Thessalon has a current population of 1,500, and is located on the shore of upper Lake Huron. It is considered the gateway to the Mississagi Valley, a beautiful river that stretches 110 kilometres north along Highway 129.

Thessalon is and has always been a lumber town, in fact it was in 1869 that it was concluded that Thessalon had the resources required to support a lumber and logging industry. One year later, in the winter of 1870, the first square timbers were cut. As in many towns across Canada, this industry led to the growth and development of Thessalon. The town was incorporated in 1892.

Nathaniel Dyment of Barrie is often credited as being the founding father of Thessalon, as he was the one who arrived in 1872 with the necessary machinery to construct a mill. The result was the first steam powered sawmill on the North Shore.

Thessalon’s emphasis on business development is still evident today, as the town is considered to have one of the largest business sectors among communities along the North Shore.The town also has an government-run wharf and marina.

Town of Thessalon

Thessalon Attractions

Aubrey Falls Provincial Park

80 km north of town, along Highway 129

This 60 metre (180 ft) waterfall in the Mississagi River has a hiking trail that takes you to the top, for a spectacular view of the valley below.