978. A recreation of sod houses lets the visitor experience life as it must have been, and an Interpretation Centre tells the story of these hearty adventurers who braved the North Atlantic in their small boats. The centre’s translation of Norse sagas makes fascinating reading.

St. Barbe, on Route 430, has a twice-a-day ferry to southern Labrador between May and December. Cars cross on a first come, first served basis (709-722-4000). Nearby Anchor Point is the oldest English settlement & cemetary on the French Shore, dating from 1750. The local Genges merchant family fought French attempts to oust them from the area until French fishing rights ended in 1904.

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St Anthony Attractions

Bird Cove Prehistoric Cultures Interpretation Centre

84-92 Michael’s Drive
Bird Cove, Newfoundland, A0K 1L0
709-247-2011 fax: 709-247-2033

Artifacts from local prehistoric archaeological sites. Also, Community Heritage Room, Rock & Fossil Room, whalebone exhibits, “Folk of the Sea” exhibit, Captain Cook exhibit, and more.
From May 15 – Oct 15

Bird Cove Archaeological Dig

84-92 Michael’s Drive
Bird Cove, Newfoundland, A0K 1L0
709-247-2011 fax: 709-247-2033

Archaeological dig at prehistoric Beothuk and Palaeo-eskimo sites just two minute walk from parking lot. Additional archaeological sites and abundance of natural attractions nearby, including fossils and variety of wildlife.
From May 01 – Sep 30

The Discovery Centre

P.O. Box 130
Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland, A0K 4N0
709-458-2417 fax: 709-458-2059

Exhibit halls with 3D models, interactive devices, video programs, dioramas, artworks, fossils, a folk art display & an interpretive garden to let you discover the world heritage of Gros Morne. 120 seat theatre, giftshop and cafe.
From May 15 – Oct 15

Dock House Museum

P.O. Box 93
St. Anthony, Newfoundland, A0K 4S0
709-454-4010 fax: 709-454-4047

Built in 1929 and now restored to its original look, this building was used to repair Grenfell’s Mission boats. A part of the Grenfell Historic Properties.
From Jun 01 – Sep 30

Fishing Point Municipal Park

P.O. Box 430
St. Anthony, Newfoundland, A0K 4S0
709-454-3454 fax: 709-454-4154

This picturesque park offers numerous attractions. See the majestic icebergs, whale watching, view the different types of seabirds, and unique geology. Several walking trails, boardwalks, and lookout points, including viewing scope.
From May 01 – Oct 31

French Site Trail

Croque, Newfoundland
Easy to moderate 1 hour, 2.4 km (return) trail to former French fishing station and 19th century rock carvings. Trailhead about 1 km past Croque on right side of road.
From May 15 – Oct 31

Grenfell House Museum

P.O. Box 93
St. Anthony, Newfoundland, A0K 4S0
709-454-2281 fax: 709-454-4047

Local museum depicting the life and times of Sir Wilfred Grenfell, a medical missionary who devoted his life’s work to Northern Newfoundland, And Labrador.
Includes an interpretation centre, 2 museums, the artwork of Jordi Bonet and interpretive trails. The Interpretation Centre houses an audio-visual room, Grenfell handicrafts, retail outlets and a gallery of interpretive images. Coffee shop and playground also on site.
From May 01 – Oct 31, daily 9 am to 8 pm, admission fee. Allow 1 hour.

Grenfell Interpretation Centre

P.O. Box 93
St. Anthony, Newfoundland, A0K 4S0
709-454-4010 fax: 709-454-4047

A major interpretive exhibit commemorating the life of medical missionary Sir Wilfred Grenfell. The building is also home to Grenfell Handicrafts, an audio-visual room, and a small coffee shop.
From May 15 – Oct 15

L’anse Aux Meadows National Historic Site

P.O. Box 70
Griquet, Newfoundland, A0K 2X0
709-623-2608 fax: 709-623-2028

A UNESCO World Heritage Site: the first authenticated European presence in North America 1000 A.D. Archaeological excavations in the 1960s uncovered the remains of three dwellings, four workshops & an iron working smithy. Artifacts of Norse origin included a soapstone spindle whorl, bronze ring-headed pin & iron rivets. Re-enactors will educate & entertain you with demonstrations & stories.
From Jun 01 – Oct 08

Mounted Polar Bear

Town of St. Anthony
St. Anthony, Newfoundland, A0K 4S0
709-454-3454 fax: 709-454-4145

In 1984, this bear was wandering around the backyards of St. Anthony. Shortly after the bear was found collapsed on the harbour ice, at which time it was airlifted to a local taxidermist for mounting.
From Jan 01 – Dec 31

Meadows Picnic Site

Box 3529, RR#2
Corner Brook, Newfoundland, A2H 6B9
709-783-2339 fax: 709-783-2501
Two picnic areas, one in the centre of town with playground area and another on Meadows Point Look-Out area at the beach with a great view of the Bay of Islands.
From May 01 – Sep 30

Norstead – A Real Life Saga

P.O. Box 251
St. Anthony, Newfoundland, A0K 4T0
709-454-8888 fax: 709-454-8899

Located two kilometres from L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site, Norstead is a replica viking age port of trade. Costumed re-enactors bring to life the viking age. Visit our four historically correct buildings and our replica viking knarr “Snorri”
From Jun 04 – Sep 28

Port Au Choix National Historic Site

P.O.Box 140
Port Au Choix, Newfoundland, A0K 4CO
709-861-3522 fax: 709-861-3827

The remains of three ancient cultures have been found here: Maritime Archaic Indian, Dorset Eskimo and Groswater Eskimo. Further excavation nearby promises new finds and new understanding.
From Jun 01 – Oct 09

St. Anthony Bight Picnic Area

P.O. Box 578
St. Anthony Bight, Newfoundland, A0K 4S0
A quiet scenic area near the Atlantic Ocean where one could view icebergs & whales (in season), comb the beach or have a picnic.
From May 01 – Oct 31

Tours & Adventures

North Atlantic Adventure Centre

P.O.Box 787, Stn A
St. Anthony, Newfoundland, A0K 4S0
709-454-2662 fax: 709-454-2662

Explore the great outdoors. Wilderness hikes, canoeing, wildlife photography,
From Jun 01 – Oct 31

Northland Discovery Boat Tours

P.O. Box 728
St. Anthony, Newfoundland, A0K 4S0
709-454-3092, tollfree: 1-877-632-3747 fax: 709-454-3092

Tour Iceberg Alley with North America’s finest iceberg & whale watch. View eagles, kittiwakes, guillemots, arctic terns & spectacular sea caves. 50-foot vessel with heated cabin, washroom & live entertainment.
From May 15 – Oct 15

Vt Tours & Travel

P.O. Box 481
St. Anthony, Newfoundland, A0K 4S0
709-454-2290, tollfree: 1-877-454-2290 fax: 709-454-2290

Customized packaged tours in Labrador & the Viking Trail. Coastal kayaking, boat tours, whale watching, iceberg chasing, northern lights, nature hikes, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice-fishing. Step-on guides, itineraries, all-inclusive tour packages.
From Jan 01 – Dec 31

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