Farmland in westgern manitoba
The land east of Regina is pretty as flat as an ironing board, with only grain eelvators and the ocassional town to break up the distant horizon.

Brandon Route 1A

Farmland in westgern manitoba

The Trans-Canada Highway passes to the north and west of Manitoba’s second largest city, Brandon. This 20 kilometer (12 mi) local access route is designated Highway 1A and follows 1st Street north-south and Victoria Avenue east-west inside the city limits. The route has a speed limit is mostly 50 km/h (31 mph) in the suburban area, and 100 km/h (62 mph) in the rural areas.

NOTE: Large trucks are not permitted to travel on the section of 1A between the west city limits and the Trans-Canada Highway near Kemnay due to a substandard railway underpass (only 12 feet, 2 inches) east of the small community, and that there is no shoulder on either side of the highway. As well, motorists would also need to negotiate a very sharp curve on both sides of the underpass before entering it. Eastbound traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway is warned by a sign advising large trucks requiring access to Brandon to continue traveling on PTH 1 (about one kilometre before the junction).

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