The retail heart of the Downtown is Barrington Street, where independent retailers offering Celtic crafts and Nova Scotian plaids.inhabit a stretch of heritage properties not only unique to Downtown Halifax but North America. The Downtown Halifax Business Commission works to preserve what we have and set the standard for future improvements.

Historic Properties Streetscape

  • Historic Properties

    This 3 city block area has a Heritage Canada designation and is the oldest surviving group of waterfront warehouses in Canada. The Historic Properties are a cluster of buildings that once housed the portside coopers, rope-makers and warehouses that supplied the ships that began sailing into Halifax Harbour 250 years ago. From the Historic Properties at one end to the Seawall and Pier 21 Museum that greet cruise-ship visitors at the other, the Halifax Waterfront makes Downtown Halifax special. This has all been turned into a dynamic marketplace with boutiques, excellent restaurants, pubs and night spots. Here you can stroll along the boardwalk and absorb the atmosphere of the harbour and this great neighborhood.

  • Brewery Market

    Many of the buildings still house their original occupant, such as The Bank of Nova Scotia on stately Hollis Street, and the Brewery Market. Built in 1820, the brewery building is a fine example of the industrious spirit of Nova Scotia, and today is home to Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Brewery; along with a complex of offices, restaurants and shops. On Saturdays it opens its doors to North America’s oldest Farmer’s Market.

  • Granville Mall

    The Granville Mall presents some of the finest Victorian-Italianate facades in Canada and is one of the historically appealing retail areas of Downtown Halifax. The buildings replaced those destroyed by an 1859 fire. Granville Mall by day is filled with students from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, along with boutique shoppers enjoying the car-free streetscape. Granville Mall by night attracts pub-goers and restaurant patrons enjoying a romantic night-time stroll.

  • Spring Garden Road

    This street, just south of the Citadel is the liveliest street in town and home to a half-dozen malls, including
    Park Lane, City Centre Atlantic, Spring Garden Place.


There are a number of interesting shopping areas across the water in Dartmouth.

  • Portland Street

    This street, heading East from Dartmouth’s downtown offers a number of malls and
    the requisite chain stores that go with them.

  • Fisherman’s Cove

    Eastern Passage (Dartmouth), off Rte. 322

    This working fishing village offers not only quaint oceanside shopping, but a boardwalk, tours to McNab’s and Lawlor’s islands, and deep-sea fishing. The shops offer local marine crafts, aboriginal jewelry, gifts, clothing and photo supplies. The Cove also has a seafood restaurant.