This 4,000 resident community is nestled in the woodlands of the Upper Ottawa Valley about 200 km northwest of Ottawa, and just north of Chalk River. The town has sandy beaches on the River, and over 200 km of cross-country ski trails and gliderport.

In 1686, Chevalier de Royes named the 70 km stretch of the Ottawa River riviere creuse, which was translated a century later as Deep River. The River is over 75 metres deep at its deepest point a few km downriver from the town.
This town was created in 1944 as a residence for those families of scientists and staff at the nearby Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories.

Town of Deep River

Deep River Attractions

Ottawa River Power Dam

Driftwood Museum

Moor Lake Road Box 102, Rolphton, ON, K0J 2H0
19 km west on 17W, in the village of Rolphton

Showcases a number of “natural” driftwood sculptures formed into the shapes of animals, birds and abstracts, plus the works o over 40 local artists.

The Canadian Clock Museum

60 James St, Deep River, ON K0J 1P0
(613) 584-9687

Canada’s only clock museum is focused on Canadian-made and Canadiana clocks from the early 1800’s until now, with over four hundred clocks in the collection along with some period artifacts to help take visitors back in time.

Driftwood Provincial Park

39520 Hwy 17, Stonecliffe, ON K0J 2K0
(613) 586-2553

There are many interlocking trail loops from 1km to 3.7 km long, in a forested location, skirting a bay with sandy beaches on the Ottawa River. Lookouts from high points or at the river’s edge afford picturesque views across to the Laurentian Hills and to the mouth of the Dumoine River in Quebec. Day and campsite passes can be purchased at the park office (Tel: 613 586-2553 or 705 744-2276 ). Although the park’s gate is closed for the winter, visitors may enter for hiking, snowshoeing and cross-county skiing.

The Barron Canyon

This 1.5 km long interpretative trail takes hikers through a pine forest to the rim of a 100 m deep canyon in Algonquin Park. The canyon was formed 10,000 years ago as raging water from the receding and melting glaciers made its way to the Champlain Sea. Today,canoeists can descend on the Barron River through the canyon.

The Brent Crater Trail

A 2 km trail into the northeast corner of Algonquin Park, and includes an observation tower that overlooks the 4 km wide crater made by a meteor about 450 million years ago. The well-maintained foot trail (with numbered posts highlighting geological evidence of the impact) descends into the crater to Tecumseh Lake and back up to the crater edge.

Deep River, Ontario Area Map