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This community is the source of most of New Zealand’s Scottish population, which from 1851-1860 exported 900 people led by Rev. Norman McLeod. The town is home to Angus McAskill, the Scottish giant who was legendary for his strength and appetite.

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Gaelic College

PO Box 9, Baddeck NS, B0E 1B0
(1.5 km north of Hwy 105 Exit 11)
(902) 295-3206

The only college of its kind in North America. It offers summer sessions in Highland arts and crafts, including athletics, weaving, and bagpipe playing.
Cabot Trail near St Ann's

Great Hall of the Clans Museum

Gaelic College campus
51779 Cabot Trail Rd, Englishtown, NS B0C 1H0
(902) 925-3441

Depicts Highland life, including the Great Migration from the Highlands. Open daily 8:30 am to 5 pm July-Aug; weekdays 8:30 am to 5 pm in shoulder season Jun to mid-October. Admission.

St Ann's Nova Scotia Area Map

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