Things YOU GOTTA SEE when visiting Sudbury Ontario!

Visitor Tips

Here are some quick suggestions for visitors with limited time in the area. Perfect if you have only ONE DAY to visit (like a business trip, when passing through, or when stopping over between flights). The additional days schedule is a recommendation for those who want to see the essence of Sudbury in only a couple of days.

You can read ALL SORTS of travel guides, and carry around pounds of paper, or just print off this ONE PAGE and have all the info you ever need! These are the area’s top activities, family activities and attractions, tourist attractions, historical sites, museums, interesting architecture, sightseeing and top shopping/dining areas. Organized into a nice walking or driving itinerary!

Sightseeing Suggestions

Sudbury-Sudbury Yacht Club on Ramsay Lake

Sudbury is a city of many lakes, sitting in a pocket of the Canadian Shield created by an ancient meteor strike. Once scarred form over-mining, the reclamation and tree-planting over recent decades has made the city’s dominant colours green and blue.

One Day Stay

To capture the essence of this city, here are suggestions for your first day (especially if its your only day) in Sudbury.
Sudbury's top-rated Science North Museum

Visit Science North, the top attraction to learn about te area’s geology, flora and fauna.

Bell Park Ampthitheatre on Lake Ramsay
Take a Cortina Boat Cruise around beautiful Lake Ramsey, from beside Science North, and walk around Bell Park, with its great views of the lake.

Sudbury's Big Nickel, with Superstack behind

Head west to see the Big Nickel Mine a vistor-friendly mine exhibit (visitors are not generally given tours of a working mine).

Sudbury Superstack-

See the INCO Superstack, the world’s tallest and largest chimney

Head northwest on Highway 144 to the A.Y. Jackson Lookout, with the waterfall immortalized on canvas by the Group of Seven painter.

Visit the Northern Ontario Railroad and Heritage Centre in Capreol to learn about the area’s transporation history.


Extended Visit

If you are visiting for a longer period, there are a number of destinations worth visiting (each about a day, including driving):

TCH Bridge over the Spanish River, near Naim Centre

Head west on highway 17 to Espanola, and then south onto Manitoulin Island, the world’s largest island on a freshwater lake, Lake Huron.

Wanapatei Lake's West Bay near Sudbury

Head east on highway 17 to North Bay on scenic Lake Nipissing, along the major fur-trading route of the early voyageurs. You can head further east along two provincial parks to Mattawa, where the Ottawa River took voyageurs south, back to Montreal.

Head south on Highway 69 to the French River, the fur-trading route that is now mostly protectd by parks along most of the stretch from Lake Nipissing to Georgian Bay

Head south on highway 69, and then west to Killarney and Killarney Provincial Park, at the junction of the North Channel and Georgian Bay.