This quiet farming town is home to a small airport and the Diefenbunker, a fallout shelter built by then-prime minister John Diefenbaker to protect senior government officials against nuclear attack.

The town is named in 1854 for the Carp River, which was in turn anglicized from the French carpes a cochon, for the suckers found ther by the early voyageurs. It is about 33 km from downtown Ottawa, and prior to amalgamation in 2001, Carp was part of West Carleton Township.

Carp Attractions

Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum

3911 Carp Rd, 10 km from highway 417 exit 144
613-839-0001 1-800-409-1965

This four storey deep bunker was built in 1959-1961 to house Canadian government officials, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and Bank of Canada, and includes radio transmitters and gold storage vault, and living quarters for hundreds. The bunker was officially de-commissioned in 1994. Built in secret, the exhibits include rare construction photos and artifacts on loan from the Canadian War Museum. Allow 1-1/2 hours. Open Victoria Day to Labour Day daily 10:30 am to 3 pm; by appointment the rest of the year. Admission. Reservations recommended.

Carp, Ontario Area Map