Here are some of the attractions in and around Cavendish / Park Corner:

A scenic Bay vista at CavendishThis community has been well-described in the works of Lucy maud Montgomery in “Anne of Green Gables” and “Anne of Avonlea.” Montgomery came to Cavendish with she was 21 months old to live with her maternal grandparents after her mother died. The author died in Toronto in 1942, but is buried in Cavendish Cemetery.

Park Corner was settled in 1775 by James Townsend and his family, who named it after his former home in Berkshire England. Lucy Maud Montgomery was one of Townsend’s descendants.

Old church in Cavendish
In the waters off Cavendish lies the wooden sailing shop Marco Polo. She set a world speed record in 1852 from Liverpool, England to Melbourne Australia, only to run aground in an 1883 gale.

Around Stanley Bridge, southwest on Highway 6 is an area with scenic inlets and inland fishing on the Trout and Stanley Rivers. a small picturesque village cradled peacefully at the junction of Stanley River and New London Bay. Called Fyfe’s Ferry until 1865, Stanley Bridge enjoyed a closely-knit and self-sufficient community with moderate shipbuilding prosperity from the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century. The Stanley Bridge wharf is also a popular stepping-off point for tuna fishing charters. The communities here also are known for their lobster dinners, served in the community halls of New Glasgow and St Ann.

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Cavendish Flea Market

Telephone: (902) 963-2393
Route #6, across from Sand Spit
Season: Summer Only
Take the Trolley to the various Canvendish attractions

The Enchanted Lands

Highway 6 2 km west of junction with Highway 13
This theme parks includes 50 animated storybook characters in 15 scenes. Also a reproduction of King Tut’s tomb and treasures, plus a museum of the strange and unusual. Two mini-gold courses, one indoors under black lights and one outdoors in a forest setting. Open daily from mid-June to Mid-September from 10 am to 10 pm. Admission. Golf charges are separate.

The Great Island

Site Of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Cavendish Home
Rte 6, at Cavendish
(902) 963-2231

L. M. M. Homestead, her home from 1876 to 1911, with the beautiful fields, gardens, lanes, old trees surround this hallowed ground where Montgomery was raised by her grandparents, Alexander and Lucy Macneill. This is where she wrote Anne of Green Gables and still captures the essence of the Cavendish she knew and loved. Bookstore/museum on premises houses original desk, scales, crown stamp used in their Cavendish Post Office. Open June 1 to mid-Oct, 10 am-5 pm. July and Aug, 9 am-7 pm. Admission charged;  16 and under, preschoolers free.

The Great Island Science And Adventure Park

On Rte 6, 3 km west of The Cavendish Boardwalk. (Stanley Bridge)
telephone (902) 886-2252; off-season (902) 836-3883;

Open mid-June to Labour Day, 10 am-6 pm. Admission charged; under 2 free.

Anne Of Green Gables Museum At Silver Bush

Rte 20, Park Corner
telephone (902) 436-7329/886-2884

These beautiful grounds at the old Campbell homestead overlook the Lake of Shining Waters that inspired L. M. Montgomery. View many artifacts pertaining to L. M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables.. Open May 20-Oct 20. May, 11 am-4 pm; June and Sept, 9 am-5 pm; July and Aug, 9 am-6 pm; Oct, 10 am-4 pm. Tours available in the off season. Admission, with family rate.
Anne Of Green Gables House

Green Gables House

Route 13,Cavendish
Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942)
Author of Anne of Green Gables, this was the first in a series of novels which cast a romantic glow over her native province and gained for her international fame as the creator of “one of the most loveable children in English fiction.”

Anne Of Green Gables Society

Box 491, Avonlea, C0B 1M0. (Kensington)
telephone (902) 436-7329; toll-free 1-800-665-2663;

The Anne of Green Gables Society celebrates the spirit of “Anne,” and the life of L. M. Montgomery. Benefits include: Kindred Spirits magazine, membership card and Anne of Green Gables products.

Anne Of Green Gables Store

Rte 6. Located in the train station, Avonlea Village,
telephone (902) 963-3307

Offers a selection of all things “Anne.” You’ll find dolls, clothing, books, posters, plates, and our line of delicious “Anne” preserves. Open June-Sept.

Lucy Maud Montgomery Heritage Museum

On Rte 20, Park Corner (Blue Heron Drive)
telephone (902) 886-2807/2752;

Guided tours relate history of this site from 1775. Antiques owned by seven generations, including Senator Donald Montgomery, Lucy Maud’s grandfather. Many articles here made famous by the author in her “Anne” books. “Magog” (green-and-white china dog), “Rosebud-Spray Tea-Set”, Grandfather Clock, China Fruit Basket, Pulpit Stone, etc. L. M. Montgomery-autographed First Editions. “Alpine Path” to lake. Open June-Sept, daily. Admission; children free
Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museu,

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum

Rte 6, Cranberry Village, Cavendish
telephone (902) 963-2242; off-season (902) 962-2022

This museum includes an exciting collection of wonders and curiosities, including a 20-ft. section of the Berlin Wall, a Jurassic-sized Stegosaurus skeleton, the 4-ft. jade-carved ship to the painted bat. The newly renovated museum features over 200 exhibits in 12 galleries with 10 video screens and a 23-ft. rock-climbing wall. Fun for all! Bring your camera. Open May 24-Sept 29. June and Sept, 9:30 am-5:30 pm; July-Aug, 9 am-10 pm. Ticket sales close one hour prior to closing time. Special combo rates with adjacent Mariner’s Cove Miniature Golf.

The 40-acre amusement park is Atlantic Canada’s largest privately owned fun park,. with three boating lakes, six types of boats, many rides, five waterslides, Splash Pad, live and animated shows, gift shops, games room, food outlets, etc. Only mono-rail and dark ride in Eastern Canada. Playport. Kennels available on site. Catering available for groups. Tuesday Evening Frolic Shows, and Fiddlers & Followers the first weekend in August (additional charge). Open June 8-Sept 2, Mon-Sat, 9 am-8 pm; Sun, 11 am-8 pm. Hours will vary in early June and late Aug, and could be affected by weather. Admission charged; children 5 and under free.
Sandspit Amusements

Sandspit Amusements Ltd

Rte 6, Cavendish.
(902) 963-2626

Various first class rides including the Cyclone roller-coaster , Can-Am racers, 60-ft. ferris wheel, carousel, bumper-boats, tilt-a-whirl, scrambler, train, bumper-cars, Rok’ ‘n’ Roll, miniature golf and seven children’s attractions. Canteen and picnic facilities available. Ride restrictions apply. Can-Am racers sold separately. Open mid-June through Labour Day. All-day bracelet packages or pay-as-you-go. No admission charge to grounds.

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