Lighhouse at Pointe Louise, along St Mary River

Why Visit Sault Ste. Marie?

Located where three Great Lakes touch: Lake Superior, Lake Michigan (the route to the Mississippi), and Lake Huron. Hence, its importance to the early French fur trade, and in the War of 1812. And today, the St Lawrence Seaway takes iron and other minerals from Ontario’s North and grain from the Prairies to the continent’s industrial heartland. The Algoma region to the north features dramatic scenery made famous by the Group of Seven. The North Channel on Lake Huron gives great views across to Manitoulin Island. And many hop over the bridge and for some American shopping (have your passport with you).

Northern Ontario Towns

in the Algoma Region, there are many quaint towns along the Trans Canada Highway east and west of Sault Ste Marie. The Trans-Canada extends north, wrapping around the east end of Lake Superior, and extends east along the North Channel, an part of Lake Huron above the 300 kilometre long Manitoulin Island. The towns on Manitoulin Island are accessible by boaters, or by road via Espanola, east of Salt Ste Marie on the Trans-Canada #17.