The town is situated on the Kaministiquia River within the Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, about 40 km west of Thunder Bay. It’s named after the majestic Falls just west of the town, that are a result of massive waterflow from retreating glaciers over 8,000 years ago. The name Kakabeka comes from an Ojibway word meaning “thundering water”. The Falls are 69 metres (225 foot) wide and 39 metres (128 foot) high and often considered the Niagara Falls of the north. They are most forceful during the spring and fall but even then, the power is harnessed by the Hydro-electric plant upriver.

You move from Eastern to Central time just west of Kakabeka Falls
The town just to the east of the park also has a number of shops and services, targeted at the tourist trade as well as area outdoor enthusiasts. Just west of the Kakabeka Falls, travelers need to reset their watches from Central to Eastern time (or vice versa)

Kakabeka Falls Attractions

Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park

Kakabeka Falls Viewpoint
South of Highway 11-17, 32 kilometres west of Thunder Bay
(807) 473-9231

The park provides camping, picnicking, beach and swimming facilities and a rewarding view of the falls. In the winter, the park is popular with cross-country skiiers.

Kakabeka Falls, Ontario Area Map